Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Controls Guide - Dissidia Combat Guide - Bravery Attacks, EX Skills, Combo Attacks, How to Summon, Character Classes Guide

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Controls Guide - Dissidia Combat Guide - Bravery Attacks, EX Skills, Combo Attacks, How to Summon, Character Classes Guide

Get to grips with everything you need to know to master Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, including a complete combat and controls guide, as well as a rundown of every playable character.

In Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you’ll have to first assemble your roster of Final Fantasy characters, and then face off against another team, duking it out until all three members of a team are KO’d. In this Dissidia Final Fantasy NT combat guide, we’ll be walking you through how to play Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Dissidia NT controls, as well as how to understand core concepts like Bravery and EX skills.

If you instead need anything else on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, including a list of every playable character in the game, on top of a guide to all the various battle arenas available at launch, head over to our main Dissidia Final Fantasy NT guides walkthrough hub.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Combat Guide

To begin our comprehensive guide to the combat mechanics of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, we’ll be going over to rudimentary control scheme for the game, based off the standard PS4 control layout. Further below, we’ll delve into what each action means on the battlefield, as well as complex undertakings like dodging and attack cancelling.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Controls

  • Move - Left analog stick
  • Switch target - Right/left trigger
  • Lock to closest target - Right + left trigger
  • Bravery attack - Cross
  • HP attack - Square
  • Insta K.O. - Square
  • Dodge - Left bumper + left analog stick
  • Block bravery attack - Hold left bumper + press cross
  • Summon - Summon meter full + hold middle button
  • Summon quicker - All players hold middle button
  • EX skill - Triangle
  • Cancel attack - Press right bumper during attack

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Bravery and HP Attacks Guide

There are two types of basic attack in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as we’ve listed just above, which are Bravery attacks and HP attacks. The former, Bravery attack is quick and easy to execute, but it doesn’t actually damage the health of the opponent. Instead, each hit of a Bravery attack boosts your Bravery and lowers your opponent’s Bravery, allowing you to perform unique abilities like EX skills, and simultaneously taking their abilities away.

However, if you want to do actual damage to the health of the opponent that you’re targeting, then you’ll need to execute a HP attack, which are slower and easier to dodge than a Bravery attack. Once you’ve eventually delt enough damage to an opposing player’s HP bar, you can deliver the final attack and K.O. them, taking them out of the fight for good. The first team to lose all three members this way loses the overall battle.

But, as you can probably tell from the control scheme listed above, there are catches to the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT combat system. Firstly, although you can block a Bravery attack by holding the left bumper and pressing X at exactly the right time, you can’t outright block a HP attack. You can dodge a HP attack however, but you also can’t dodge or block a magic-based attack.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Class Roles

In our main Dissidia Final Fantasy NT guides page, you’ll note that we listed characters based on the classes that they were assigned to. These are the Vanguard, Assassin, Marksman, and Specialist classes, each of which have various strengths and weaknesses to take into account. Just below, we’ll briefly run through all four Dissidia Final Fantasy NT classes, explaining their roles on the battlefield:

  • Vanguard - These are the heavy hitters of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and are basically responsible for not only dealing out the majority of the damage to opposing players, but they should also provide a wall of safety for other, weaker characters behind them.
  • Assassin - The Assassin doesn’t stand as far back as the Marksman class, but they also don’t stand toe-to-toe with enemy characters for as long as Vanguard characters. They can deal out some pretty effective damage, but don’t necessarily have the defense of the Vanguard class.
  • Marksman - As you might suspect from the name of the class, the Marksman’s role in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is to basically stand back and pelt enemies with projectiles from range, whether this be magical barrages, or arrows.
  • Specialist - It’s somewhat hard to pin down the Specialist characters into a role, but they basically form a mix of the Assassin and Marksman classes, not staying in the trenches for too long, and able to stand back and deliver ranged attacks if necessary.

A sound team composition is key to dominating in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. You don’t want to pick an entire team of Assassins or Marksman and then come face to face with two Vanguards and a Specialist, as your team won’t have an answer for their close range onslaught.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Summons Guide

Back on our main Dissidia Final Fantasy NT guides page, we ran through the list of available Summons for players in the game, which include the likes of Alexander, Odin, Shiva, and more. But how can you summon these powerful allies in the heat of battle, and what are the advantages of doing so?

Firstly, as you can tell by the control scheme for the game listed near the top of this guide, you'll need to gradually build up your own personal Summoning meter throughout the fight, by attacking the Core Crystal whenever you can. Every attack landed on the crystal increases the amount the Summoning meter fills, and once the meter is full, you can hold down the middle button on the PS4 controller to Summon one of the powerful god-like beings into the battlefield to aid you.

But Summoning can be problematic, when considering that it actually takes a while to Summon a character while holding down the middle button. However if all three members of your team manage to have their Summoning meters full at the same time, and you all hold down the Summon button together, it drastically reduces the amount of time taken to Summon a character. A group Summoning isn't easy to come by, but it can be devastating should your team manage to pull it off.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Advanced Combat Guide - EX Skills

We briefly mentioned EX Skills earlier in this guide, and the key thing to know about these unique abilities is that they're charged up using Bravery attacks. Every time you land a Bravery attack on an enemy, you'll build up your 'super' meter which, once fully charged, can be used to unleash your character-specific EX skill attack.

While we don't have a complete list of character EX skills available right now, these are the ones we know of so far:

  • Cloud's Limit Break - Reduces the time it takes to charge an attack and while this skill is active, you can crush an enemy's guard.
  • Squall's Draw and Junction - Allows him to enhance himself (we don't know how).
  • Lightning's Army of One - Has a HP recovery effect, which also allows her to steal Bravery while dodging attacks.

Aside from these EX skills, you'll also need to know about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT combo attacks. You can unleash a standard combo attack by pressing X, followed by either up or down on the left analog stick at the same time as pressing X again. This standard method of combo attack supposedly executes in a different form every time, and will likely change depending on which character you're using at the time.

There's also the 'wall pinning' ability that all characters can execute through a combo attack. To do this, you simply have to perform the standard combo attack method while your enemy has their back to a wall, and you'll send them flying into the wall, immobilizing them for a short amount of time. This can be deadly when followed up by a HP attack, as your opponent now has no way of dodging the attack.

This is everything you need to get to grips with the basic gameplay loop of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and lay waste to your opponents on the battlefield.

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