Resident Evil 2 Herb Mixing - How to Combine Green, Red, Blue Herbs in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Herb Mixing - How to Combine Green, Red, Blue Herbs in Resident Evil 2

Here's how you can mix together green, red, and blue herbs in Resident Evil 2.

There are three different herb items for you to find throughout Resident Evil 2, and they can all be combined for various effects. In this Resident Evil 2 herb mixing guide, we'll be detailing how you can easily combine different types of herbs together for different results.

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Resident Evil 2 Herbs

As we mentioned at the top of this guide to herbs, there are a few distinct type of herbs that can be found in Resident Evil 2. They can be found in all the different areas of the game, from the police station to the sewers, and just below we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the three types of herbs.

  • Green Herb - The most common of all the three types of herbs. You can use green herbs on their own to immediately restore a small portion of health to Leon or Claire.
  • Red Herb - At first, red herbs might seem useless compared to green herbs, because you can’t just pick them up and use them straight away. However, if you combine them with green or blue herbs, they basically amplify the effects of said herb. So for example, if you pair a green herb with a red herb, the resulting item will give you a better healing bonus.
  • Blue Herb - Finally, the blue herbs will cure Leon or Claire of poison in Resident Evil 2. There’s no way you can get poisoned in the early parts of the game, but it’s once you hit the sewers section of the game that these items become invaluable.
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Resident Evil 2 Herb Combinations

As we mentioned previously, multiple herbs can be combined in Resident Evil 2 for an increased effect. In the list below, we’ll be providing you with a full overview of all the possible herb combinations throughout the game, so you know how to get the most from your items.

  • Green herb + green herb - Restores a decent chunk of health for Leon and Claire.
  • Green herb + green herb + green herb - Fully restores the health of your character.
  • Green herb + red herb - Fully restores your health.
  • Green herb + green herb + red herb - Fully restores health and reduces damage taken for a short amount of time.
  • Green herb + green herb + blue herb - Cures poison and fully restores health.
  • Green herb + blue herb - Removes poison and cures a decent amount of health.
  • Blue herb + red herb - Cures and guards against poison.
  • Green herb + red herb + blue herb - Fully restores health, cures poison, guards against poison and reduces damage taken for a short time.

And there you have it, all the information you need to know about herbs, and combining herbs, in Resident Evil 2. It might be tempting when you’ve got limited inventory spaces, but never throw away unnecessary herbs, instead go back and drop them in the item box, since you never know when you might need them later.

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