The Division Guide - Mission Walkthrough, Intel, Tips

The Division Guide - Mission Walkthrough, Intel, Tips

All Intel locations and full story walkthrough can be found in this The Division Guide.

Welcome to USgamer’s The Division Guide. Here you’ll find articles to help you do anything you desire in mid-crisis Manhattan, whether it involves finding Intel in the PvE area, or extracting the best loot from the Dark Zone. If it’s collectibles you’re after, this includes Survival Guides, Crashed Drones, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Missing Agents, and even all the Echo locations. We even have the locations for all the Dark Zone Chests and Blueprints in the game.

Before we get into that, however, it’s important that every player master some basic tips to help them survive the early hours they spend in The Division. The Decisions you make here can have a major impact on your experience for many in-game hours to come.

Not sure if your PC can handle The Division? We have a list of the Minimum and Recommended Requirements for The Division. Find out if you can run it.

The Division Guide - Essential Tips

  • Players can fast-travel in The Division by opening up their map and moving their cursor over the location that they wish to visit. This includes players in your squad.
  • Each mission, zone and region is marked with a recommended level. Stay in areas where you can complete the available activities, saving the hard stuff for later on.
  • You can only extract six pieces of loot from the Dark Zone at a time. Break anything you don’t need down and use the materials to craft items that you have blueprints for.
  • There are credits and there are Dark Zone credits. The former can only be used in PvE areas, and the latter are for items from Dark zone vendors.
  • Going Rogue in the Dark Zone is risky. It puts a big target on your back, and you lose all the loot you’re carrying, plus some of your DZ Credits and Keys if you die in there.

The Division - All Intel Locations

The Division - All Survival Guide Pages - Meadow Jacket - Survivalist

Details descriptions, map images and collectible images of every Survival Guide Page in The Division. Collecting them gets you the Meadow Jacket and Survivalist.

The Division - All 16 Crashed Drones Locations - Frost Jacket - Droning On...

There are only 16 Crashed Drones to be found in The Division, and doing so will score you the Frost Jacket cosmetic item. Worthwhile for the minimal work.

The Division - All ECHO Locations - Rose Jacket - Shadows of the Past...

Collecting all of the ECHOs can be difficult, considering some are bugged. Find out how complete your collection and get the Rose Jacket.

The Division - All Incident Reports - Highland Jacket - Incident Reports

Unlike other bits of Intel, Incident Reports aren't bugged in The Division. There are 40 of them, however, and we'll help you find them all.

The Division - All Missing Agents - Sierra Jacket - The Finder

By finding all 20 Missing Agents in The Division, players can get the Sierra Jacket. They can also buy it from a vendor, unfortunately.

The Division - Story Mission Walkthrough and Guide

The Division - Precinct Siege

Your first mission involves eliminating hostile threats at the police precinct. Follow our guide to neutralize the leader of the rioters and free the hostages.

The Division - Establish Base of Operations

Your first order of business in mid-crisis Manhattan will be to reach your Base of Operations. We’ll help you support the JTF and get your new hideout back online.

The Division - Madison Field Hospital

Once you’ve secured your Base of Operations, you’ll need to recruit Dr. Kandel and get the Medical Wing back online. This involves defeating Hutch, the mission’s final boss.

The Division - Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint is being overrun by rioters. Protect the commander from an elite sniper named Finch in order to bring the Security Wing back online.

The Division - Subway Morgue

The Subway Morgue is the epicenter of a local power outage. This guide will help you restore power to the generators and bring the Tech Wing online in your base.

The Division - Hudson Refugee Camp, Defeat Martinez

Dr. Kandel has asked you to retrieve blood samples from a nearby refugee camp. We'll show you how to neutralize the Cleaners and secure the rail yards.

The Division - Broadway Emporium, Defeat Kosinski

This walkthrough will show you where to find contaminated cash at Abel's department store. Retrieve these samples to earn additional medical supplies for your base.

The Division - Napalm Production Site, Defeat Joe Ferro

The Cleaners have turned their headquarters into a napalm production facility. Follow our walkthrough to put a stop to their production and defeat Joe Ferro.

The Division - Times Square Power Relay, Defeat Slingshot

There's a downed power transponder that could potentially knock out power to the whole grid. We'll show you how to restore power and neutralize Slingshot.

The Division - Amherst's Apartment, Defeat Rogan

You've been tasked with investigating an apartment building where a suspected bioterrorist is thought to reside. Follow our steps to extract the evidence and eliminate Rogan.

The Division - Police Academy, Defeat Scarecrow

A distress signal has been detected from within the Police Academy. This walkthrough will help you investigate the signal and take on a rogue agent named Scarecrow.

