Resident Evil 2 Magnum - How to Get Leon's Magnum in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Magnum - How to Get Leon's Magnum in Resident Evil 2

Here's how to get the magnum in Resident Evil 2 for Leon Kennedy.

There's no disputing the magnum pistol as the most powerful weapon in all of Resident Evil 2. In our Resident Evil 2 magnum guide, we'll be detailing how you can go about easily unlocking the magnum in as litle time as possible, which unfortunately spans multiple stages of the game.

How to Get the Magnum in Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 2, the magnum is only available for Leon Kennedy to unlock. Although the magnum is one of, if not the, most powerful weapon in the entire game, it’s actually incredibly tricky to unlock.

The list of instructions below will walk you through unlocking the magnum. Note that although you can start the process incredibly early on once you unlock the cutting tool (LINK) and get to the east office, you can’t complete the process until after you’ve defeated William Birkin, and encountered Mr. X for the first time.

  • In the east office, there’s a small sub-office in the southwestern corner.
  • In here, you can pick up a round red handle from on top of the desk.
  • Now make your way to the first floor of the library.
  • Right by the door to the main hall from the library, you can pick up the ‘red book’ from the desk.
  • From the second floor of the main hall on the west side, go to the art room.
  • In the art room, pick up the dismembered left hand of the statue that’s on the table.
  • In your inventory, combine the arm of the statue with the red book.
  • Now examine the statue itself, and insert the arm holding the book.
  • Doing this will grant you the scepter from the right hand of the statue.
  • Examine the scepter in your inventory, and flip it over.
  • Press A/X when prompted, and you’ll get the red gem from the head of the scepter.
  • Now collect all three medallions, and exit the police station.
  • One of the three required medallions | Hirun Cryer
  • Descend underground, and defeat William Birkin.
  • Exit from the Birkin fight, into the underground parking garage.
  • Meet Ada Wong, and pursue her into the jail area of the parking garage, to the west.
  • Head all the way to the end of the jail cells, and you’ll meet a new character.
  • After the cutscene is over, collect the crank tool from the desk next to his cell.
  • Oh, sacred crank tool | Hirun Cryer
  • Now head back out into the main section of the parking garage, and into the eastern section.
  • Make your way through the kennel area, and to the adjacent corridor.
  • In this corridor, you can use the crank tool on the wall on your right, to raise the metal shutter.
  • Proceed into the generator room on your right, past the opened shutter.
  • Head to the end of the pathway within the generator, and flip the switches to turn on the power.
  • Two dogs are now going to run at poor Leon. One starts immediately within the room, and the other climbs over the fencing nearby.
  • Deal with the dogs, then go back out into the corridor, and into the kennels.
  • Two more dogs will jump you within the kennels.
  • Head into the original corridor from where you started this area, and go around to the unlocked security door with the green light.
  • Go to the end of the corridor, and then up the stairs.
  • Enter the safe room at the top of the stairs, and pick up the fuse item.
  • Head back out into the corridor and go right.
  • Take out the three zombies near the metal shutter.
  • Place the fuse item into the fuse box to raise the metal shutter.
  • Go out through the fire escape on your left, and up the stairs into the corridor.
  • Head all the way to the end of this corridor that’s just outside the art room, and use the red crank to raise the shutter.
  • Go all the way up the staircase, and take the door that leads outside to the balcony area.
  • Use the ladder to descend, which will break as Leon is partway down.
  • Now turn to your left, and take the metal stairs down on the outside of the building.
  • Go forward at the bottom of the stairs, and two zombies will burst through the door.
  • Take them out, and head inside to the safe room.
  • Look on the board of the safe room, and you can pick up the green ‘club’ key.
  • Go back outside and turn right, where you can interact with a yellow lever, flipping it in the opposite direction.
  • Now return to where Leon fell off the ladder, and use the valve on the corner of the wall.
  • With the fire put out, head into the door on your left.
  • Surprise! Mr. X will appear partway down the corridor.
  • Now that's how you do an entrance | Hirun Cryer
  • Retreat back outside, go around Mr. X, and head back down the corridor with the monster in hot pursuit.
  • Go past the art room on your right, and take the staircase all the way down.
  • Kill the zombie that tries to break through the window, and at the end of the corridor, turn left.
  • Use the club key to unlock the door to the observation room.
  • In this room, you can find a mysterious box on a desk.
  • I guess this is where Chris Redfield kept his USB stick? |Hirun Cryer
  • In your inventory, combine the red gem with the box, and it’ll open.
  • Examine the STARS badge which the box just gave you, and flip it over.
  • Press A/X when prompted, and a USB key will emerge from the badge.
  • Was this Chris' STARS badge? |Hirun Cryer
  • You now need to head all the way to the western portion of the police station, and to the shower room on the second floor.
  • In this room, use the red lever on the pipe, and you can stop the jet of steam.
  • Proceed through the shower area, and into the western corridor.
  • Here you’ll encounter a Licker, so make sure to take it nice and easy, and don’t run.
  • Partway down the corridor, you can take a door on your left to the STARS office.
  • Turn left when you’re in the STARS office, and you can interact with a desktop computer.
  • Insert the STARS badge/USB key into the computer.
  • Interact with the computer screen on the desk, and the weapons locker door will open.
  • You can now retrieve the magnum, at long last!

Well, as we said at the top, that was a bit of a lengthy process. Hopefully we’ve managed to make the abundance of steps clear enough in the guide above, and if you’ve followed the steps to the letter, then you’ve managed to get your hands on the most powerful weapon on offer for Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2.

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