Madden 19 Defensive Money Plays Guide

Here's our complete Madden 19 tips guide, featuring all you need to know about the controls layout, offensive and defensive tips and tricks, and money plays.

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It's definitely harder to play defence than it is offense in Madden 19, but that doesn't mean there aren't money plays to be found on the defensive side of the ball. In this Madden 19 defensive money plays guide, we'll be outlining what are, in our opinion, the very best Madden 19 defensive plays in the entire game, meaning you've always got a range of plays to choose from, which will work no matter the situation you find yourself in.

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Best Madden 19 Defensive Money Plays Guide

Just below, you’ll see a complete list of what we’ve found to be the very best defensive plays in Madden 19. We’ll note the team playbook that the specific play belongs to, and if you notice that one particular team’s playbook pops up a lot in the list below, that’s because they’ve got one of the better playbooks in the game. Want a complete walkthrough of the best defensive playbook? Head over to our Madden 19 best defensive playbook guide.

  • 4-3: Cover 6 (Eagles) - This play is a great one for some lockdown coverage. You’ll want to control the corner on the right of the field, and basically patrol that side of the field, since zones can take care of the left.
  • 4-4: Monster Green (Eagles) - Although this is a blitz play, it doesn’t leave you exposed in the backfield. We’d recommend controlling the middle linebacker, and try to support the purple coverage zones to either side of you.
  • 46: Cover 2 Invert (Jaguars) - With this zone play, you’ll basically have all of the back half of the field covered. We’d recommend playing the middle cornerback of the group, patrolling the center of the field.
  • Big Nickel: Cover 6 Invert (Eagles) - Just like the previous Cover 6 play, this is another fantastic play for some zones that spread right across the field.
  • Big Nickel: Cover Contain 2 (Eagles) - This is a solid play to select if you need blanket coverage of the field. It’s also a good play to choose if you’re playing someone who likes to take off and run downfield with the QB, since it has that contain zone in the middle.
  • Dime: Cover 3 Buzz Match (Eagles) - This is a great coverage play from the Dime formation, and in case you’re unaware, the Dime formation always prioritises cornerbacks on the field, over linebackers.
  • Dime: Fox Fire Zone Press (Jaguars) - If you can move the blitzing cornerback down to the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped, this should be an excellent blitz play for you.
  • Dime: 3 Double Sky (Eagles) - The same applies for this play, except this time you’ll have two blitzing cornerbacks to move down to the line. We’d recommend controlling one of the safeties that cover either side of the field.
  • Dollar: Edge Blitz 3 (Jaguars) - With this blitz play, you should be able to apply some decent pressure of the edge, as well as having your backfield covered, even more so if you move the blitzing cornerback down to the line of scrimmage.
  • Dime: Cover 6 Show 4 (Jaguars) - This play should have the vast majority of the field covered with zones, but we’d manually play the cornerback on the right side of the field, moving backwards while patrolling the sidelines.

This might be it for our complete guide to the best defensive money plays in Madden 19, but we’ll be updating our guide with additional plays whenever we uncover them. For now though, you can head over to our best Madden 19 offensive plays guide, for a complete list of money plays on the other side of the ball.

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