Skyrim Guide - All Dragon Shrines Locations

Skyrim Guide - All Dragon Shrines Locations

Here are the locations of every Dragon Shrine in Skyrim, just in case you're desperate to fight a dragon one-on-one.

Skyrim Dragon Shrines represent locations where you can always be sure to find a dragon, come rain, wind, or shine. Dragons provide a fiery challenge for even the most experienced Elder Scrolls veteran, but leave behind some fairly nice bonuses in the wake of their demise. In this Skyrim Dragon Shrine location guide we’ll give you all the info you need.

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Skyrim Dragon Shrines Locations Guide

In this guide, we'll be detailing the location of every Skyrim Dragon Shrine in the vast open world, where you can always be certain to find a dragon, as well as a Word Wall. These mysterious Word Walls will grant the player one word of a Shout, and we'll be listing the Words of the Shouts that you can expect to find at each individual Dragon Shrine.

Ancient's Ascent Location Guide

The Ancient's Ascent Dragon Shrine.

Ancient's Ascent is located directly east of Falkreath, but it won't be entirely easy to reach, being located on top of a mountain. Once you do eventually reach it however, you can expect to find a Word Wall with one word of the Animal Allegiance Shout there.

Autumnwatch Tower Location Guide

The location of Autumnwatch Tower.

Autumnwatch Tower isn't too hard to find, as you can reach this Dragon Shrine by travelling south from the start of the stairs leading to the Throat of the World, or you can travel west of Riften. The Word Wall located at Autumnwatch Tower will give you one word of the Marked for Death Shout.

Bonestrewn Crest Location Guide

Here's where you can find Bonestrewn Crest.

Bonestrewn Crest can be found by travelling to the wide open area directly to the south of Windhelm, the Stormcloak Stronghold. When you interact with the Word Wall located here, you'll be given one world of the Frost Breath Shout.

Dragontooth Crater Location Guide

The location of Dragontooth Crater.

Dragontooth Crater can be found in Skyrim by travelling either west of Morthal, or to the northeast of Markarth. You'll be given one word of the Elemental Fury Shout when you interact with the Word Wall located here.

Eldersblood Peak Location Guide

Eldersblood Peak location.

Eldersblood Peak is a Dragon Shrine located near the centre of Skyrim, and you can find it by travelling slightly southwest of Morthal. You'll gain one word of the Disarm Shout when you find the Word Wall at Eldersblood Peak.

Lost Tongue Overlook Location Guide

The Lost Tongue Overlook location.

The slightly ominously-named Lost Tongue Overlook Dragon Shrine can be found directly south of Riften, along the mountains that border Cyrodiil. When you interact with the Word Wall located here, you'll be granted one word of the Dismaying Shout.

Mount Anthor Location Guide

Here's the location of Mount Anthor.

Mount Anthor, another Dragon Shrine location in Skyrim, is located high in the mountains just to the south and slightly west of Winterhold. It'll be a tough journey to get there, but you'll be rewarded with one word of the Ice Form Shout when you do.

Northwind Summit Location Guide

Northwind Summit location.

Northwind Summit is located along the massive ridge that runs above Riften, and you can reach this Dragon Shrine by heading north from said city. You'll be rewarded with one word of the Aura Whisper Shout once you've made it there.

Shearpoint Location Guide

Here's where you can find Shearpoint.

Shearpoint is located high in the mountains east of Whiterun, and is home to not only a dragon, but the Dragon Priest Krosis as well. Once you've dealt with both of these formidable enemies, head to the Word Wall to get all three words for the Throw Voice Shout.

Skyborn Altar Location Guide

The location of Skyborn Altar.

You can reach Skyborn Altar by travelling east and slightly south of Morthal, into the mountain range. As with Bonestrewn Crest, you can find one word of the Frost Breath Shout at this Dragon Shrine.

That's it for our guide on Skyrim's Dragon Shrines, but if you need help with anything else in Skyrim, make sure to head over to our our guide on the best mods on Xbox One, as well as every Standing Stone location in Skyrim. We've also got a how to get Zelda items in Skyrim Switch guide.

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