Monster Hunter World Ciri Armor - How to Play as Ciri in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Ciri Armor - How to Play as Ciri in Monster Hunter World

Here's how you can unlock and obtain Ciri's armor in Monster Hunter World.

If you've been keeping up with Monster Hunter World news of late, you'll know that aside from being able to play the game as Geralt from The Witcher 3, you can now also acquire Ciri's outfit. In this Monster Hunter World Ciri guide, we'll be walking you through how to get Ciri's armor in Monster Hunter World, which you can now obtain in the PC version of Monster Hunter World.

How to Play as Ciri in Monster Hunter World

Firstly, the multiplayer quest in Monster Hunter World that we're about to detail follows on from the previous quest to obtain Geralt's armor, which you'll need to have previously completed in order to obtain Ciri's gear. For a walkthrough of how to complete the Geralt-related quest, head over to our Monster Hunter World Geralt's armor guide.

Aside from having completed that quest, you'll also need to have a Hunter Rank of at least level 50. The contract that you're going to want to undertake involves taking out a Leshen from The Witcher series, which is actually one hell of a powerful creature in Monster Hunter World.

The Ancient Leshen quest. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

How to Kill the Ancient Leshen in Monster Hunter World

This Ciri-centric quest, dubbed 'Contract: Woodland Spirit,' basically plays out like the previous Geralt quest, but this time you can partake in the mission alongside three other Hunters. This is a good thing because the Leshen you're going to be facing off against is way stronger than the one you fought as Geralt.

  • Unlike Geralt's quest, you're not equipped with any predetermined loadout.
  • Come equipped with a Vitality Mantle, a Health Booster, and plenty of Mega Potions.
  • If possible, you're going to want to take the 'Igni' sign item from Geralt.
  • The Ancient Leshen specializes in area of effect attacks, just like it's previous counterpart.
  • When you see small vines on the ground, massive branches are about to shoot up out of the earth in the surrounding few meters.
  • If the Leshen ever impedes your progress with branches, use the Igni sign to quickly get rid of them.
  • Once again, the Ancient Leshen is able to summon and control Lesser Jagras in the Ancient Forest.
The big bad Leshen. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

How to Craft Ciri's Armor in Monster Hunter World

There are five different parts to the Ciri armor in Monster Hunter World, including head, body, arms, torso, and leg gear. Just below, we've listed all the total items that you'll need in order to craft Ciri's armor from the Smithy:

  • 1 Ancient Leshen Skull.
  • 4 Ancient Leshen Claws.
  • 3 Ancient Leshen Bones.
  • 10 Leshen Resin.

This is the end of our Ciri guide for Monster Hunter World, but we'll be updating the page if we discover any additional details surrounding the quest or armor. For now, though, you can head over to our Monster Hunter World Appreciation Fest guide, for a walkthrough of the current event.

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