Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Horatio the Giant Boar

Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Horatio the Giant Boar

Free a giant boar from Highwaymen Clutches.

Of all the companions you can roll with in Far Cry New Dawn, the giant boar called Horatio is definitely the most ridiculous. He can really save your bacon though, as he’s able to charge through everything in his path. You’ll need to complete the “To Love a Boar” mission to unlock him, and then you’ll need to upgrade him after that. In this Far Cry New Dawn Horatio Guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Giant Boar in Far Cry New Dawn. We’ll also take a look at how to upgrade Horatio, and what his abilities are.

Far Cry New Dawn - How to Get the Giant Boar

There are eight Guns For Hire in Far Cry New Dawn, but not all of them were created equal. There’s a giant boar named Horatio that you’ll definitely want to recruit, as he can charge through just about anything. Here’s what you need to know.

Far Cry New Dawn To Love a Boar Mission, Horatio Location

You’ll be offered missions by NPCs once you’ve liberated an Outpost. One of these side missions is “To Love a Boar”. It’s the one that leads to Horatio, so be sure to keep an ear out for it.

Lucky for you, saving Horatio is an absolute cakewalk. Just head to the location shown in the image above, and search the nearby building for a note.

The note will explain that Horatio is being hidden in a nearby shed. Best get moving then!

Head into the shed and pet Horatio. This will add him to your roster.

Far Cry New Dawn Horatio Abilities

Horatio can be a real asset in a firefight. He has some seriously impressive abilities, which we’ve detailed below:

  • Shield Break - When Horatio charges someone with a shield, he will knock it from their grasp.
  • Pig’s Endurance - When Horatio is down, he gets back on his feet without your help.
  • Porcine Fury - In a fit of rage, Horatio destroys everything in his path.

How to Upgrade Horatio in Far Cry New Dawn

You’ll need to rack up kills with Horatio in order to level him up. He’ll need 15 kills to get to level 2, and then 40 to get to level 3. This will mean he has access to all of his abilities, making him much more useful.

That’s everything you need to know about Horatio in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, why not check out our Far Cry New Dawn Best Weapons Guide. You should also take a look at how to earn more circuit boards fast, so that you can craft Epic weapons.

If it’s something else you’re looking for in Far Cry New Dawn, you should check out our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Hub. It has everything from weapons and perk guides, to a look at how to get valuable resources like Circuit Boards.

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