A Way Out - Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, Co-Op, Characters, Our Impressions - Everything We Know

A Way Out - Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay, Co-Op, Characters, Our Impressions - Everything We Know

A Way Out is the ambitious new co-op game from the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, that forces two players to band together and escape from prison.

Debuted on the world stage at EA Play 2017, A Way Out is an ambitious co-op game from Hazelight Studios, the studio formed by the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, that puts two players behind bars and challenges them to escape together.

As we reported at the time, A Way Out was the undisputed highlight of an otherwise fairly forgettable EA presentation. Standing out from the crop of sports games and shooters, A Way Out promises to bring a new dimension to couch co-op by placing players in extremely different situations to one another, as one player could be in a cutscene while the other isn’t.

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A Way Out Essential Information

  • Release Date: TBC Early 2018
  • Price: TBC
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Hazelight Studios
  • Publisher: EA
  • Genre: Co-op Adventure

A Way Out Release Date and Price

Right now, the only information that we’ve been given on a release date for A Way Out is that the game is slated to launch in early 2018. The reveal trailer states that the game will be arriving on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, when it eventually releases. However, we don’t currently have any idea of how much A Way Out will cost, as EA have published a variety of different games before, from blockbusters like Star Wars Battlefront, all the way to indie games like Unravel.

A Way Out Gameplay Trailer

The trailer that announced A Way Out just below was first seen at EA’s E3 2017 presentation, and introduced us to the characters of Leo and Vincent, who are incarcerated within a prison for unknown reasons. Although Leo at first rejects Vincent’s help in orchestrating an escape plan, the two eventually bond, again for unknown reasons, and help each other escape the prison.

We’ve got some key takeaways from the trailer just below, as well as information that Josef Fares stated onstage after the reveal trailer had played.

  • The game will only be playable in split-screen co-op, an ambitious move in a time where the industry is traditionally moving away from this.
  • Either character can be in different situations at once, for example Leo could be in a cutscene, while Vincent could be entirely playable in a separate location.
  • There are other characters embroiled in the story outside of Leo and Vincent, as we see that both characters each have families that they’re presumably trying to reach.
  • The prison break part of A Way Out will likely require a great amount of talking and planning between the two players, as we see both Leo and Vincent avoiding a searchlight together at one point in the trailer.
  • A Way Out won’t end with the prison break, as we see extensive footage of both characters exploring the world outside of the prison after they’ve broken out.

Our Hands-On Impressions of A Way Out

We recently got to go hands-on with A Way Out at E3, being guided through our demo section by Josef Fares himself. Fares hammered home the emotional aspect of the story throughout the demo, as he previously did when he appeared onstage at EA’s presentation.

At one point we, along with our fellow player, had to decide which character got the only gun that the pair have. We jointly decided to give the gun to Vincent, but there’s no telling what could happen if both players disagree, or if there will be other standoff moments like this in A Way Out.

We staged a robbery at a gas station, and while our partner argued with the customers in the station, we managed to get a few people to leave, before the robbery began. This caused our portion of the screen to enlarge, meaning the split-screen was divided roughly 60/40 in our favor, instead of 50/50, as we had a bigger role in the lead up to the robbery.

There are a number of different ways this robbery could have played out. For example, if our partner hadn’t argued with and intimidated a customer beforehand, this customer then might have run outside and called the cops. Instead, since this occured and we sabotaged the phone in the gas station beforehand, no cops were called, and the robbery went smoothly.

This is all the information out there in the wild as of right now for A Way Out, but we’ll be keeping an ear out and updating this page with any additional information that either EA or Hazelight Studios release about the game, prior to the game eventually launching.

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