Far Cry New Dawn Best Perks - How to Get More Perk Points, Perks List

Far Cry New Dawn Best Perks - How to Get More Perk Points, Perks List

A soldier is only as good as their Perks. Here’s everything you need to know about Perks in Far Cry New Dawn.

Perks are a staple of the Far Cry series, allowing players to specialize in certain kinds of combat. Far Cry New Dawn has a great selection of Perks, from stealth aids to the use of a grappling hook. They’re all useful in their own way, but some are definitely worth grabbing before others. You’ll need Perk Points to do so though, so we’ll show you how to get more of them in this Far Cry New Dawn Perks Guide. We’ll also list all of the Perks available to you in Far Cry New Dawn, and give you some advice on the best ones to pick.

Far Cry New Dawn Perks

As you complete Challenges and missions in Far Cry New Dawn, you’ll earn Perk points that you can spend. These Perks will grant you certain abilities, many of which will be vital for survival later on. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer.

Far Cry New Dawn Perks List

There are 25 Perks to choose from in Far Cry New Dawn, as well as 5 special Eden Perks. We’ve listed them below, alongside a description for each.

  • Grapple - grants access to the grapple hook
  • Repair Torch - repair vehicles, open safes, burn enemies
  • Skydiver - wingsuit
  • Fishing Rod - allows you to fish
  • Outdoor Enthusiast - Prey won’t flee easily. Fish are easier to catch
  • Tactical Binoculars - equip binoculars which can be used to tag enemies from a distance
  • Hotwire - automatically disables booby-traps
  • Mechanic - reduces weapon overheating. When in a vehicle, it will repair itself
  • Lock Picking - pick locks
  • Saboteur - sabotage vehicles
  • Covert - harder to detect
  • Dexterity - accelerates consumable crafting and other actions. Can throwback dynamite
  • Locked and Loaded - reload weapons while aiming. Switch weapons faster
  • More Lung Capacity - Increases hold breath and sprint duration
  • More fist damage - punches and kicks do more damage
  • Advanced takedowns - takedown rank 2
  • Expert Takedowns - takedown rank 3
  • Master Takedowns - takedown Elite enemies
  • Well-Armed - extra weapon slot
  • Heavily Armed - Carry a fourth weapon
  • More Medkits
  • More Melee Weapons
  • More Throwables
  • More Light Ammo
  • More Heavy Ammo

Eden Abilities

  • Leap of Faith - double jump
  • Ghost - much harder to detect
  • Wrath - increase damage, speed, and immune to knockdowns
  • Eden’s Touch - Takedowns gain health, loot and Eden’s Gift
  • Eden’s Gift - faster regen of Eden’s Gift

How to Get More Perk Points in Far Cry New Dawn

Perk Points are plentiful in Far Cry New Dawn and can be earned in a variety of different ways. We’ve listed them below:

  • Complete Challenges
  • Save allies
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Far Cry Credits
  • Main missions

Far Cry New Dawn Best Perks

While you’ll likely have enough Perk Points to purchase every Perk eventually, there are some that you should prioritize early on. We’ve listed the very best Far Cry New Dawn Perks below:

  • Takedowns - being able to perform Takedowns is an extremely useful skill, especially when taking on Outposts.
  • Grapple - you’ll need the grapple to reach many of the game’s Treasure Hunt stashes, so pick it up as soon as possible
  • Lockpicking - similarly, you’ll need to be able to break into certain doors and any safe that you find
  • Well-Armed - as soon as you can, free up more weapon slots, it’ll help you prepare for all situations.

You Can Upgrade Certain Perks

It isn’t immediately obvious, but you can actually level up certain Perks. The Lung Capacity, Melee damage, and ammo Perks can all be upgraded, giving you something to spend any spare Perk Points on.

That’s all you need to know about Perks in Far Cry New Dawn. For a look at where to find all of the Treasure Hunt stashes, head to our Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts Guide. For a look at the best weapons, go to our Far Cry New Dawn Best Weapons Guide.

For more on Far Cry New Dawn, you should check out our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Hub. It has everything you need to survive the post-nuclear wasteland of Hope County, from weapons guides to Monstrous Animal locations.

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