The Division - All ECHO Locations

The Division - All ECHO Locations

Unlock the Rose Jacket by finding all 63 ECHOs in this The Division guide.

This The Division guide will show players the locations of all 63 ECHOs in The Division. These collectibles are part of the Intel family, but come with their own Rose Jacket cosmetic item as a reward for collecting them all. If you’re looking to grab all 293 bits of Intel, you’ll have to find all of the Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents, and yes, ECHOs. Since we’ll be covering them all, you can find links to our other collectible guides throughout this article.

Note: Just so you’re not getting confused, know that we post the images for each ECHO found in The Division above the text description. To make things easier for you, we’ve grouped these ECHOs in the same way that you’ll find them in the Intel section of your menu. This means we might be sending you all over the map, but it will be easier to keep track of what you have versus what you need.

ECHO Location Tips

  • The first Michael Dufrane ECHO, found in Michael Dufrane, Part 1, is bugged. If you know you have it, but it still shows on the map, it’s a glitch.
  • To fix the Michael Dufrane glitch, have someone who hasn’t completed the quest launch it, and then join their game and do it again. This should fix it.
  • It’s not enough to activate most ECHOs that you find. Players must also walk up and collect them. The exception to this is during main and side missions.
  • ECHOs contain some amazing side stories of The Division. We would suggest saving them until after you are done the game so you can take the time to enjoy them properly.
  • Some EHCOs will show up on your map, but are part of side quests that must be active in order for you to obtain them. We’ll mention that in our descriptions of each.

General ECHO Locations

ECHO 01: End of the World Party - This ECHO is found in Clinton, on a rooftop close to 9th Avenue, between West 49th Street and West 47th Street. It is the Breaking Bad Easter Egg.

ECHO 02: Blue-Collar - Head to Tenderloin to find this ECHO. You’ll locate it in the street, near the 6th Avenue and West 24the Street Intersection. It’s near a very tall building.

ECHO 03: Interview - Make your way to the Garment District for this ECHO. You will find it at the 6th Avenue and West 36th Street intersection, right beside a Dark Zone checkpoint.

ECHO 04: CERA - This ECHO will be found by most players without effort. It’s next to your personal Base of Operations in Pennsylvania Plaza. Head northeast a few steps to find it.

ECHO 05: Goulash - This ECHO is found during the Hudson Refugee Camp mission. It’s at the very start, just before you engage your first group of Cleaners in the quest.

ECHO 06: Cleaners - This ECHO is in Tenderloin, across the street from an Electronics Parts store on West 21st Street. Two ECHOs will show on your map, but there is only one to grab.

ECHO 07: Pyre - This ECHO is very close to the Garment District Safe House. It’s in the street, at the West 34th Street and 7th Avenue Intersection, near some Electronic Parts.

ECHO 08: Ground Zero - An ECHO can be found during the Broadway Emporium mission. Take out the first wave of Cleaners, then find it in a store on the first level of the building.

ECHO 09: Supply Chain - You’ll find this ECHO just down the street, south of your Base of Operations in Chelsea. It’s at the intersection of West 24th Street and 8th Avenue.

ECHO 10: Power Plant - This ECHO is found while you’re playing through the WarrenGate Power Plant main story mission. It features Riker’s leader Larae Barret.

ECHO 11: Lexington - An ECHO can be obtained when players are completing the Lexington Event Center main story mission. It shows JTF hostages being tortured by Rikers.

ECHO 12: Quartet - One of the most touching ECHOs of The Division is found in Turtle Bay, just off of 3rd Avenue, between East 46th Street and East 47th Street.

ECHO 13: Curfew - Still in Turtle Bay, an ECHO can be found near the intersection of East 47th Street and 2nd Avenue. It’s just southeast of a large Contamination Zone.

ECHO 14: Protest - This Kips Bay ECHO shows a protest taking place between citizens and the JTF. You can grab it on East 33rd Street, between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue.

ECHO 15: Samaritans - Still in Kips Bay, this ECHO is located very close to the Safe House. Just west of it, in fact. It shows some citizens sticking up for a woman being mugged.

ECHO 16: Vigilante - Make your way to Gramercy to find this ECHO. Just north of the East 20th Street and 3rd Avenue. It should be in the street just outside a Tools location.

