Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date - Beta Signup for Harry Potter Go, Characters, Augmented Reality - Everything we Know

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an upcoming augmented reality game from Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO. Is this Harry Potter Go?

Niantic, the developers behind the smash hit success Pokemon Go, are putting their own twist on the famed wizarding world of Harry Potter. In this Harry Potter Wizards Unite guide, we'll be detailing everything we know about the augmented reality game so far, including the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date, as well as what appears to be a beta testing phase for the mobile game.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Release Date

First revealed back on November 8, 2017, we recently got a better idea of when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set to release, with Niantic CEO John Hanke revealing to the Financial Times that the AR game is set to release in the latter half of 2018. The developer of what is looking very much like 'Harry Potter Go' is also still hard at work on smash hit, Pokemon Go.

Although it was initially slated to be released in the latter half of 2018, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will now release at some point in 2019. The low key delay for the game was announced in November by Niantic, in the tweet just below.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Beta Signups

Along with the announcement that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite had been delayed to 2019, some form of signup was made available at the official website for the game. The language on the page strongly hints that a beta for the game is coming, with text like "your help is requested", and "enslist now", however there's no actual confirmation that this is in fact a beta.

While it could merely be a signup for receiving future updates for Wizards Unite, we'll be sure to keep this section of our guide updated with all future information.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Augmented Reality Features

In the official announcement for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic revealed that one of the main goals of the game is for players to discover the magic of the Harry Potter series, this pertaining to both spells and creatures. Therefore, taking into account the fact that Wizards Unite will use augmented reality technology just like Pokemon GO did, perhaps we can expect a main focus of the game to be players tracking down various magical creatures in real life. Sounds like 'Harry Potter Go' to us.

Aside from this, we also know that some characters from the Harry Potter series will be appearing in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Although we don't know which characters will be appearing as of right now, we could hazard a guess to say some of the teachers at Hogwarts could be appearing, including perhaps Dumbledore, McGonagall, Snape, and other characters that are virtually present throughout the entire series.

Surely Harry, Ron, or Hermione will appear in the game?

As we previously mentioned, another big focus for the Wizards Unite game is the ability to cast magical spells. Although we obviously don't yet know what form this will take when the final game eventually ships, we could be using our phones to spot magical creatures using augmented reality, and then casting spells using gestures on the touch screen, not unlike throwing a Pokeball at a Pokemon in Niantic's previous game, Pokemon GO.

These are all the confirmed details we have right now on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is currently in development over at Niantic, under the range of Portkey Games. We'll post any additional information that we uncover here as soon as it breaks, so make sure to keep an eye on this guide in the future.

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