The Division - All Missing Agents - The Sierra Jacket - The Finder

The Division - All Missing Agents - The Sierra Jacket - The Finder

Find all 20 Missing Agents in The Division thanks to this guide.

This The Division guide will show players the location of all 20 Missing Agents in The Division. Finding each one will unlock the Sierra Jacket, as well as a trophy, or achievement, called The Finder. Missing Agents make up one part of a larger group of collectibles called Intel, of which there are 293 pieces. In order to complete this huge collection, you must also find all of the Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Crashed Drones, ECHOs and Incident Reports. Because we’ll be getting them all, you can find links to each set in this article.

Note: To use this guide effectively, know that we post the images for each Missing Agent in The Division above the text description explaining where you can find it. We will also be presenting each of these Missing Agents in the same order that they appear in the game, just in case you’re not sure which ones you’re missing from the group. Finally, we’ll even include the name of each missing agent, allowing you to double check your list against ours.

Missing Agent Tips

  • The map image that we provide for each Missing Agent is only the starting point for the collectible. You must follow the trail to the end to find the file.
  • When you first pick up a Missing Agent trace, look at the ground to see arrows. These will point you in the direction of the next clue, and will even tell you how far away it is.
  • Don’t forget that when you do finally locate a Missing Agent, you need to collect the file at the end. If you don’t do this, you won’t get credit for finding it.
  • To try this without our help, unlock the Canine Unit from the Security Wing. Once you clear a district of all side missions and encounters, Intel will show up on your map.
  • The Sierra Jacket, your prize for finding all 20 Missing Agents, was actually sold by a vendor at the Base of Operations, explaining why it doesn’t always unlock.
  • If you want to see what Missing Agents you still need to find, open your Intel menu and browse to the Missing Agents tab. You can see what files you’re missing.

All Missing Agent Locations

Missing Agent 01: Jeremy Carmichael - The beginning of this Missing Agent trace is at the West 36th Street and 10th Avenue intersection in Hudson Yards. It’s near the Safe House.

Missing Agent 02: Michael Trudeau - You’ll find the next Missing Agent in Chelsea. Look at the south part of the district, near the West 20th Street and 9th Avenue intersection.

Missing Agent 03: LaMarcus Henry - Head back to Hudson Yards to find this Missing Agent. It begins west of the Safe House, near where West 34th Street and 12th Avenue Intersection.

Missing Agent 04: Eleanor Jenkins - A Missing Agent can be found in Hell’s Kitchen. Look about half way between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue, just south of West 45th Street.

Missing Agent 05: Jerome Norton - Stay in Hell’s Kitchen to find your next Missing Agent. This trace will begin at the 9th Avenue and West 43rd Street Intersection.

Missing Agent 06: Joe Chavez - Players can snag another Missing Agent, this one in Tenderloin. Head to the West 26th Street and 7th Avenue intersection north of the Safe House.

Missing Agent 07: Gina Esteban - Snag a Missing Agent file by visiting the 7th Avenue and West 39th Street intersection in the Garment District. It’s not far from the Dark Zone.

Missing Agent 08: Piper Gibson - You can find the Piper Gibson Missing Agent file in Clinton. The trace will begin just east of the Safe House, on the east side of 9th Avenue.

Missing Agent 09: Raymond “Ray” Ovitz - Yet another Missing Agent is in the Garment District. You can find Mr. Ovitz north of West 38th Street, slightly east of 9th Avenue.

Missing Agent 10: Angela Leung - Find this Missing Agent in Clinton. Head east from the West 53rd Street and 9th Avenue intersection. Once you pass the Fabric spot, go north.

Missing Agent 11: Tanisha Carter - Tanisha Carter’s Missing Agent file is in the Flatiron District. You’ll find it on the street, just south of the East 20th Street and Park Avenue intersection.

Missing Agent 12: Regan Murphy - This Missing Agent is in Kips Bay, next to the Dark Zone. Head to the Park Avenue and East 31st Street Intersection to find the start point.

Missing Agent 13: Edward “Eddie” Pastor - The start point to this Missing Agent at the 2nd Avenue and East 29th Street intersection. The end point is the Contaminated Zone.

Missing Agent 14: Jason Bernard - To find this Missing Agent you’ll have to travel to Murray Hill. The start point is the East 39th Street and 1st Avenue intersection, near the water.

Missing Agent 15: Terry White - Stay in Murray Hill for this Missing Agent. It’s East of the Safe House. Just travel two blocks east on East 39th Street and you’ll run into the start location.

Missing Agent 16: Aaron Keener - The Aaron Keener Missing Agent file can be found in Midtown East. You can start the trace at the East 47th Street and 3rd Avenue intersection.

Missing Agent 17: Michelle Beck - Stay in Midtown East to find this Missing Agent. The start point is found at the East 47th Street and Park Avenue intersection, next to some buildings.

Missing Agent 18: Tatiana Atkins - Find this Missing Agent in Midtown East. From the 5th Avenue and East 53rd Street intersection, head east. It’s near the Safe House.

Missing Agent 19: Robert “Rob” Gonzalez - Make your way to Turtle Bay for this Missing Agent. You can find it just north of the East 42nd Street and 2nd Avenue intersection.

Missing Agent 20: Seamus O’Riordan - The final Missing Agent is also in Turtle Bay. The start point for this trace is at the 3rd Avenue and East 45th Street intersection.

If you don’t already have it, finding all of these Missing Agents will get you the Sierra Jacket. If you want to unlock more of the goodies in The Division, visit USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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