ECHO 17: The Wall - There is an ECHO in Murray Hill, on 1st Avenue, between East 38th Street and East 36th Street. It shows the Rikers and LMB facing off in a violent encounter.

ECHO 18: Unwarranted - A deeply disturbing ECHO is also found in Murray Hill. It’s in an apartment near the corner of Park Avenue and East 36th Street, near the Dark Zone.

ECHO 19: Missing - Head to the Flatiron District for this ECHO. It’s east of Park Avenue, just south of East 23rd Street. It’ll be in an alley with body bags and photos on the walls.

ECHO 20: Buskers - The Flatiron District holds another ECHO, this one in Union Square, not far from East 15th Street. It’s a few people playing music down in a subway.

ECHO 21: Snowball - This ECHO is found in Stuyvesant, between four apartment buildings. It will be just north of a Weapons Parts location, and shows two kids playing in the snow.

ECHO 22: Shepherd - Head back to Clinton to find this ECHO. It is on West 4th Street, not far from 9th Avenue. It will be outside the front door of a boarded up church.

ECHO 23: Clinic - Head to Hell’s Kitchen to grab this ECHO, looking in a medical clinic between 9th Avenue, West 42nd Street and West 43rd Street.

ECHO 24: Due Process - This ECHO is in Clinton, hidden in a police station that also has Weapons Parts. You’ll find it near 8th Avenue and West 53rd Street.

ECHO 25: Hostile Takeover - There’s an ECHO to be had in Times Square, between West 46th Street and West 45th Street, not far from Broadway, west of the Dark Zone.

ECHO 26: Shortcut - You can find a hilarious ECHO in Chelsea, just east of Camp Hudson and in an alley between West 23rd Street and West 22nd Street. Look for a broken fence.

ECHO 27: Workshop - This ECHO can be found during the Napalm Production Site mission, where you have the battle against Joe Ferro, the leader of the Cleaners.

Rogue Agents ECHO Locations

Rogue Agent 01: United Nations - As the name suggests, this ECHO can be found during the General Assembly mission where you finish the story by defeating Colonel Bliss.

Rogue Agent 02: Safe House - This ECHO can be found in the northern part of Stuyvesant. It’s just outside an apartment, and shows a bit of Aaron Keener’s backstory.

Rogue Agent 03: Captured - You’ll find this ECHO in the gymnasium during the Police Academy main story mission. It features a group of captured first wave Division agents.

Rogue Agent 04: Executioner - The northern part of Times Square holds this ECHO. Find it between 8th Avenue and Broadway, just south of West 55th Street. It’s in an alley.

Rogue Agent 05: Retaliation - This ECHO is in Clinton, near 10th Avenue and West 47th Street. It shows a Division agent killing some Rikers who hung a JTF soldier from a digger.

Rogue Agent 06: Invitation - This ECHO can only be grabbed after the end of the story, where you kill Colonel Bliss. It’s near 10th Avenue and West 23rd Street in Camp Hudson.

April Kelleher ECHO Locations

April Kelleher 01: Riot - Find an ECHO in Chelsea, about halfway between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue, along West 23rd Street. It shows a clash between JTF and some looters.

April Kelleher 02: Sanctuary - To find this ECHO, head to Clinton. It’s near 9th Avenue, in an apartment that sits above an Electronic Parts location. Hard to spot on your map.

April Kelleher 03: Haggle - You’ll find this ECHO in the Flatiron District, on East 22nd Street, between Park Avenue and Broadway. It shows a woman bartering in the street.

April Kelleher 04: Midnight Run - Head to Turtle Bay to find this ECHO. It’s east of the Dark Zone, between East 42nd Street and East 41st Street, before you reach 3rd Avenue.

April Kelleher 05: Standoff - This ECHO is in Midtown East, on East 47th Street, near Madison Avenue. It is a very story-driven ECHO that shows Aaron Keener and April Kelleher.

Miracle ECHO Locations

Miracle 01: Unbroken - This ECHO is found in an apartment in Turtle Bay. It’s west of 1st Avenue, between East 45th Street and East 46th Street.

