Rage 2 Locations for Every Ark - Find All Rage 2 Arks

Rage 2 Locations for Every Ark - Find All Rage 2 Arks

Here's how to find all the Ark locations in Rage 2 as easily as possible.

Finding all the Rage 2 Ark Locations is essential if you want to get the most fun out of the game. These arks can contain either weapons or new abilities for Walker, but they're hard to track down. In our Rage 2 Ark locations guide, we'll be walking you through how to find all the Arks in Rage 2 with as little trouble as possible.

Rage 2 Ark Locations

The Arks in Rage 2 are scattered all across the entire wasteland map. They aren't marked on your map when you begin the game, so you're going to have to venture out into the game to uncover them for yourself. Or you could just look at the table below outlining all the Rage 2 Ark locations in the entire game.

Ark NameArk ContentsEnemy Difficulty
Canyon Cove ArkDefibrillator Ability5
Dank Catacomb ArkFirestorm Revolver7
Dealypipe ArkRush Ability6
Earthscar ArkSlam Ability3
Great Crack ArkGrav-Jump Ability3
Greenhaven ArkHyper-Cannon10
Junker's Pass ArkShatter Ability2
Needle Falls ArkGrav-Dart Launcher7
Quake Hill ArkVortex Ability2
Shrouded Vault ArkCharged Pulse Cannon6
Spikewind ArkBarrier Ability6
Strongbox ArkSmart Rocket Launcher4

There are 12 Arks in total in Rage 2. Within each of the Arks listed above, you'll always get either a weapon or an ability, each of which drastically changes the nature of the entire game.

Rage 2 Canyon Cove Ark

Canyon Cove is well worth seeking out for the Defibrilator ability. With an enemy level of 5 it should be a breeze.

Rage 2 Dank catacomb Ark

Completing The Dank Catacombs will get you the Firestorm Revolver. It's one of the most satisfying weapons in the game, allowing you to tag enemies and then set them on fire with a click of your finger.

Rage 2 Dealpipe Ark

The Rush Ability is essential if you want to take on some of Rage 2's faster enemies. Head to Dealpipe to get it.

Rage 2 Earthscar Ark

The Earthscar Ark is home to the Slam Ability. This is great for knocking back droups of enemies, and for detonating nearby explosives.

Rage 2 Great Crack Ark

To the Great Crack Ark now. You'll get the Grav-Jump ability, which you'll need for some of the platforming puzzles later on.

Rage 2 Greenhaven Ark

If you want the Hyper-Cannon, you'll need to go to Greenhaven. It's got a 10 in terms of enemy difficulty, so proceed with caution or save it until last.

Rage 2 Junker's Pass Ark

The Junker's Pass Ark will give you the Shatter Ability. This is essential for shielded enemies, which you'll start running into a few hours into the game.

Rage 2 Needle Falls Ark

Head to Needle Falls now and seek out the Ark. Inside is the Grav-Dart Launcher, which is well worth picking up.

Rage 2 Quake Hills Ark

The Vortex ability will help you when taking on Bandit Camps. To get it, head to the location shown in the image above.

Rage 2 Shrouded Vault Ark

Next up is the Charged Pulse Cannon. It's located at the Shrouded Vault Ark to the south of the map.

Rage 2 Spikewind Ark

An enemy difficulty of 6 here, though it's worth the trouble to get to the Ark. This is because it has the Barrier Ability inside.

Rage 2 Strongbox Ark

Finally, the best weapon in the game: the Smart Rocket. It is found at the Strongbox Ark, with an easy enemy difficulty of 4.

What Are Rage 2 Arks?

Rage 2 never really explains the lore behind the Arks. Simply put, they're capsules of technology that have presumably been around since before the apocalypse first happened. Now, they're simply sat in the middle of nowhere, waiting for a Ranger (like you), to come along and open them up by using the power of Focus. Using your Focus ability is the only way of opening up Arks, so it stands to reason that only Rangers of the wasteland can open them up.

The first Rage 2 Ark. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Bethesda

Which Rage 2 Arks to Find First

As for the Arks that you should be finding first in Rage 2, you should be going for either the Canyon Cove or the Earthscar Ark. The first of these provides you with the Defibrillator ability, essential for reviving yourself when your health reaches zero, while the latter Ark gives you the Slam ability, which is great for clearing out enemies really quickly.

As for weapons, the Strongbox Ark is a must. This gives you the Smart Rocket Launcher, which is not only the most powerful weapon in Rage 2, but also has a great alternate fire mode where the weapon locks on to multiple targets, before firing off a barrage of rockets at said targets.

If it's more Rage 2 content you're after, then we've got you sorted here at USG. There's our Rage 2 weapons guide, our Rage 2 cheats guide, our Rage 2 Abilities guide, all the Rage 2 Ark locations, how to unlock fast travel in Rage 2, Rage 2 multiplayer details, and finally our page on how to get the BFG in Rage 2.

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