The Division: All Weapon and Gear Vendors, Safe Houses

The Division: All Weapon and Gear Vendors, Safe Houses

All of Manhattan's Weapons and Gear vendors.

This The Division guide will show gamers the locations of all the Safe Houses in The Division, as well as what type of vendor can be found at each. Since most locations only have a Gear, Weapons or Mods vendor, it’s important to know where to find the items you’re looking for. We’ve been all over Manhattan to track each of them down so that you won’t have to.

Before we get into it, a quick piece of advice about buying new items in The Division. Hold off while you’re in the business of leveling up. Completing side or main story missions will see you climb the ranks very quickly. The gear that you buy at Level 24 isn’t as good as what each vendor will sell at Level 25, or even Level 30, so it won’t hurt to hold off. If you play through enough side and main missions, you’ll have all the loot you need.

Vendor Tips in The Division

  • The only Mods vendors to be found outside of the Dark Zone are at the Post Office. The Mods vendor and the Advanced Weapons Vendor.
  • Mark items that you don't plan to use as junk. This will allow you to sell them to any vendor, regardless of type, in one bulk sale.
  • Vendors sell better items as you level up. Don't go buying that sweet gun when you are close to the next rank. Buy a better gun in a few minutes.
  • The Advanced Weapons Vendor, unlocked through the Security Wing of your Base of Operations, will sell High End items at Level 30.
  • Look for an option to compare your current item with the one that you're thinking about buying. You'll see how it stacks up with current gear.
  • While interacting with a vendor, look at the top left of your screen to see what time their stock refreshes. Buy what you want before it's too late.

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Weapon and Gear Vendors, Safe Houses in The Division

Camp Hudson

Camp Hudson will have two vendors, one selling Gear and one selling Weapons. Once you get through the first hour or so of the game, these two vendors are about the only reason you’d ever need to return.

Pennsylvania Plaza: Post Office

This is your Base of Operations, and includes Weapons, Gear and Mods vendors. As you upgrade this area, you’ll also get a Dark Zone Gear Vendor, Appearance Vendor, Rewards Claim Vendor and Advanced Weapons Vendor.

Hudson Yards: Kerman Station

Kerman Station is just to the west of your Base of Operations in Hudson Yards, and the Safe House here looks like an old subway cafeteria, with a Weapons vendor where the cash register used to be.

Garment District: The Cavern

Players can find the Cavern in the Garment District, which sits both north and east of your personal Base of Operations. You’ll find a Gear vendor selling some items down here.

Hell’s Kitchen: Dante’s Run

Dante’s Run is a Safe House that can be found in Hell’s Kitchen. It looks like someone’s dusty old basement, but the Gear vendor here makes daily visits worth your while. He could be selling good stuff.

Clinton: Wolves Den

The Wolves Den in Clinton looks like it was built in the gymnasium of a school. More importantly, you will find a Weapons vendor hanging out here. His fold-up tables are underneath a basketball net.

Times Square: Autumn’s Hope

Autumn’s Hope in Times Square is the location of a Gear vendor, but more importantly, it’s probably the nicest Safe House in the game. If we were building a base, Autumn’s Hope would be the spot.

Tenderloin: The Meat Locker

There are just far too many meat references when describing this Safe House. It’s a run-down location on the south side of Manhattan, but it has a Weapons vendor to make the visit worthwhile.

Flatiron District: Madison’s Stand

This is the other vendor on the south side of Manhattan, only this one is a Gear vendor. It’s located next to Madison Square Park, in what looks like it could have been an office at one time.

Gramercy: The Last Call

This Weapons vendor is in an old bar, which completely changes where we would build our base. It’s here, we would never leave this location if the Dollar Flu was a real thing in the world.

Stuyvesant: The Ward

This district is in the very southeast part of Manhattan, not far from the river. It’s in an old hospital, and spotting the Gear vendor can be tricky. Look for the old storage room.

Kips Bay: Southpaw

We’re now working our way north, but on the east side of the Dark Zone. The Gear vendor that hangs out in Southpaw can be found selling goods from what appears to be an old security office.

Murray Hill: The Grindhouse

While The Last Call is definitely the coolest Safe House, The Grindhouse wins the prize for the best name. This is an old movie theater, and the Weapons vendor is found at the concession stand in the lobby.

Turtle Bay: The Firewall

The Firewall Safe House is kind of an Easter Egg, seeing as how it appears to be located at the Manhattan offices for Ubisoft. Take a look around while you’re there, and don’t forget to visit the Gear vendor.

Midtown East: The Crypt

Our final Safe House is The Crypt, and it definitely wins the prize for the creepiest location that is deemed safe. Visit the Weapons vendor, observe the devastation, and then go about your business.

Of course, there are more vendors in The Division, but they are all located in the Dark Zone. Don’t worry, we’ll track them down and sort out who’s selling what for you, and you’ll be able to find that article by visiting USgamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide.

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