Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenges List

Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenges List

There's tons of challenges for you to undertake in Red Dead Redemption 2, and here's our complete list of every available challenge.

There's a bunch of challenges for you to undertake in Red Dead Redemption 2, all of which can be particularly rewarding. In our Red Dead Redemption 2 challenges guide, we'll be providing you with a complete list of every single challenge in the entire game, so you can complete them as easily as possible.

Challenges List

Just below, we’ll be dividing up our challenges list into the categories that they fall into in Red Dead Redemption 2. You begin with the first challenge unlocked, and you unlock each successive challenge in the list once you’ve completed the previous one.

Bandit Challenges

The bandit challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2 focus on being an outlaw in the game, so are to do with hold ups and stealing money or items. We've got the complete Bandit Challenges list in RDR2 just below. Bandit challenges offer item, cash, and Dead Eye EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Bandit ChallengeBandit Challenge Reward
Hold up five townsfolk.Bandit Bandoiler
Rob two coaches or return two stolen coaches to a Fence.$5, 25 Dead Eye EXP
Rob the cash register in any four shops, in a single day.Bandit Holster
Rob three coaches or return three stolen coaches to a Fence, in a single day.$10, 50 Dead Eye EXP
Earn a $250 in one state.$10, 50 Dead Eye EXP
Steal five horses, and sell them to the horse Fence at Clemens Cove.$15,100 Dead Eye EXP
Rob $50 of cash and valuables from townsfolk and travellers.Bandit Off-Holster
Steal seven wagons, and sell them to the Fence at Emerald Ranch.$15, 100 Dead Eye EXP
Hogtie someone and leave them on the railway tracks, three times.$20, 150 Dead Eye EXP
Complete five train robberies without dying or being caught.Bandit Gun Belt

Explorer Challenges

The Explorer Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2 are built around finding things in the game world - explicitly, treasure. We've got the Explorer challenges listed below. Explorer challenges offer item. cash, and Stamina EXP rewards.

  • Find a treasure map.
  • Find a treasure, nine times.

Gambler Challenges

Gambling is a risky business, especially in the Wild West, but it does form numerous Gambler Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2. We've got all the Gambler Challenges listed just below. Gambler challenges offer item, cash, and Dead Eye EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Gambler ChallengeGambler Challenge Reward
Win five hands of poker.Gambler Holster
In blackjack, double down and win the hand five times.$5, Dead Eye EXP
Win three games of five finger fillet.Gambler Bandolier
Bust one poker table out in each location (Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, Valentine).$10, Dead Eye EXP
Win three rounds of dominoes without drawing any tiles against two or fewer opponents.$10, Dead Eye EXP
Beat the blackjack dealer in two locations (Rhodes, Van Horn Trading Post).$15, Dead Eye EXP
Beat the five finger fillet opponent in each location (Strawberry, Valentine, Van Horn Trading Post).Gambler Gun Belt
Win three hands of blackjack, with three hits or more.$15, Dead Eye EXP
Win three games of dominoes in a row.$20, Dead Eye EXP
Win three hands of poker in a row.Gambler Off-Hand Holster

Herbalist Challenges

Who doesn't love crafing in an open-world game? Arthur loves it, which is why there are plenty of Herbalist Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2. We'v got the complete list for you just below. Herbalist challenges offer item, cash, and Health EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Herbalist ChallengeHerbalist Challenge Reward
Pick six yarrow.Herbalist Off-Hand Holster
Pick and eat four types of berries.$5, Health EXP
Craft seven items using sage as an ingredient.Herbalist Gun Belt
Pick five mushrooms, and feed them to your horse.$10, Health EXP
Craft nine items using indian tobacco as an ingredient.$10, Health EXP
Pick fifteen different species of herb.$15, Health EXP
Craft five special miracle tonics, and use them.Herbalist Holster
Use oleander to craft six poison weapons.$15, Health EXP
Pick one of each type of herb.$20, Health Eye EXP
Season and cook all eleven types of meat.Herbalist Bandolier

Horseman Challenges

Riding your horse is one of Red Dead Redemption 2's biggest pleasures. It's great, then, that there are plenty of Horseman Challenges (not of the Bojack variety) to tackle in Red Dead 2. We've got the complete list just below. Horseman challenges offer item, cash, and Stamina EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Horseman ChallengeHorseman Challenge Reward
Kill five rabbits while on horseback.Horseman Gun Belt
Jump over three obstacles in fifteen seconds.$5, Stamina EXP
Ride from Valentine to Rhodes in less than five minutes.Horseman Holster
While mounted, drag a person for 3300 feet using a lasso.$10, Stamina EXP
Trample five animals while on horseback.$10, Stamina EXP
Ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than nine minutes, without touching water.$15, Stamina EXP
Kill seven enemies from horseback, without dismounting.Horseman Bandolier
Kill nine predators from horseback.$15, Stamina EXP
Ride from Van Horn Trading Post to Blackwater in less than seventeen minutes, without touching water.$20, Stamina EXP
Break every breed of wild horse.Horseman Off-Hand Holster

