The Division 2 Microtransactions - Premium Credit Prices and Loot Boxes Explained

The Division 2 Microtransactions - Premium Credit Prices and Loot Boxes Explained

Here's your complete guide to microtransactions and loot boxes in The Division 2, the former of which comes as Premium Credits.

Yes, there are microtransactions found in The Division 2, and they come in the form of Premium Credits. In this Division 2 microtransactions guide, we'll be putting together a complete list of the Division 2 premium credit prices, so you know what your money is going to get you in the online shooter.

However if you instead need help with any other areas of Ubisoft's sequel, you can head over to our Division 2 tips page. Here you can find a complete list of essential tips, that all Division Agents should know going into Washington D.C.

Division 2 Microtransactions

If you played The Division a few years back, you won't be surprised to hear that Premium Credits are back again in this sequel. Before we delve into the pricing of the microtransaction currency, we'll be highlighting the different types of items that it can get you:

  • Apparel Caches - A loot box of sorts, a Specialized or Superior Apparel Cache guarantees you a random clothing item of the corresponding rarity.
  • Weapon Skins - There's an entire menu section dedicated to all the various weapon skins you can buy with Premium Credits in The Division 2. They retail for anywhere between 150 to 650 Premium Credits.
  • Emotes - With The Division 2 being an online game, there are a ton of emotes you can use to express yourself to various players, either in missions or within Safe Houses. Emotes retail for anywhere between 250 and 750 Premium Credits.
  • Apparel Collections - Want to dress up like a park ranger, a policeman, or an honor guard? You can do just that by purchasing a complete clothing set in The Division for your character.
The main spotlight in the store. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

It's important to remember that although the fanciest cosmetic outfits like the honor guard items can only be purchased with Premium Credits, it is entirely possible to scavenge new clothing items within The Division 2. While playing the game, you can happen upon any new clothing outfit while looting an enemy or a stash. However, you can't find clothing outfits that are in the store through playing the game, so if you're after a park ranger outfit, you'll have to purchase it using Premium Credits.

Does The Division 2 Have Pay to Win Microtransactions?

We should emphasize that every microtransaction purchase in The Division 2 is purely cosmetic. At no point can you outright purchase weapons, body armor, backpacks, or other gear using Premium Credits.

The outfit collections section of the store. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

Does The Division 2 Have Loot Boxes?

The answer to this is yes, but they're still cosmetic only. The Apparel Cache that we detailed above is a form of loot box in The Division 2, and although the box offers an entirely randomized clothing item in the Specialized or Superior rarity type, they have no bearing on gameplay, since clothing items don't affect your Skill Power level.

The Apparel Caches in The Division. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ubisoft

Division 2 Premium Credit Prices

Just below, we've rounded up the entire price list for Premium Credits in The Division 2.

  • 500 Credits - $4.99
  • 1,050 Credits - $9.99
  • 2,250 Credits - $19.99
  • 4,100 Credits - $34.99
  • 6,500 Credits - $49.99

Is There an Alternative to Premium Credits in The Division 2

Although there is a standard version of Credit in The Division 2, which you can earn entirely in-game by selling off your unused gear, you can't buy any of the items we've detailed on this page with this currency. The items within the store of The Division 2 can only be purchased with Premium Credits, so for example you can't buy weapon skins or Apparel Caches using your normal Credits.

And there you have it, a complete guide to the Premium Credits currency in The Division 2. The microtransaction currency isn't invasive to gameplay at all, since it offers only cosmetic bonuses, and doesn't have any true impact on gameplay at all.

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