The Division - All Incident Reports - Highland Jacket

The Division - All Incident Reports - Highland Jacket

Find all 40 Incident Reports in The Division.

This Division guide will show gamers the locations of all 40 Incident Reports in The Division. These collectibles are part of a larger group called Intel. In order for players to get all 293 pieces of Intel in the game, they must also find all of the Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents and ECHOs. Since we’ll be covering them all, you can find links to complete location guides for each within this article.

Note: To use this guide effectively, know that we post the images for each Incident Report in The Division above the text description. We also put the category, number and name of the Incident Report in the description, making your life easier if you’re just here to find the one or two that you’re missing. For the most part, each district in Manhattan holds about three Incident Reports, but this is not an absolute rule. Use our map images to set your own way point, making finding these collectibles easier.

Incident Report Location Tips

  • Incident Reports can often be found in areas where organized groups have set up. Look in tents at checkpoints, or even in police stations if you want to find them on your own.
  • Unlike ECHOs, there are no bugged Incident Reports. Each one of them should show up on your map as long as you have the appropriate Security Wing addition unlocked.
  • Speaking of the Security Wing, unlock the Canine Unit from it, and then clear out an entire district. This will cause all of the collectibles to show up on your in-game map.
  • You get to see a different side to many of the game’s antagonists when you listen to the Incident Reports. Take a moment to enjoy each one as you make your way to the next.
  • If you want to listen to a particular Incident Report again, open your Intel tab and you can play them back at your convenience. You’ll find this makes it easier to follow the story they tell.

Rioter Reports

Rioter Report 01: Methods - As you exit Camp Hudson, head north on 10th Avenue until you reach West 24th Street. You’ll find this Incident Report close by.

Rioter Report 02: Bad Loot - This Incident Report is found in Chelsea. It’s between West 23rd Street, West 22nd Street, 8th Avenue and 7th Avenue. It’s beside an ambulance.

Rioter Report 03: Rule Number One - An Incident Report is found in Pennsylvania Plaza. It’s not far from an Electronics Parts location, between West 26th Street and West 29th Street.

Rioter Report 04: Plans - There is another Incident Report in Pennsylvania Plaza, close to your Base of Operations. Head east on West 31st Street to find it near Madison Square Gardens.

Rioter Report 05: Kids These Days - You can find an Incident Report in Tenderloin, just off the intersection of West 22nd Street and 7th Avenue. It’s next to a firetruck.

Rioter Report 06: Taking Madison - Players can grab this Incident Report in Tenderloin, just south of West 21st Street, on 6th Avenue. It’s very close to the edge of the playable map.

Rioter Report 07: There Be Dragons - This Incident Report is in the Garment District, just south of a mission start point that has a Contaminated Zone, on West 34th Street.

Rioter Report 08: Rule Number Two - Still in the Garment District, this Incident Report can be found on West 36th Street, between the Safe House and a Contaminated Zone.

Rioter Report 09: Breaking Quarantine - An Incident Report is found in Hudson Yards, on the very west edge of the playable map. Find it just off 12th Avenue at the water’s edge.

Rioter Report 10: Safe Passage - Still in Hudson Yards, the final Incident Report related to the Rioters can be found at the very start of the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission.

Riker Reports

Riker Report 01: Interrogation - You’ll find this Incident Report in the Flatiron District. Head north from East 20th Street on Broadway and you’ll run right into this one.

Riker Report 02: Live Like Kings - Still in the Flatiron District, find this Incident Report near the Park Avenue and East 23rd Street intersection. Find it next to the body of a JTF member.

Riker Report 03: Jailbreak - To find this Incident Report, look on the same block as the Safe House in the Flatiron District. It should be just east of it, in fact.

Riker Report 04: Deathmatch - Snagging this Incident Report is done in the southwest corner of Gramercy. It will be just to the north of East 21st Street, on top of a supply crate.

Riker Report 05: Left for Dead - This Incident Report is also in Gramercy, between East 26th Street, East 24th Street, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue. It’s sitting on a sofa in a building’s lobby.

Riker Report 06: Opportunities - An Incident Report can be found just inside the west border of Stuyvesant. You’ll find it on 1st Avenue, right beside the First Avenue Loop.

