Rage 2 Fast Travel - How to Unlock Fast Travel in Rage 2

Rage 2 Fast Travel - How to Unlock Fast Travel in Rage 2

Here's our guide on how to fast travel in Rage 2, as easily as possible.

There is a fast travel system in Rage 2, but it's fairly limited. You can only zip around to a few specific locations on the in-game map, and even then you have to be outside in order to actually fast travel. In this Rage 2 fast travel guide, we'll be walking you through how to fast travel in Rage 2 with as little trouble as possible.

How to Fast Travel in Rage 2

Yes, Rage 2 does feature a system for fast traveling around the wasteland. However, you can't just fast travel to any existing location that you've previously discovered. You can only fast travel to the four towns that are present in the game, after you've visited them for the first time, of course. Just below, we'll list out all the locations that you're able to fast travel to.

  • Gunbarrel
  • Lagooney
  • Vineland
  • Wellspring

The four locations listed above for fast traveling in Rage 2 are the only towns/settlements in the game. These are where you'll find vendors like weapons traders and a general trader, all of which will supply you with certain items like bullets and parts if you can trade them enough cash for a purchase.

Can you Fast Travel From Anywhere in Rage 2?

There is a bit of a catch with the fast travel system in Rage 2. While it sort of goes without saying that you need to be out of combat to fast travel, you also need to be outside in order to fast travel.

This means that you can't be in a building, or within another location like an Ark, in order to fast travel in Rage 2. You need to physically take yourself outside in order to fast travel. But thankfully, there are no restrictions on fast traveling from within vehicles like the Phoenix, so you can quickly zip to towns like Wellspring from within the safety of a vehicle.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Rage 2

Since you can only fast travel to the four towns of Rage 2, you can only begin fast travelling in the game once you've discovered and visited a town for the first time. The first settlement you're likely going to uncover in Rage 2 is Gunbarrel, which is directly north of the starting tutorial section of the game.

Is Fast Travel Free in Rage 2?

The Rage 2 fast travel system is entirely free to use in the shooter. There's no cost, be it monetary or otherwise, to fast travel around the wasteland. All that will happen is that the day/night cycle will fast forward slightly whenever you use the fast travel system.

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