Call of Duty Blackout Best Weapons - Blackout Weapons List

Call of Duty Blackout is the series’ first foray into the battle royale genre. Here’s what you need to know to get ahead of the game.

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There are a bunch of awesome weapons in Call of Duty Blackout, each with its own pros and cons. There are a few though that excel above the rest, these are the Call of Duty Blackout best weapons. In this Call of Duty Blackout Best Weapons guide, we'll point out the weapons you should absolutely be using. We've also included a full Call of Duty Blackout weapons list to look over too, so that you know what to keep an eye out for in each match.

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Call of Duty Blackout Weapons List

There are quite a few weapons to contend with in Call of Duty Blackout. From assault rifles to LMGs and Launchers, choosing which guns to pick up and which ones to leave well alone can be tricky at first. We’ve listed all of the weapons we’ve encountered in Call of Duty Blackout so far, below:

Call of Duty Blackout Assault Rifles

  • ICR-7
  • Maddox RFB
  • Galil
  • KN-57
  • Rampart-17

Call of Duty Blackout Submachine Guns

  • GKS
  • MX9
  • Saug 9mm
  • Cordite
  • Spitfire
  • MP-40

Call of Duty Blackout Shotguns

  • MOG-12
  • SG-12

Call of Duty Blackout LMGs

  • Zweihander
  • Titan

Call of Duty Blackout Snipers

  • Paladin HB50
  • Koshka

Call of Duty Blackout Tactical Rifles

  • Swordfish
  • Auger DMR

Call of Duty Blackout Launchers

  • Hellion Salvo
  • War Machine

Call of Duty Blackout Pistols

  • Ray Gun
  • Strife

Call of Duty Blackout Best Weapons

Now that you’ve got a weapons list for Call of Duty Blackout, let’s break down which ones you should be focusing on. These picks are based on comments from the community, as well as our own experiences with them. Let’s take a look at the Best weapons in Call of Duty Blackout.

Paladin HB50

In our experience with Call of Duty Blackout so far, the best set up is a good assault rifle with a 2x scope, and a Paladin with Sniper Scope. The Paladin absolutely shreds armor, and is perfect in the plentiful wide open spaces that the Blackout map is made up of. The Paladin has less bullet drop than the other sniper rifle in the game, and is capable of some very long ranged kills.

Auger DMR

The DMR is a single-shot tactical rifle that is perfect for late game. Stick a 2x scope on it and it essentially operates at sniper range. You can find the Auger around Asylum.

Hellion Salvo

You’ll come across vehicles often in Call of Duty Blackout, and the end game is often dominated by players racing towards the center on quad bikes. If you see a Hellion, pick it up and head outside. Players in vehicles become cannon fodder thanks to the homing lock that is incredibly sticky, and boasts great range. You can also use it to take out other players from afar as well.


It feels like the VAPR might rise to the top as the most popular weapon in Call of Duty Blackout, given how easy it is to use. It has great mobility, and can be great close range if needed. Paired with a 2x scope it’s a very solid all-rounder, and super precise at range.


The Titan is fast becoming our favorite weapon in Call of Duty Blackout, thanks to its ability to tear through armor and vehicles like they’re made of paper. When equipped with a grip and extended mag, it’s incredibly powerful.

Ray Gun

The Ray Gun is as useful as it is silly. It generally downs enemies in two shots, so it’s worth considering. There’s also the added bonus of there being very little drop associated with the laser rounds, so you should be able to it your target with ease.

That’s everything on the best weapons in Call of Duty Blackout. For a detailed breakdown of the Blackout Map, head over to our Call of Duty Blackout Map Guide.

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