Resident Evil 2 Detonator - How to Find the Detonator and Destroy C4 in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Detonator - How to Find the Detonator and Destroy C4 in Resident Evil 2

Here's how you can get the detonator and destroy the C4 in Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City police station.

At a certain point during the police station segment of Resident Evil 2, you're going to need to obtain a detonator in order to destroy some C4. In this Resident Evil 2 detonator guide, we'll be walking you through acquiring the detonator and getting rid of the C4 as easily as possible.

In this Resident Evil 2 guide we'll be telling you how to get the detonator, including information on the location of the battery you'll need to find. If you're struggling to find the battery, click the link below you head straight to that section of the guide.

How to Get the Detonator in Resident Evil 2

We mentioned at the top that this detonator will allow you to proceed to the third and final medallion in Resident Evil 2. If you need help unlocking the lion or unicorn medallion, before you arrive at this final maiden medallion, check out our Resident Evil 2 medallions guide.

The notebook from the deceased officer Elliot | Hirun Cryer

But to reach the maiden statue, you need to destroy the C4 on the bars in the western storage room, which is on the third floor of the police station. Firstly, you need to use the Fancy key that you obtained earlier in the level, to get through the door on the eastern side of the main hall of the police station, on the second floor.

Once you’ve used the key, you’ll find yourself in a corridor that’s just outside of the art room. Now turn right, and head all the way down the corridor, until you hear a helicopter crash nearby. Head through the fire exit door and down the stairs, and a charming cutscene will play out between Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

I love the friendship between Claire and Leon | Hirun Cryer

After the cutscene has concluded, turn to your right, an pick up the cutting tool. Now use the cutting tool to get through the door on the left, where you’ll be on the corridor from where you encountered your first zombie in the police station.

Opposite you and to the right, there’s a door with a chain lock, that you can use the cutting tool to get through. In this new room, which is the east office, there’ll be one zombie already in the room, and another trying to break in through the window.

Here be the cutting tool | Hirun Cryer

Deal with them however you see fit, but you then need to go into the small office in the southwestern corner of the room. In this room, you can find the red handle on the desk, which is actually a pretty crucial item for the police station.

Now head back out into the main portion of the east office, and there’ll be a ‘fuse’ item on the desk in the middle of the room. Head through the red double doors, and turn left, using the fuse on the fuse box on the wall to open up the metal shutters.

When you’re back in the main hall of the police station, head straight forward, and through the open shutter gate right opposite you. Go through the door in the back corner of this room, and you’ll be in a corridor from earlier in this level.

Work your way through this corridor, until you come to the operations room, reached by passing through double doors on your right. In this room, use the cutting tool on the door in the back of the room.

In the room adjacent to the operations room, you can pick up an electronic gadget from the desk opposite you as you enter. This is the detonator, but it doesn’t have any power (yet).

Look to your left, and you can open a lock on the door to pass through, so you’re in the corridor outside the west office. Instead of going in the west office, follow the corridor round towards the stairs, and make your way up to the second floor.

Battery Location in Resident Evil 2

On the second floor, go through the door next to the stairs, and you’ll find there’s steam blocking your progress. Use the red tool that you picked up back in the east office on the pipe next to the steam, and you can proceed through the shower room, and out into a corridor on the west side of the building.

In this corridor, you’ll encounter your first Licker. Walk, don’t run, down the corridor, and the Licker will appear on the ceiling. Go through the first door on your left, and you’ll find yourself in the elite STARS office.

Turn left once you’re through the door, and you’ll see a small sub-office. In here, you can pick up a battery off the desk, and in your inventory, you can combine this with the electronic gadget to create the powered up detonator.

Go back into the corridor, taking care to walk so as to not attract the attention of the Licker, and continue down the opposite way from which you came. Eventually you’ll reach a door that leads you back into the area with the unicorn statue.

You now need to go back into the main hall, through the corridor that runs outside the western office, back up the stairs, and all the way to the western storage room. In this room is the C4, and you can use the detonator with the C4 to arm it.

Stand back behind the nearby bookshelves once you’ve armed the detonator, as it’ll go off in exactly 10 seconds. After this, you’re all free to proceed into the next area, and deal with the maiden statue. For a walkthrough on the correct combination for the statue, refer to our Resident Evil 2 medallions guide.

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