Skyrim Guide - How to Become a Werewolf

Learn how to turn into a werewolf in Skyrim, and learn the benefits and drawbacks of using your wolf form.

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This Skyrim werewolf guide instructs you on how to become a werewolf in Skyrim. The transformation, which is temporary (thankfully) comes with a host of benefits, but you can't take advantage of any of them until you're voluntarily afflicted with lycanthropy.

Shape-shifting is just the start of the fun times Skyrim offers. Take a look at our Skyrim tips, hints, and walkthroughs for everything you need to know about surviving this cold land.

Skyrim Guide - How to Become a Werewolf

Here's what you need to do in order to gain the option of becoming a werewolf.

Join The Companions

You need to join The Companions guild first and foremost. Here's how to do it. Joining The Companions comes with other benefits as well, including access to more quests, jobs, and powerful followers.

Complete the Silver Hand Quest

  • When you've completed the "Proving Honor" portion of The Companions quests, talk to Skjor at the Companions' headquarters, the Jorrvaskr meadhouse in Whiterun.
  • Wait until night, then head to the Underforge. This little nook is located, as its name suggests, under the Skyforge. An outline in the rock marks the Underforge's secret entrance.
  • When inside the Underforge, tell Skjor you're ready to start the ritual.
  • When you come to, you'll be able to turn into a werewolf at will (but only once per day) by selecting "Beast Form" under the "Powers" sub-section of the "Magic" menu.
  • Time to test out your new suit. Aela instructs you to exterminate a nearby camp occupied by the Silver Hand, a group of werewolf hunters. Head for Gallows Rock; Aela will accompany you.
  • Inside Gallows Rock, carve up the easily-killed members of the Silver Hand. Wolf form isn't necessary, but it's fun. Also, eating bodies of the fallen Silver Hand members (in wolf form, obviously) heals you and lets you stay in wolf form for longer, so chow down as necessary.
  • Find and kill the leader of the Silver Hand, Krev the Skinner. He's accompanied by archers, so you'll probably want to kill them first. Use the Sound of Blood howl if necessary: It causes your foes to run away in fear, making for easier pickings.
  • When Krev is gone, talk to Aela to finish the quest.
  • If you like, search Skjor for a decent suit of wolf armor and a solid one-handed sword.

All the Benefits of Being a Werewolf:

Increased health in human form. Immunity to all diseases, including vampirism. Enhanced speed and strength when you're a wolf. Howling can send foes running from battle. Eating the bodies of your victims heals you, and extends the time you spend in wolf-form.

All the Downsides of Being a Werewolf:

  • You can't talk to characters while you're a wolf.
  • You can't loot bodies while you're a wolf.
  • You can't access your inventory while you're a wolf.
  • If an NPC witnesses your transformation, you'll have a bounty slapped on you.
  • NPCs who find out what you are will shun and fear you.
  • No resting bonus. Keep this in mind if you decide to buy a house in Skyrim.

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