Far Cry New Dawn Photo Locations - How to Solve A Thousand Words Mission

Far Cry New Dawn Photo Locations - How to Solve A Thousand Words Mission

Here’s where to find all of the photograph locations in Far Cry New Dawn.

One of the side missions of Far Cry New Dawn tasks its players with tracking down nine photo locations. They each depict a notable location from Far Cry 5, showing just how devastating the bomb drop was. You’ll need to head to the locale, and hold up the photo in question, lining it up with the subject. It’s pretty simple once you know where to look, so in this Far Cry New Dawn Photographs Guide, we’ll be highlighting all of them on the map.

Far Cry New Dawn Photo Locations

You’re given this mission when you arrive at Prosperity for the first time. There are nine photograph locations to find, each showing an area you likely visited in Far Cry 5. You’ll need to head to the area for each, and look for a camera atop a small crate. There will be a letter at each one, and the option to align the photographs. To help you complete the “A Thousand Words” side mission, we’ve marked every photograph location on the world maps below. We’ll then go into detail as to the specific locations you’ll need to visit.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 1 - Prosperity

The first photograph can be found just outside Prosperity. It’s easy to find from the start, so be sure to snap it up early on.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 2 - The Chop Shop

There’s a water tower to the southwest of The Chop Shop. Check out the image above for details on how to align it.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 3 - Bridge

There’s a bridge that used to cross the main water system in Hop County. This one can be tricky to line up, as you actually need to stand slightly in front of the camera piece.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 4 - Geothermal Springs

Head to Sharky’s base to the Northeast to grab this photograph. It’s up on the hill overlooking the compound.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 5 - Northern Dam

You won’t be able to head North until later on in the game. When you do though, you’ll need to snap a picture of this dam.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 6 - Church of Eden

This one is also in the northern part of the map. It’s the church from Far Cry 5, and we’re not going to post a picture of it just yet as it contains some pretty major story spoilers.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 7 - Refinery

This photograph can be snapped up by heading to the Refinery Outpost and stepping back out to the road. The note you’ll find here is particularly enlightening.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 8 - Rye & Daughters Aviation

This Photograph is easily accessible from the get-go, as you’ll just need to head to Rye & Daughters Aviation. It’s pretty close to Prosperity, and you’ll visit it if you go after Pastor Jerome.

Far Cry New Dawn Photograph 9 - The Pantry

Finally, we have the photograph that can be found at The Pantry outpost. You need to head pretty far back, but just use the big apple sign as a reference.

How to Unlock All Photographs on Your Map

There’s another way to unlock Photographs on your map other than working them out from the photos themselves. If you level your Cartography level to 2, you’ll be able to purchase a map at Homebase which lets you highlight every Photograph on your Map.

That’s everything you need to know about Photographs in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, why not check out our Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Locations Guide. You should also take a look at how to earn more circuit boards fast, so that you can craft Epic weapons.

For everything else related to Far Cry New Dawn, be sure to head over to our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Hub. It’s where we’ll be collecting all of our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Content. There are essential tips and tricks, Treasure Hunt locations, and more!

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