How to Beat Colossus 6 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4, Defeat Barba - Where is Colossus 6?

A complete walkthrough of Shadow of the Colossus on PS4, including how to find and beat every colossus, plus some tips on how to play. Every weak spot revealed.

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Colossus 6 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4 is large and also a bit of a brute, able to smash through the stone structures in an attempt to get to you. In this guide to Colossus 6 in Shadow of the Colossus we'll give you a complete walkthrough to find Colossus 6, give details on how to climb onto Colossus 6, and explain how to kill it. The sixth Colossus awaits you.

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How to Find Colossus 6 in Shadow of the Colossus PS4 - Where is Colossus 6

Ride Argo out of the temple and head right. Use your sword to get the exact direction you need to be heading. You'll reach a wooded area. Take the path through the trees and then leave it to follow a route through a gap in the mountains. Follow the bridge-like walkway until you reach a sandy area, then use your sword to direct you. Ride across the sand until you reach a structure with bricks blocking the entrance. Leap off Agro and head inside.

Take the stairs down until you reach a large opening inside the structure and a small cutscene. It might look perilous, but you've got to descend into the area down below, scaling the wall bit by bit - you can sustain a fair amount of fall damage. Reach the bottom and the large, bearded, Colossus 6 will emerge.

How to Beat the 6th Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus

Colossus 6 will follow you around, smashing through structures . The trick to get onto him is to head over to the pillars and hide. Colossus 6 will come looking for you and crouch down to get a better look. Once he's crouched, Colossus 6's beard will be within reach. Run and jump towards his beard and grab on. Now you're on Colossus 6 it's time to take out those glowing weak spots.

The first weak spot on Colossus 6 is on top of the beast's head. Be careful and keep an eye on Colossus 6 flinging its head back in an attempt to knock you off. Time your movements well and it's not too hard to stay on the beast. Give the head symbol three big stabs and it'll disappear.

The second weak spot on Colossus 6 is on the left side of his back (as you look at it). When you're on Colossus 6's back you'll rapidly deplete your grip meter. If you see it running low and it starts to beep pretty fast, head back onto the neck area and recharge, before returning to the back to finish off the colossus.

Well done! You've defeated the 6th Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus on PS4. We kind of liked him, what with his complete disregard for ancient structures. Head on to find out how to find and how to beat Colossus 7 in Shadow of the Colossus on PS4.

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