The Division - How to Get More Credit in The Division

The Division - How to Get More Credit in The Division

Earn more Credit in PvE and PvP thanks to this The Division guide.

This The Division guide will show you how to earn more money in The Division. It’s not actually called money, but rather Credit and Dark Zone Credit.

The point of earning Credit in The Division is to allow players to purchase items from the various vendors that can be found around New York. Vendors in the PvE environment will require Credit, while vendors at the Dark Zone Checkpoints and Safe Houses will ask for Dark Zone Credit. Ensuring that you keep a healthy balance will allow you purchase important items before that vendor’s stock refreshes and the item is gone.

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Earning PvE Credit in The Division

Earning Credit to spend in the PvE environment is far easier than earning it in PvP. The most common way that you’ll do this (although not the most effective) is by completing missions that show up on your map. Each one will reward you with a certain amount of Credit, although grinding missions might not be the most appealing way to get this done. If you’d like to try it, do your best to complete these missions on the hardest difficulty, upping the rewards that you’ll get for completing the activity.

The second way that you’ll earn Credit in the PvE environment is by selling gear that you pick up from defeated enemies, looting chests, finding it in abandoned buildings, and as a reward for completing some of the missions. You can then do one of two things with this gear, the first being to break it down to and use the materials you get for crafting. Unfortunately, that won’t earn you any Credit. What you want to do is sell that gear to one of the vendors. You’ll only get about 10 percent of its actual value, but it is one of the ways that you can earn some Credit.

Our final method of earning Credit that you can spend in the PvE environment is by heading into the Dark Zone and extracting as much gear as you can. It follows the same principle as the previous method, only the gear you get from the Dark Zone tends to be of a higher quality, and thus will get your more Credit when you sell it to one of the PvE vendors. If you’re not sure how to get quality gear out of the Dark Zone, read USgamer’s guide on How to Survive the Dark Zone in The Division.

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Earning Dark Zone Credit in The Division

Staying alive in the Dark Zone isn't easy, especially if you are alone. Try to squad up with others.

Earning Dark Zone Credit is somewhat different than regular Credit that you can spend in the PvE side of the game. In fact, there are far less ways to earn Dark Zone Credit, which seems to be the balance that Ubisoft is trying to strike, slowing players down from buying the best guns in a matter of minutes.

The first way to earn this Dark Zone Credit is by patrolling the streets and searching for NPCs that you can engage and kill. They are not unlike the NPCs that you find outside of the Dark Zone, except that they are generally much harder to defeat. Just like some of the NPCs on the PvE side, a few will have names, which is a good indication that they will drop better loot. Of course, not every dead NPC will give you cash, but when they do it will show up on their dead body in the same way that loot would. Just run over there and it will be added to the loot that you’re carrying with you.

The second way to earn Dark Zone Credit is by killing other players. Generally, the most effective way to do this is by focusing on Rogues. They are always marked on your HUD and map, and killing a Rogue won’t cause you to take on Rogue status yourself. You’ll remain a non-hostile agent. The problem with taking out other non-hostile agents is that you will go Rogue, and thus everyone will be trying to take you out. If you die as a Rogue, you stand to lose more Dark Zone Credit than you likely earned by killing another player in the first place.

Earning lots of Dark Zone Credit isn’t easy, so one of the best tips we can give you is to make sure you aren’t losing what you do earn. This means that you need to stay alive, and avoid going Rogue unless you are certain that you can stay alive. It’s a tough life out there in the Dark Zone, but if you take calculated risks and make sensible choices, you should end up with a decent amount of Dark Zone Credit.

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