Riker Report 07: Authority - Still in Stuyvesant, this Incident Report can be found in a loop next to Avenue C. It will be sitting on a table inside a ground floor apartment.

Riker Report 08: Medical Care - To find this Incident Report, head to the east side of Stuyvesant along East 23rd Street. Turn north onto FDR Drive, and find the Intel next to a stretcher.

Riker Report 09: Green Poison - Make your way to Kips Bay for this Incident Report, focusing your search between FDR Drive and Asdser Levy Pl. It’s on a shelf inside a building.

Riker Report 10: Reggie - You can grab this Incident Report in Kips Bay, just west of the Safe House. It’s near the intersection of 2nd Avenue and East 29th Street.

Cleaner Reports

Cleaner Report 01: Ferro’s Pledge - This Incident Report can be found in Hudson Yards, near the water’s edge. Take West 33rd Street west, crossing over 12th Avenue to find it.

Cleaner Report 02: Ferro’s Thoughts - Players can snag this Incident Report in Hell’s Kitchen, between 9th Avenue and 10th Avenue, along West 45th Street.

Cleaner Report 03: Assignments - An Incident Report can be found in Clinton, near the intersection of 9th Avenue and West 46th Street. It’s below a shop window.

Cleaner Report 04: Eulogy - Sticking with Clinton, an Incident Report can be found between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue, along West 53rd Street. Find it next to a pile of garbage bags.

Cleaner Report 05: Propagation - Another Incident Report is in Clinton, this one just to the west of the Safe House. You’ll find it just north of West 49th Street, on a table in a tent.

Cleaner Report 06: DCD Report - Locate one more Incident Report in Clinton. To get this one, go to the very west edge, along West 45h Street. It’s next to a large concrete block.

Cleaner Report 07: Infrastructure - Head to Times Square to find this Incident Report. It is near the West 46th Street and 8th Avenue intersection. Find it on top of a supply crate.

Cleaner Report 08: Heroes - This Incident Report can be found in Times Square, on Broadway. Look just between West 55th Street and West 53rd Street, next to a dead body.

Cleaner Report 09: Fire - Remain in Times Square to find this Incident Report. It is near the West 55th Street and 8th Avenue Intersection. It’s on top of a table and inside a medical tent.

Cleaner Report 10: Pharmacy - A short distance from the Safe House in Times Square, players can grab this Incident Report. It’s near the 8th Avenue and West 49th Street intersection.

LMB Reports

LMB Report 01: See and Raise - This Incident Report is in Kips Bay, just east of the Dark Zone. Focus your search near the intersection of East 34th Street and Park Avenue.

LMB Report 02: Commercial - An Incident Report can be found in the southeast part of Murray Hill. Look for it near the water’s edge, close to East 34th Street and FDR Drive.

LMB Report 03: Come Home - Keeping with Murray Hill, an Incident Report can be found just east of the Safe House. Look for a tall building north of East 38th Street to locate it.

LMB Report 04: The Situation - To find this Incident Report, stay in Murray Hill. Look for a tall building that sits on the Intersection of East 39th Street and 2nd Avenue.

LMB Report 05: Sniper - There is another Incident Report in Murray Hill. This one can be found slightly east of 1st Avenue, just north of East 40th Street.

LMB Report 06: Dark Zone - This Incident Report is found in Turtle Bay. It’s close to the Dark Zone, at the very west end of Est 41st Street. Look behind an abandoned car to find it.

LMB Report 07: Early Days - Turtle Bay has a second Incident Report. Find this one east of 3rd Avenue and north of East 46th Street. It’ll be behind a reception desk in a building.

LMB Report 08: The Mission - Near the northeast part of Turtle Bay is another Incident Report. Look next to a tall building, not far from where East 47th Street and 1st Avenue meet.

LMB Report 09: Taking Manhattan - This Incident Report is found in Midtown East. Look in a building on the northeast corner of 3rd Avenue and East 47th Street. It’s on a counter.

LMB Report 10: Breach of Contract - The last Incident Report can be found in a building northeast of where East 55th Street and 3rd Avenue meet. You’ll find it in a police station.

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