The Division - How to Earn Phoenix Credits

The Division - How to Earn Phoenix Credits

Hit max rank and buy high end gear by using this The Division guide to Phoenix Credits.

This The Division guide will explain how to earn Phoenix Credits in The Division, and where this special currency is used. Phoenix Credits are reserved for players who have spent time leveling up their characters and have reached max rank.

There are several different types of currency in The Division. The main currency is Credits, which are used for purchasing weapons, gear, mods, and other items from vendors throughout Manhattan. When a player reaches max rank with a character, a special currency called Phoenix Credits will become available.

Phoenix Credits and end-game activities become available upon reaching max rank.

Phoenix Credits are an end-game currency that can only be acquired upon achieving Rank 30. Certain vendors in and out of the Dark Zone require Phoenix Credits to purchase weapons, gear, keys, and other high-end items from their stock.

How to Earn Phoenix Credits in The Division

The methods for earning Phoenix Credits are fairly straightforward. Upon achieving max rank, Daily Missions become available as a part of the end-game activities. Daily missions involve replaying previous story missions to earn Phoenix Credits.

There are three new Daily Missions available each day. These missions are indicated by a white circle on the map, and will have ‘Daily’ written beside the difficulty level when hovering over the mission.

It’s worth noting that the Phoenix Credits earned from Daily Missions are shared between characters. Plus, a player who has multiple characters can repeat the Daily Missions with each individual character. Utilizing multiple max rank characters increases the potential amount of Phoenix Credits a player can earn on a daily basis.

Certain Daily Missions will also have a Challenging difficulty rating. Completing Daily Missions on this higher difficulty rating rewards players with additional Phoenix Credits, along with the Phoenix Credits that would normally be earned for completing the Daily itself.

For example, a Challenging Daily Mission can grant a total of 50 Phoenix Credits, while a typical Daily Mission on Hard will grant only 20 Phoenix Credits. If you need help completing the story missions and achieving max rank, check out our The Division Walkthrough and Guide for walkthroughs of each story mission.

Also, there is a slight chance for Phoenix Credits to drop from named bosses both inside and outside of the Dark Zone. While this is a somewhat less reliable way to earn Phoenix Credits, it offers yet another incentive to complete Challenging missions or try your luck in the Dark Zone. The more Phoenix Credits you accumulate in the field, the more you can purchase from end game vendors.

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Where to Use Phoenix Credits

Upon reaching max rank, a Special Gear Vendor will become available in the Tech Wing of your Base of Operations. The Special Gear Vendor is located just beside the Recalibration Station, to the left of the Tech Wing laptop.

Items from this special gear vendor can only be purchased using Phoenix Credits. As you complete Daily Missions, be sure to check back with this vendor to see what High-end weapons, gear, blueprints, or mods they have in stock. Note that this vendor is different from the Advanced Weapons Vendor found in the Security Wing.

While Dark Zone vendors typically utilize Dark Zone credits as their currency, there are some Dark Zone vendors who require Phoenix Credits as well. There is one Dark Zone Special Vendor at the northernmost section of the Dark Zone who only accepts Phoenix Credits, unlike the other DZ vendors. Look for a large church in DZ06 at the north end of the Dark Zone to peruse this special vendor’s selection of goods.

Keep in mind each Dark Zone vendor requires you to have a certain Dark Zone rank before you can purchase items from any of these vendors. Check out our guide on how to survive the Dark Zone in The Division so that you can increase your DZ rank and begin purchasing from these special vendors.

If you are interested in more tips for The Division, feel free to browse USGamer’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide for intel locations, story mission walkthroughs, and other helpful features.

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