The Division - All Crashed Drones - Frost Jacket

The Division - All Crashed Drones - Frost Jacket

Find all 16 Crashed Drones in Manhattan in this The Division Guide.

This The Division guide will show players the locations of all 16 Crashed Drones in The Division. These collectibles are part of the larger family of Intel, but come with their own reward for finding them all, the Frost Jacket. In order to get all 293 pieces of Intel, players must find all Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents and ECHOs. We’ll be covering them all, so look for links to each guide within this one.

Note: To use this guide effectively, know that the images for each Crashed Drone in The Division, one of the map and one of the collectible, are above the text description. To make things easier for you, you’ll find them in the order that they appear in your Intel summary screen. We've even included the specific name of each drone, just to ensure you can complete your collection with as little fuss as possible

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Crashed Drone Tips

  • Finding Intel is made easier by unlocking the Canine Unit in the Security Wing. Once you clear a district of all side missions and encounters, Intel will show on the map.
  • You will usually have to access a roof to grab a Crashed Drone, and often the way there is on the opposite side of the building, or block, from where you see the collectible.
  • Some Intel pieces are hidden in areas that contain Tools, Weapon Parts, Electronics, etc. You must zoom all the way in on these spots for the Intel to show on your map.
  • Grabbing Intel as you work other tasks will give you XP. If you’re still trying to hit Level 30, the current maximum, snagging collectibles is an easy way to help yourself.
  • Crashed Drones will make noise as you get close. We’re giving you map images to help you out, but listen for the sound of one if you don’t have a map icon to set a way point.
  • To collect a Crashed Drone, you must first shoot it down from where it hangs, and then collect the Intel that’s laying on the ground, otherwise it won’t count.

If you're looking for more of the Intel that can be found in Manhattan, USgamer has a guide to show all All 24 Survival Guide Locations in The Division.

All Crashed Drone Locations

Crashed Drone 01: Riot - This Crashed Drone is located in Pennsylvania Plaza, near West 33rd Street, West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. Shoot it down and collect it from a rooftop.

Crashed Drone 02: Mass Graves - Find another Crashed Drone in Tenderloin, just west of the 5th Avenue and West 22nd Street intersection. It’s across from a sports bar.

Crashed Drone 03: JTF Traffic - Head to the Garment District for another Crashed Drone. You will find this one on a low rooftop near the 9th Avenue and West 39th Street intersection.

Crashed Drone 04: Construction - This Crashed Drone can be found in Clinton. You’ll want to look just to the east of the 9th Avenue and West 47th Street intersection.

Crashed Drone 05: Quarantine - A second Crashed Drone is found in Clinton. This one is found on the northwest corner of the West 46th Street and 10th Avenue intersection.

Crashed Drone 06: Shipments - Make your way to Times Square to find this Crashed Drone, located just north of West 42nd Street, and between 7th Avenue and 8th Avenue.

Crashed Drone 07: Explosion - This Crashed Drone is in Hell’s Kitchen, south of West 42nd Street, and between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue. It’s close to a Fabric location.

Crashed Drone 08: Dark Zone - Head back to Times Square for this Crashed Drone. It can be found just north of West 53rd Street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway.

Crashed Drone 09: Supplies - This is the only Crashed Drone in the Flatiron District. Look for this Intel just north of East 20th Street, between 5th Avenue and Broadway.

Crashed Drone 10: Basketball - Find this Crashed Drone in Gramercy. Focus your search on the northwest corner of the East 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue Intersection.

Crashed Drone 11: Traffic Jam - Gamers are heading to Kips Bay for this Crashed Drone. You’ll find it just south of East 31st Street, and slightly east of nearby Park Avenue.

Crashed Drone 12: LMB Camp - A Crashed Drone can be found in Murray Hill. It’s in the middle of the block, northeast from the 3rd Avenue and East 36th Street intersection.

Crashed Drone 13: Hospital - This Crashed Drone in Turtle Bay is sneaky. Find it just north of East 41st Street, about half a block east of the Dark Zone. The map icon will be hidden.

Crashed Drone 14: Humanitarians - A second Crashed Drone is located in Turtle Bay. Head to the very south east of the district. It’s east of 1st Avenue, near the water.

Crashed Drone 15: LMB Processing - This Crashed Drone is located in Midtown East. You’ll find it east of Madison Avenue, between East 52nd Street and East 53rd Street.

Crashed Drone 16: Supply Line - The final Crashed Drone for your collection will be found north of East 55th Street in Midtown East. Look between Madison Avenue and Park Avenue.

That'll do it for all the Crashed Drones in The Division. If you're looking for more collectibles, or anything else, you can check out The Division Walkthrough and Guide that we have in the works.

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