StarCraft Remastered: Best Build Orders for the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss

StarCraft Remastered: Best Build Orders for the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss

What to do in StarCraft Remastered in order to give yourself the best chance of success. Build Orders for Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss.

StarCraft Remastered will give a whole generation of gamers an excuse to dive into one of the all-time great RTS games. If you’re new to the genre or StarCraft you may find yourself on the end of some harsh beatings online. In this StarCraft Remastered Build Orders Guide we’ve detailed a series of instructions for each of the races (Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss) so you can build smartly and efficiently.

About Build Orders

Instructions to build are based on Terran Supply, Protoss Psi and zerg Control. In the lists below you’ll see orders preceded by numbers in x/y format. X is the supply,psi or control used, while y is the total available.

Best Terran Build Orders

Terran vs Zerg Build - Double Barracks

  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • Refinery
  • Depot

Notes: Build marines from each barracks as long as supply allows. When gas allows upgrade stim and get a scanner. Build Space Construction Vehicles until the supply reaches 21.

The build order below is a slight variation of the Double Barracks build, giving a Terran player an opportunity to attack.

Terran vs Zerg Build - Triple Barracks

  • 9/10 - Depot (Scout when done)
  • 11/18 - Barracks
  • 13/18 - Barracks
  • 15/18 - Depot
  • Barracks
  • Refinery
  • Engineering Bay+Academy
  • +1 Attack

Terran Marine Rush Build - Terran vs Protoss/Zerg/Terran

  • 6/10 - Hide a depot in your main.
  • 8/10 - Direct 2x SCV to center of map. Avoid the normal path scouting workers.
  • 10/10 - Two barracks in center of map.
  • 10/18 - Build marines from barracks, SCV from Command Center.

Notes: This build is intended to allow the player to rush the enemy before it’s built strong defenses.

Best Zerg Build Orders

Zerg Cerver 4 Pool Rush Build - Zerg Vs Protoss/Terran/Zerg

  • 4/9 (Start) - Spawning Pool
  • 3/9 - Drone (Mine immediately)
  • 4/9 - 3 sets of Zerglings (Rush immediately)
  • 7/9 -> 9/9 - Drones (mining)
  • 9/9 - Overlord
  • 9/17 - Hatchery
  • 8/17 - 3 more sets of lings (defense)
  • 11/17 - Extractor (Set 2-3 Drones on as soon as it completes)
  • 10/17 -> 13/17 -Drones
  • 13/17- Lair and make Zerglings as necessary

Notes: This build order will give you an early rush and potentially let you destroy your foe’s economy or kill them outright. Don’t use unless you know where the enemy is.

Zerg 7 Pool Rush Build - Zerg Vs Zerg/Protoss/Terran

  • 7/9 - Spawning Pool
  • 7/9 - Overlord (scout)
  • 8/9 - Scout with drone
  • 8/17 - 6 Zerglings
  • 11/17 - 2 Zerglings or a Drone

Notes: This strategy will give you an early rush but at the expense of building your economy. If you don’t make the most of this strategy to cause a high level of damage you’ll find yourself struggling later in the game.

Best Protoss Build Orders

Protoss 9/10 Gate Zeal Rush Build - Protoss Vs Zerg/Protoss

  • 8/9 – Pylon (near choke)
  • 9/17 – Gateway (scout, leave probe near enemy base)
  • 10/17 – Gateway
  • 11/17 – Zealot (hotkey, then rally gate to enemy choke, no probes)
  • 13/17 – Pylon, Zealot (hotkey, then rally other gate to enemy choke, no probes)
  • 15/25 – Zealot, send 2nd probe to enemy choke

Notes: Ideal to rush as quickly as possible while having some form of economy. Cuts corners to get the zealots out quickly.

Protoss 10/12 Gate Zeal Build - Protoss Vs Zerg/Protoss

  • 8/9 – Pylon (scout if enemy went random)
  • 10/17 – Gateway (scout if you have not already)
  • 12/17 – Gateway (11/17 if you scouted late)
  • 13/17 – Zealot, Pylon (in that order, hotkey and rally gate to choke)
  • 17/25 – 2 Zealots, Pylon1 (in that order, hotkey and rally other gate to choke)

Notes: A simple build for Protoss. Useful for numerous situations. Can be used to rush or solidify your position.

There are plenty more build orders out there, and of course you can experiment with your own. For now these should get you going.

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