Master Hunter Challenges

Fancy yourself as a bit of a master hunter? Prove it by tackling the Red Dead Redemption 2 Master Hunter Challenges. We've got the complete list just below if you are up to the task. Master Hunter challenges offer item, cash, and Health EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Master Hunter ChallengeMaster Hunter Challenge Reward
Skin three deer.Master Hunter Off-Hand Holster
Collect three perfect quality rabbit pelts.$5, Health EXP
Track ten different animal species using your binoculars.Master Hunter Bandolier
Get a clean kill five times.$10, Health EXP
Skin three black or grizzly bears.$10, Health EXP
Kill five cougars with a bow, and skin them.$15, Health EXP
Use bait to lure and kill a herbivore, and a predator.Master Hunter Gun Belt
Catch three fish without using the fishing rod.$15, Health EXP
Catch an opossum playing possum.$20, Health EXP
Kill the legendary panther.Master Hunter Holster

Sharpshooter Challenges

Shooting in Red Dead Redemption 2 can feel a little clumsy at first, but once you get the hang of it you might want to tackle the many Red Dead Redemption 2 Sharpshooter Challenges. We've got the complete challenge list just below. Sharpshooter challenges offer item, cash, and Dead Eye EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Sharpshooter ChallengeSharpshooter Challenge Reward
Kill three flying birds.Sharpshooter Bandolier
Kill two different animal species in one use of Deadeye.$5, Dead Eye EXP
Kill five flying birds while on a moving train.Sharpshooter Holster
Kill someone from at least 80 feet away with a tomahawk.$10, Dead Eye EXP
Kill six animals without switching or reloading a weapon.$10, Dead Eye EXP
Kill someone at least 660 feet away with a scoped rifle.$15, Dead Eye EXP
Get seven headshots in a row.Sharpshooter Off-Hand Holster
Disarm three opponents without switching or reloading a weapon.$15, Dead Eye EXP
Shoot three hats off people in the same Deadeye.$20, Dead Eye EXP
Kill three flying birds with three consecutive scoped rifle shots.Sharpshooter Gun Belt

Survivalist Challenges

Survival in the harsh world of the Wild West takes some skill. What better way to test your abilities than to complete the Red Dead Redemption 2 Survivalist Challenges. Consult the full list below. Survivalist challenges offer item, cash, and Stamina EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Survivalist ChallengeSurvivalist Challenge Reward
Catch three bluegill fish.Survivalist Gun Belt
Hand five animals into Pearson, or a Trapper.$5, Stamina EXP
Kill five animals with a varmint rifle.Survivalist Off-Hand Holster
Craft dynamite, improved, fire, poison, and small game arrows.$10, Stamina EXP
Catch a fish in the Bayou from a riverboat, while standing on the train tracks.$10, Stamina EXP
Kill an animal while it’s feeding on a corpse, five times.$15, Stamina EXP
Kill eight small game animals with consecutive small game arrows.Survivalist Bandolier
Craft a homing tomahawk, improved tomahawk, improved dynamite, and volatile fire bottle.$15, Stamina EXP
Catch a fish that weighs at least 19lb.$20, Stamina EXP
Catch one of every species of fish.Survivalist Holster

Weapons Expert Challenges

Knives, shotguns, dynamite, bows and more make up all the weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. Test your weapon skills with the Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapons Expert Challenges. The complete list can be found below. Weapons Expert challenges offer item, cash, and Health EXP rewards.

Red Dead 2 Weapons Expert ChallengeWeapons Expert Challenge Reward
Kill three enemies with a knife.Weapons Expert Holster
Kill three enemies in ten seconds using throwing knives.$5, Health EXP
Kill three birds of prey using tomahawks.Weapons Expert Gun Belt
Kill ten enemies with a shotgun, using crafted ammo.$10, Health EXP
Kill five mounted enemies with one throwing knife per enemy.$10, Health EXP
Kill four enemies with one stick of dynamite.$15, Health EXP
Kill four enemies in a row with the same tomahawk.Weapons Expert Off-Hand Holster
Kill fifteen enemies using a long-barrelled shotgun.$15, Health EXP
Kill nine unaware enemies from behind, using the bow.$20, Health EXP
Kill a grizzly bear using only throwing knives, without taking damage.Weapons Expert Bandolier

Challenge Rewards - Legend of the East Outfit

And there you have it, a complete list of every single challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2. Once you’ve completed all the challenges above, you’ll unlock the Legend of the East outfit. This has bonuses for reduced melee damage taken, reduced rate at which your cores deplete, increases money and XP acquired, and more. Each challenge also comes with its own reward, usually of cash or an in-game item.

Now that we’re all done with this challenges guide for Rockstar’s game, you can check out our additional guides here at USgamer. Head over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats guide, or our Red Dead Redemption 2 Gunslinger locations guide for more. Challenge rewards sourced via IGN.

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