Bowser Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Guide - Moves, Changes, Final Smash, Alternate Costume

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate will bring back every single fighter in series history. With such a huge roster of fighters to choose from, we figured we’d breakdown all the details we know about each one, from the changes since the last game, to what alternate costumes there will be this time around. This guide is concerned with Bowser. We’ll give you all the info we know so far about Bowser in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and keep it updated as more is announced.

We’re building guides on every single fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Be sure to check our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Hub regularly to see if we’ve covered your favorite character, and to see how much has changed since the last game.

Bowser Guide - Bowser Changes, Moves, Alternate Costumes

Given that Mario is once again in Smash Bros, it’s unsurprising that they’ve brought back Bowser to keep him in check. Bowser has always been an incredibly useful fighter, and thanks to some subtle changes, he’s better than ever in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In this guide we’ve got all the changes, moves and outfits for Bowser. Let’s get started.

Bowser Changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Bowser has gone through a fair few changes since his appearance in Super Smash Bros Wii U. Mostly, the changes are subtle tweaks to some of his moves, including differences in animations and damage output. We’ve gathered all of the changes to Bowser in the list below.

  • New victory poses
  • More detailed facial expressions
  • Neutral attack does less damage
  • New down smash - claw swipe
  • Lower landing lag on all aerials
  • Down throw does more damage
  • Fire breath has changed color slightly
  • Giga Bowser has changed, and now appears as a giant and lands a punch on the screen. Screen KO possible

Bowser Alternate Costumes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Just like in the previous game, Bowser has a range of variant outfits. They are mostly just small variations and palette swaps, with orange, purple, yellow, green, red and blue versions available. It’s possible that there may be more, perhaps his wedding costume from Super Mario Odyssey, but we will have to wait and see to know for sure.

Bowser Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Giga Bowser Changes

Bowser’s Final Smash has been drastically altered for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s still the Giga Bowser move you know and love, but is more akin to its use in SSB Brawl. Giga Bowser moves to the back of the screen and grows to giant size. He then aims and triggers a punch which has the potential to KO everyone on the screen. At the very least, the move causes huge knockback damage, and is a seriously formidable move.

That’s all the info we have so far on Bowser in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Be sure to stay tuned for more guides on the rest of the roster. If you’re looking for more on the game itself, head over to our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guides Hub.

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    Forward air now has more range - it has more range than Marth's fair, if I saw it correctly.
    Sheik's tilt combos that require perfect pivoting are gone, along with Sheik's throw combos, however, that might be changed depending on whether or not they change how knockback and hitstun works
    Sheik's new pummel is slightly faster, meaning that her grab gains a buff
    Bouncing Fish is slower and stronger
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