Resident Evil 2 Grenade Launcher - How to Get the Grenade Launcher Keycard in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Grenade Launcher - How to Get the Grenade Launcher Keycard in Resident Evil 2

Here's how to unlock the grenade launcher as Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2.

Claire's grenade launcher is locked away in a locker at the start of Resident Evil 2, and you're going to want to unlock it as soon as possible. In our Resident Evil 2 grenade launcher guide, we'll be detailing how you can get your hands on this powerful weapon as soon as possible from starting out the game.

How to Get a Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 2

No matter who you choose to play as at the start of Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield will have only a pistol to work with. Whereas Leon can unlock the shotgun in the locker of the Raccoon City police station, the grenade launcher is instead available for Claire to unlock.

To start with, bring up the map screen of Resident Evil 2 by pressing either the touchpad on the DualShock 4, or the View button on the Xbox One controller. You now need to make it to the second floor of the Raccoon City police station, and on the east side from the main hall, you’ll be able to see the art room.

The key to unlock the door that leads to the art room can be found on the third floor of the police station, on the western side from the main hall. If you head to the very top of the staircase, you can find a ‘fancy key’ on a table through a broken wall, and it’s this key that you can take back to the second floor of the main hall, enter the door on the eastern side, and unlock the door in this next room to reach the art room.

Weapons Locker Keycard Location

As soon as you enter the art room, you’ll see a small table with a lamp directly ahead of you. On this table, Claire can acquire the ‘weapons locker keycard’, which is the item that will allow you to actually obtain the grenade launcher.

The weapons locker keycard | Hirun Cryer

Retreat to the main hall, first floor, and you need to make your way to the safety deposit room, which is on the same floor, on the western side of the building. Use the key you previously acquired to unlock the shortcut through the west office, and you’ll be there in no time.

And the grenade launcher is yours! | Hirun Cryer

When you’re in the safety deposit room, head to the very back of the room, and you’ll see the main weapons locker. Interact with the keycard reader on your right, and use the weapons locker keycard item to open it up. Congratulations, you’ve just got your hands on one of the more powerful items at Claire Redfield’s disposal in the entire game.

The prized grenade launcher itself | Hirun Cryer

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