The Division - WarrenGate Power Plant, Defeat Keller

A group of Rikers have taken over WarrenGate Power Plant, posing a huge threat to the city's power supply. This walkthrough will help you defeat Keller and secure the plant.

The Division - Lexington Event Center, Defeat Larae Barrett

Several JTF officers have been taken hostage at the Lexington Event Center. Follow our steps to free the hostages and take down the Riker leader, Larae Barrett

The Division - Rooftop Comm Center, Defeat Glass

A group of JTF engineers have lost contact since they left to fix a communications relay. This walkthrough will show you where to find the engineers and repair the relay.

The Division - Queens Tunnel Camp, Defeat Sgt. King

The LMB soldiers have created a communications hub at the Queens Tunnel Camp. Follow our steps to shut down the LMB hub and secure a stockpile of weapons in the process.

The Division - Grand Central Station, Defeat Cpt. Foley

LMB soldiers have taken over Grand Central Station. Our walkthrough will help you disable enemy turrets and take out Cpt. Foley to obtain additional Security Wing Supplies.

The Division - Russian Consulate, Defeat Hornet

A virologist linked to Amherst is being held at the Russian Consulate. Investigate the Consulate and locate Vitaly Tchernenko to bring him back for questioning.

The Division - General Assembly, Defeat Colonel Bliss

This is the final story mission in The Division. For this walkthrough, we will show you how to infiltrate the UN Headquarters and defeat Raptor, Domino, and Colonel Bliss.

The Division Guides - Quick "How To" Tutorials

How to Fast Travel in The Division

Tired of roaming the streets of Manhattan trying to reach the next Safe House? You could always fast-travel to save yourself some time, and a whole lot of trouble.

The Division - How to Survive the Dark Zone

If you want the best loot, eventually you’re going to have to wander into the unforgiving Dark Zone to get it. No worries, we’ll help you survive in The Division’s harshest circumstances.

The Division - Character Creation Guide

Creating your character in The Division isn't difficult, but your decisions will stick with you for quite some time. Be sure of your choices before you confirm them.

How to Level Up Fast in The Division - Situation Room

Our guide to leveling up fast in the Division covers Base of Operation upgrades, side missions, and even unlocking new districts to earn some quick XP.

The Division - How to Earn More Credit

Whether you plan to exist primarily in the PvE world, or the PvP focused Dark Zone, you’ll need Credit. Here is how you can maximize your profits in both areas of The Division.

The Division - How to Extract Loot from the Dark Zone

Obtaining loot in the Dark Zone is the easy part. Extracting it is where things tend to go south. Try these tips to avoid losing it all to those pesky Rogues.

The Division - How to Use the Recalibration Station

The Recalibration Station allows players to re-roll bonus attributes on gear. This article will help you get started with the Recalibration Station in the Tech Wing.

The Division - How to Earn Phoenix Credits

Phoenix Credits are the end game currency players earn after reaching max level. This guide explains how to obtain Phoenix Credits and what this coveted currency is used for.

The Division - How to Get Superior Blueprints

Prior to reaching max level, Superior weapons and gear are some of the best items you can find. This guide explains where to get crafting blueprints to create Superior items of your own.

The Division - How to Get the High End M1A Marksman Rifle

This guide will show you the most efficient ways to get the M1A Marksman Rifle, and other High End drops to help you with The Division's end game

The Division - How to Farm High End Loot Drops

This guide shows players the most effective ways to farm High End loot drops in The Division. As the game changes and updates, this guide will evolve.

The Division - In-Depth Guides and Features

The Division - Best Skills and Signature Skills

There's great debate of the best Skills in The Division... until now. We have our list of the Best Skills and Signature Skills, helping players design the perfect agent

The Division - Base of Operations Guide

Building up the Base of Operations is going to help you unlock new skills for your character in The Division. Here is everything you need to know to fully upgrade it your personal hideout.

The Division - Crafting Guide

If you’re really not into the whole spending currency thing, there’s crafting. Our guide will help you work through what you’ll need to build yourself some of the game’s best loot.

The Division - All Vendor Locations

Throughout your travels in The Division, you’ll spot various vendors. We’ve got a list of where you can find each of them, and what type of currency they accept in exchange for goods.

The Division - Best Dark Zone PvP Build

Dark Zone PvP is one of the primary activities for end game players. This guide explains how to build the best character for PvP in order to survive the Dark Zone.

The Division - Breaking Bad Easter Egg

The Division is full of hidden video game and pop culture references. This article will show you where to find a nifty Breaking Bad Easter Egg on a rooftop.

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