Hearthstone The Boomsday Release Date, Project Cards, Legendary Spells, Magnetic, Omega, Projects, Deck Guides

Hearthstone The Boomsday Release Date, Project Cards, Legendary Spells, Magnetic, Omega, Projects, Deck Guides

Blizzard has announced a brand new expansion for Hearthstone, here’s everything we know so far.

The Boomsday Project is now available in Hearthstone. It adds in a new Keyword, 135 new cards, and some really awesome new deck possibilities. In this Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Guide, we'll bring you all of the new cards available in the new expension. We've also got links to some deck Recipe guides, as well as a look at all of the new features that you can toy around with.

We’ll be adding more info to this guide as we hear more about The Boomsday Project, and as new deack Guides are revealed.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Release Date

Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project revolves around Dr.Boom and his experiments in the Netherstorm. The Boomsday Project release date is August 7, and it gives players access to a ton of new cards and Keywords.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Cards

A whopping 135 cards will be added into Hearthstone as part of The Boomsday Project. There are 10 cards per class spread over Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Each Class contains two legendaries, and there is a new keyword to contend with. More emphasis is being put on mechs as well, and Legendary Scientists and spells have stepped into the spotlight.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Magnetic Cards

One of the new features being introduced by The Boomsday Project is Magnetic Cards. They can be played as regular minions, but can also be played as spells if you happen to have another mech on the board. This leads to some awesome possible combinations, and will no doubt be an incredibly useful tactic moving forward. Magnetic Minions can come in either Hunter, Paladin or Warrior. Here are some more Magnetic Cards set to feature in Hearthstone Boomsday Project.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Omega Cards

Omega cards are also being added to Hearthstone as part of the new expansion. Omega cards grant players special effects if they hold 10 mana crystals. For example, the Omega Defender card gives players +10 attack if they have 10 mana crystals. They don’t cost mana crystals to use, but can only be activated once the threshold of 10 is met.

Hearthstone Project Cards

Another new set of cards are Project Cards. These new cards are powerful spells that affect both players. This Biology Project card gives each player 2 Mana Crystals.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Legendary Spells

Legendary Spells are being added in as part of The Boomsday Project, bringing powerful magic effects. This Legendary Spell, Myra’s Unstable Element, draws all remaining cards from your deck.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Legendary Shaman

The final card that we currently know about is a Legendary Shaman Card called Electra Stormsurge. It’s an elemental 3/3 that lets the player cast their next spell twice.

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Druid Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Hunter Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Mage Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Paladin Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Priest Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Rogue Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Shaman Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Warlock Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Warrior Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Neutral Cards

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project New Game Board

Just like every Hearthstone expansion before it, The Boomsday Project brings a new game board along with it. You can check it out in the image below.

Hearthstone Mecha-Jaraxxus Hero

Players who pre-order the Mega Bundle for Hearthstone The Boomsday Project will receive MECHA-JARAXXUS hero portrait, you can check out what it looks like in the image below:

Hearthstone The Boomsday Project Deck Guides

Our friends at sister-site Metabomb are busy cooking up deck lists and guides for launch and beyond, and you can get an insight into the upcoming meta by browsing the following links.

This collection will be updated regularly throughout the launch window, so check back soon for the latest meta developments.


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks


Meta Decks

Experimental Decks

Whizbang the Wonderful

Pop Legendary card Whizbang the Wonderful into your deck and he'll throw you into one of eighteen Blizzard-created Deck Recipes at the start of every game.

There's a lot to take in, and Metabomb has a Whizbang Deck Recipes Guide which contains a complete list of decks along with combo advice.


Mecha'thun is another Legendary card with a unique property. If you can destroy this minion with no other minions on the board and no cards remaining in your hand or deck, you'll kill the opponent immediately.

Triggering this effect requires quite some deck-tinkering dexterity, and Metabomb has a collection of Mecha'thun deck lists to help you achieve this across the game's collection of heroes.

That’s everything we know about Hearthstone The Boomsday Project so far. Be sure to check back in regularly, as we’ll be adding more info as we get it. Once the new expansion has been out for a little while, we’ll be bringing you more details on deck guides and Keywords.

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