Miracle 02: Fearless - You’ll find this ECHO just north of the first Miracle ECHO. Head north across East 46th Street to find a man who jumps from the high point of a construction site.

Miracle 03: Origin - Head to Murray Hill for this ECHO. It’s near the water and not far north of FDR Drive. It shows the conclusion of the man who thinks he can fly.

Heather Lau Echo Locations

Heather Lau Part 01: You can find this ECHO in Camp Hudson. More specifically, it’s in Chelsea Park, as part of side mission, Missing Person: Heather Lau, Part 1.

Heather Lau Part 02: This ECHO is found in Pennsylvania Plaza as Part of the side mission, Missing Person: Heather Lau, Part 2. You’ll find it on the sidewalk by a closed Food Market.

Heather Lau Part 03: As you might expect, this ECHO is part of the Missing Person: Heather Lau, Part 3 side mission. It will be in the alley, north of where you found the last one.

Michael Dufrane ECHO Locations

Michael Dufrane Part 01: This ECHO is bugged for many gamers, but it can be found in the Garment District, in Dufrane’s apartment near 7th Avenue and West 39th Street.

Michael Dufrane Part 02: To find this ECHO, continue with the side quest, Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 2. Head west on West 39th Street to locate it.

Michael Dufrane Part 03: The final ECHO of this collection is close to the last, and is part of the side mission, Missing Person: Michael Dufrane, Part 3. It’ll be down in the subway.

Judy Walters ECHO Locations

Judy Walters Part 01: The first ECHO for Judy Walters is found in the side mission, Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 1. It’s near West 42nd Street and Dyer Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.

Judy Walters Part 02: If you continue with Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 2, you’ll find the second ECHO of this series. It can be found very close to the previous ECHO.

Judy Walters Part 03: The third ECHO of the Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 3 side quest is in the same building as the last. Near West 4th Street and Dyer Avenue.

Judy Walters Part 04: To find the second to last ECHO of this bunch, remain in the area. There should even be a waypoint on your map for Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 4.

Judy Walters Part 05: The final ECHO found in Missing Person: Judy Walters, Part 5, is out on the street. Head outside and activate the ECHO to learn the fate of Judy Walters.

Alexis Kwan ECHO Locations

Alexis Kwan Part 01: The first of three ECHOs related to Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, can be found in Gramercy, near East 22nd Street and 2nd Avenue.

Alexis Kwan Part 02: Continue to follow the waypoint for Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 2. This will lead you to an apartment. We’re not sure if it’s hers, but it’s an apartment.

Alexis Kwan Part 03: The final ECHO in this series is found in what we believe to be Alexis Kwan’s home. She is writing a letter to Dr. Kandel in Missing Person: Alexis Kwan, Part 3.

Bernard Gamble ECHO Locations

Bernard Gamble Part 01: This ECHO is located East of 2nd Avenue and South of East 49th Street in Turtle Bay. It shows Bernard Gamble communicating with JTF.

Bernard Gamble Part 02: Found during Missing Person: Bernard Gamble, Part 2, this ECHO is south of the previous one, just north of East 46th Street.

Bernard Gamble Part 03: To find the final ECHO in the Missing Person: Bernard Gamble side mission, keep going south, across East 46th Street. This one is found in an alley.

Noble Squad ECHO Locations

Noble Squad Part 01: This ECHO is found in Kips Bay, east of the Dark Zone on East 31st Street, just before you hit 3rd Avenue. It shows Noble Squad in action.

Noble Squad Part 02: Still in Kips Bay, this ECHO is found north of East 32nd Street, very close to a Tools location on the map. It shows Noble Squad being ambushed by Rikers.

Noble Squad Part 03: This ECHO is still in Kips Bay, inside the Tools location we mentioned in the previous ECHO. It shows Doug Sutton, the last surviving member of Noble Squad.

Noble Squad Part 04: Once again in Kips Bay, you’re headed to the street outside an Electronics location for this ECHO. It’s near the 3rd Avenue and East 34th Street intersection.

Noble Squad Part 05: You’re moving to Turtle Bay for this ECHO. It’s in an apartment just north of East 34th Street, not far from Park Avenue. It shows Doug Sutton’s revenge.

That will do it for all the ECHOs in The Division. To see a complete list of all the articles we've published for this game, visit USgamer's The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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