Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts - All Treasure Hunt Locations

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts - All Treasure Hunt Locations

Everything you need to know about the Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn.

Treasure Hunts are back for Far Cry New Dawn, and they're better than ever. You'll need to find them first and then solve them, as each one presents a unique puzzle to solve. In this Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunts Guide, we'll be taking a look at how to solve all 10 of the Treasure Hunts. You'll earn lucrative rewards for finding and completing them, so let's take a look at where they are on the map.

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Solutions

There are 10 Treasure Hunt missions to complete in Far Cry New Dawn, and only one of them is displayed on the map when you start the game. You'll want to complete them as soon as possible though, as it's one of the best ways to get Perk Points and Far Cry Credits.

For Whom The Bear Tolls Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

This first Treasure Hunt involves Wade, and his bunker filled with loot. First, you need to make your way to The FANG Center, shown on the map above. Eliminate the Highwaymen, and then climb up to the bell tower. Strike the bell three times to lure in a bear. You need to kill the bear to get a key.

Now, you need to get into the bunker, marked on the map above. Use the key on the door and hey presto! You're in.

Going Haywire Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

This next Treasure Hunt is called Going Haywire. You'll first need to head to Parker's Vault, shown on the map above. Once you get there, you'll need to take out a few Highwaymen. You'll also notice that there's a big electrical machine guarding the way to the Bunker.

Follow the blue wire to the locked door. You'll need to climb up and shoot the padlock through the vent at the top. Head inside, loot the building at then head out and down the hatch. Done!

High Art Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

High Art tasks you with breaking into an artist's workshop. As per, there are Highwaymen to beat, and then a door to unlock. We've marked the location, Atelier Zion, in the image above.

You'll need to head around the back, grapple up the tower and zipline in. Once inside, turn the yellow valve to open the front door. Now you need to turn a second valve, located to the left of the orange car. This will raise the blue car, allowing you to climb up and hop across to the next area. There's another valve here which moves the orange car. You can now collect the treasure.

Riddle Me Fish Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

Next it's off to Skylar's Riddle. This area contains a bunker filled with gas, which must be deactivated by solving a puzzle. The info you need is in the larger of the two buildings, so make your way in through the small opening at the front.

You need to activate the singing fish, and note the order in which they light up. This is the solution to the puzzle. If you'd like to save time, the combination is Green, Red, Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow.

Head down into the bunker, in the smaller of the two buildings. Input the correct combination of fish, and you'll be able to claim your prize.

Far Cry New Dawn Target Practice Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

Head to Nadia's Junkyard for this next riddle, which tasks you with destroying some targets. You'll first need to head up to the top of the hill and waste some enemies. You'll notice a hatch on the ground nearby, though the door inside is locked.

There's another way in though, and it's through a sinkhole to the North. Head down there and you'll find more enemies and then a note. It explains that you need to hit on the targets to open the door. Flip the switch to your left and then shoot all of the targets that pop up to your left and right.

Light 'Em Up Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

This one can be a bit tricky to pull off, as everything starts catching fire all of a sudden at one point. All you need to do is find the Wolverine's nest, the entrance to which is shown below, and then burn it to draw the key-holding Wolverine out.

You're going to want to kill the wolverine, grab the key and then exit as fast as possible, as the whole building will go up in flames. Once you have the key though, it's just a case of unlocking the bunker and looting it.

The Best Laid Plans Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

The Best Laid Plans Treasure Hunt is a little different to what we've seen up to this point so far. It's essentially a platforming puzzle, in which you'll need to climb up the train that crashed at the start of the game.

There's not really much in the way of a puzzle here, just use the grapple points to climb upwards and to the Treasure. There's plenty of water underneath the structure, so be bold when reaching for the next grapple point.

Burning Souls Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

Burning Souls has you throwing corpses into a ceremonial fire, and fighting off rabid wolves of course. It's pretty straightforward, as all of the bodies are hidden in plain sight, in the area directly next to the pyre.

The only body that might cause you some issues is the one up above the fire pit. We've shown its location in the image above.

Far Cry New Dawn Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

The Go With the Flow Treasure Hunt is pretty straightforward, just head to the cave located at the position in the screenshot above and read the note for the first clue. You'll need to get the key first, it's guarded by wolves.

The key is found in the location shown below. There's another note to read, which mentions that you need to cross the bridge.

Make your way across the bridge, following the white flags as you go. You'll come to another campsite.

After reading the next note, you'll need to find the hideout. Head back the way you came and to the waterfall on your right. Jump down it and look for a dead wolf. The hideout is behind it.

Rescuers Go Under Treasure Hunt Location and Solution

This final Treasure Hunt involves some spelunking. Head to the location above, and grapple up the cliff face.

There are two bears at the top of the cliff, ignore them and then jump down into the hole. You'll need to swim under the wooden scaffold to reach the next area.

Follow the trail and grapple up the cliffs again, into the next area. You'll need to follow the stream to the wrecked cars.

There's another note explaining that you need to release the car's brakes in order to climb up. Aim at the back tires to do so. Then use the cars to jump across. The Treasure is yours.

How to Unlock All Treasure Hunts on Your Map

There's another way to unlock Treasure Hunts on your map other than taking missions from NPCs. If you level your Cartography level to 2, you'll be able to purchase a map at Homebase which lets you highlight every Treasure Hunt on your Map.

Far Cry New Dawn Treasure Hunt Rewards

So why go to all the effort hunting down Treasure in Far Cry New Dawn? Well, it's one of the best ways to get Perk Points, as you'll get 3 per Stash. The bunkers are also loaded with components, and often a safe containing Titanium.

Are Prepper Stashes in Far Cry New Dawn?

If you played Far Cry 5, you might remember hunting down Doomsday Prepper's Stashes. They aren't in Far Cry New Dawn, as they have instead been replaced by Treasure Hunts. They are essentially the same though, presenting a puzzle in exchange for Perk Points and loot.

That's everything you need to know about Treasure Hunts in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, why not check out our Far Cry New Dawn Best Weapons Guide. You should also take a look at how to earn more circuit boards fast, so that you can craft Epic weapons.

For everything else related to Far Cry New Dawn, be sure to head over to our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Hub. It's where we'll be collecting all of our Far Cry New Dawn Guides Content. There are essential tips and tricks, Treasure Hunt locations, and more!

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