Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Event - How to Play as Geralt in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World x The Witcher Event - How to Play as Geralt in Monster Hunter World

Here's how you can get Geralt's armor and appearance in Monster Hunter World.

While the White Wolf might have previously appeared in the console versions of Capcom's game, you can now play as Geralt in the Monster Hunter World PC port. In this Monster Hunter World Geralt guide, we'll be walking you through how to play as Geralt in Monster Hunter World through completing one quest, which is now available on the PC version of the game.

How to Play as Geralt in Monster Hunter World

When you first load into Monster Hunter World after installing the latest title update, you’ll see a blue exclamation mark on your mini-map, in the hub area. Go over to this Tailraider, and they’ll inform you that there’s been a new beast sighted with the Ancient Forest.

The Tailraider will give you the opportunity to travel to the Research Base, so accept their offer to get taken there immediately. Once here, head to the lower level of the base, and interact with the older Researcher stationed there. A special cutscene will now play out, introducing Geralt of Rivia to Monster Hunter World.

After the cutscene is done, you’ll be playing as Geralt of Rivia, in the Ancient Forest. Your mission is now to find and slay the Leshen in the forest, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for any tracking marks you can see, all of which are highlighted in Geralt’s special red vision.

Geralt chilling with a Nekker. | Capcom

How to Kill the Leshen in Monster Hunter World

This quest might only have a required Hunter Rank of 16, but the Leshen can be really tough to kill. Geralt’s best weapon in the fight against the Leshen is his Igni Sign, which you can use from the equipment menu with just a press of the X/Square button. Keep in mind that it has a recharge time, so you can’t just spam it repeatedly.

The Leshen has plenty of area of effect attacks that you need to watch out for. Every time you see roots on the ground, you need to move out of the way immediately, because you have merely three seconds before roots shoot up out of the ground from that spot. Your Igni Sign can be incredibly effective in getting rid of any lingering roots on the battlefield.

The Witcher's Leshen, plus friends. | Capcom

Keep in mind that you’ll automatically be assigned Geralt’s silver sword for this quest, but you can switch to a different weapon of any type if you head back to a camp in the Ancient Forest. Interact with the Smithy there, and you can switch to a hammer, great sword, switch axe, or any other type of weapon in Monster Hunter World.

Once the Leshen has been downed for good, a final cutscene will play out, where the Research Commission give their thanks to Geralt.

How to Craft Geralt Armor in Monster Hunter World

Although the White Wolf has now returned back to his own world, you can still craft his armor by heading up to the Smithy, with all the items that you’ve obtained over the course of the quest. To craft the 'Geralt Alpha Full Armor Set,' you'll need a total of 3 Leshen Skulls, aside from other minor materials. Since you can only obtain one Leshen Skull per completion of the 'Woodland Spirit' quest, you'll need to complete it three times.

How to Craft Geralt's Sword in Monster Hunter World

The 'Witcher's Silver Sword' technically comes under the 'Sword and Shield' category of weapon in Monster Hunter World. You'll need one Leshen Skull, and 2 Leshen Antlers to craft this unique weapon, which comes at a rarity level of 7, with a base attack of 252.

This might be the end of our Geralt guide for Monster Hunter World, but the Ciri quest is now available in-game. For a complete walkthrough of how to get Ciri's outfit and gear, head over to our Monster Hunter World Ciri guide.

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