Resident Evil 2 Hip Pouch Locations - Increase Inventory in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Hip Pouch Locations - Increase Inventory in Resident Evil 2

This is our guide on how you can find hip pouches to increase the size of your inventory in Resident Evil 2.

There's a lot that you can miss in Resident Evil 2 if you're not looking carefully enough, and one of these things is hip pouches. In our Resident Evil 2 hip pouches guide, we'll be taking you through a complete list of all the various Resident Evil 2 hip pouch locations throughout the game, so you can track them all down as easily as possible.

In the screenshot of Resident Evil 2 just below, you can see that you’ve got a pretty limited inventory system to work with in the remake. You’ve got eight total ‘blocks’ of inventory to work with at the outset of the game, whether you’re playing as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield.

An overview of Leon's inventory | Hirun Cryer

It’s these eight blocks that you’ve got to work with, when picking up weapons, ammo, and other items like herbs and keys. Thankfully, there are no items in Resident Evil 2 that take up more than one space in your inventory, so shotguns and grenade launchers take up the same one block as green and red herbs.

How to Increase Your Inventory Size in Resident Evil 2

So, how can you go about giving Claire and Leon more than eight blocks to work with in Resident Evil 2? There are certain items that you can actually pick up throughout the game, that will grant each character a permanent increase to their inventory size, for the rest of your time with them in the game.

A hip pouch in Resident Evil 2 | Hirun Cryer

We should point out that these items only work for the character that you find them with, so don’t expect to boost Leon’s inventory size by finding a bonus item as Claire. Hip pouches are the items that you’re going to be on the lookout for throughout Resident Evil 2, which grant your current character an increase to the size of their inventory.

Hip Pouch Locations in Resident Evil 2

Where can you find these hip pouches? As of right now, we’ve only spent a very limited time with Resident Evil 2, but we can tell you that there’s a hip pouch located on the third floor of the Raccoon City police department, available to collect while you’re playing as Leon Kennedy.

You need to proceed to the very top of the staircase, which is to the right of the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor. At the top of the staircase there’s a corridor, where something will scuttle across the window on the outside of the police station (hello, Licker!). Turn around the corner to your left, and take the next door on your left, where you’ll be in the West Storage Room.

The door leading to the West Storage Room | Hirun Cryer

In this room, you need to work your way to the very back of the room, until you’re facing a set of bars that stretch vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Turn around, and you’ll be able to see a small wooden desk, with two items on it.

The bars at the far end of the West Storage Room | Hirun Cryer

One of these items is the diary of a crazy man, that’s attached the nearby C4 to the bars. But the other item is a hip pouch, that you can obtain for Leon. From now until the end of Resident Evil 2, you’ve got two extra inventory slots to work with thanks to this new item.

The addition of the hip pouch | Hirun Cryer

Hip Pouch Location 2

But if you happen to have missed the previous location of the hip pouch for whatever reason, there's actually a chance to grab another one not long after. After the William Birkin boss battle after the RCPD section, there's a 'Secret Room' in the underground facility, which you'll come to as you're making your way back to ground level.

When you're in this safe room with the typewriter and the item box, check the lockers against the wall. In one of these lockers, you'll find a brand new hip pouch for Leon/Claire.

Hip Pouch Location 3

There's the opportunity to obtain another hip pouch, while you're in the Raccoon City police station. No matter if you're playing as Leon or Claire, you can find a hip pouch by firstly heading to the west office, which is on the immediate west side of the first floor of the main hall.

If you head to the small sub room that's within the west office, there's a small safe in the corner of the room. Use the combination of left 9, then right 15, and finally left 7 to unlock the safe, and claim another hip pouch.

Hip Pouch Location 4

If you want to find a fourth hip pouch in Resident Evil 2, look no further than the sewers section. After the section with Ada Wong has concluded, you'll be put back in control of Leon Kennedy once again.

After you've acquired the tool in the shape of a 'T', you'll be able to unlock the 'Workroom' area on the upper floor, just near where you first encountered those huge mutants with one giant eye and an arm, that can send smaller creatures after you.

When you enter the workroom area, look to the bench on your left. The hip pouch can be found waiting for you on the surface.

Hip Pouch Location 5

Finally, we've found a hip pouch in the laboratory section of Resident Evil 2. After you've obtained the signal modulator item, you need to back track all the way to the beginning of the level, where there's a door leading west near the only typewriter in the area.

Resident evil 2 hip pouch location 4 | Hirun Cryer

Go all the way to the end of this area, and you'll find a box that the signal modulator fits into on the wall. Adjust the modulator to the correct frequency by examining it in your inventory, and use it in the box on the wall. This will open up all the nearby shutters, revealing a new hip pouch.

If it's more content for Capcom's remake that you're after, head over to our essential Resident Evil 2 tips page. Alternatively, you can hit up our page on how to unlock Fourth Survivor in Resident Evil 2 with the enigmatic Hunk, our article on how to unlock the magnum in Resident Evil 2, or our Resident Evil 2 Leon's desk locks guide. If you want more Resident Evil goodness, check out our definitive ranking of the best Resident Evil Games.

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