Skyrim Guide - All Standing Stones Locations

Skyrim Guide - All Standing Stones Locations

Here's where you can find every single Standing Stone in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The complete Standing Stone locations guide.

Skyrim's Standing Stones offer the player a wide variety of bonuses, from new spells to cast once per day, to changing up your character's attributed in a major way. In this Skyrim Standing Stone location guide, we'll be detailing where you can find every Standing Stone scattered around Skyrim's vast reaches, as well as the bonuses that each stone offers your character.

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Unlike the Birthsigns in Morrowind and Oblivion, the Skyrim Standing Stone bonuses in this game can be changed out at any time, as all you need to do is simply find another Standing Stone and activate its blessing in order for it to take over. You'll most likely happen upon the Warrior, Mage, and Thief Stones first, which can all be found just outside of Helgen, on your way to Riverwood after the tutorial section is over.

Skyrim Standing Stone Locations Guide

The Shadow Stone.

In the section just below, we'll be outlining the Skyrim Standing Stone locations throughout the game, as well as listing the bonuses you can gain from each individual Stone.

  • The Thief Stone: Learn Stealth Skills 20% faster - Located on the path from Helgen to Riverwood
  • The Mage Stone: Learn Magic Skills 20% faster - Located on the path from Helgen to Riverwood
  • The Warrior Stone: Learn Combat Skills 20% faster - Located on the path from Helgen to Riverwood
  • The Ritual Stone: Re-animate the dead to fight for you once a day - Located east of Whiterun
  • The Atronach Stone: Gives you +50 Magicka, allows you to absorb 50% spell damage, you recover Magicka 50% slower - Located in the Hot Spring area south of Bonestrewn Crest
  • The Shadow Stone: Become invisible once a day for 60 seconds - Located directly south of Riften
  • The Steed Stone: No speed loss from wearing armor, 100+ carry weight - Located northwest of Solitude, next to Ironback's Hideout
  • The Lady Stone: Regenerate Health and Stamina 25% faster - Located far north of Falkreath, just south of Ilinalta's Deep
  • The Apprentice Stone: Recover Magicka 100% faster, makes you 100% weaker to Magicka attacks - Located north of Fort Snowhawk
  • The Tower Stone: Unlock any Expert or lower lock once per day - Located west of Winterhold and along the North Coast
  • The Lover Stone: Learn all Skills 15% faster - Located east of Markarth, west of Blind Cliff Cave
  • The Serpent Stone: Use a 5 second Paralysis spell once per day - Located northeast of Winterhold
  • The Lord Stone: 50 points of damage resistance, 25% magic resistance - Located on top of a mountain east of Morthal, southwest of Dawnstar

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These are all the locations of every Standing Stone in Skyrim, all you need to do now is work out which one benefits your character the best. We've also got a how to get Zelda items in Skyrim Switch guide.

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