Skyrim Guide - How to Join The Companions

Skyrim Guide - How to Join The Companions

Learn how to join The Companions, a guild of werewolves living in Skyrim's Whiterun.

Skyrim's Companions are a powerful group of friends to have at your side. Joining the Companions' guild puts you in direct contact with several characters who make great followers. You also need to join if you want to marry the members of the guild, or if you want to become a werewolf.

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Here's a quick and simple guide for how to join the Companions in Skyrim:

  • First, you'll want to visit Whiterun.
  • Talk to Kodlak Whitemane at Whiterun's Jorrvaskr meadhouse to kick off the Companions quests.
  • Embark on the Take Up Arms quest.
  • Follow Vilkas to the training grounds and, when he says so, take a swing at him with a weapon. Make sure not to use magic or an enchanted weapon, or it won't count and you'll get scolded.
  • Take Vilkas' sword to be sharpened by Eorlund, who's at the Skyforge (go up the stairs off to the right-hand side of the training grounds).
  • Eorlund asks you to bring Aela her shield. You can find Aela in Jorrvaskr's living quarters.
  • After you talk to Aela, you're given your new sleeping arrangements and a new Radiant Quest, Hired Muscle, that isn't part of the core Companion quests. However, you can complete it for 100 gold if you need the cash.

Now you'll have to complete the Proving Honor quest.

  • When Farkas tells you Skjor is looking for you, talk to him in the main common area of Jorrvaskr.
  • Skjor tasks you with finding the battle-axe Wuuthrad. He assigns Farkas as your companion (who replaces any follower you may already have).
  • Travel to Dustman's Cairn, which is crawling with undead monsters. If you read the tome titled The Battle of Sancre Tor, you'll get an increase in the two-handed weapon skill.
  • Push on and eventually you'll come to a door that requires a key. There's a chest in the same room that has what you need: The Dustman's Cairn Key.
  • Keep fighting and pushing on until you find a large room containing the Fragment of Wuuthrad. There's also a Wall with a new Shout for the Dragonborn: Fire, Fire Breath.
  • When you've claimed your bounty, fight the draugrs that awaken. Leave the crypt through the side passage.
  • Return to Jorrvaskr and talk to Vilkas on its steps. You complete the ceremony that officially makes you a Companion.

The benefits of the Companions:

  • You can now enlist in several Companion-related quests that bring you closer to your new comrades and open up new relationship opportunities (e.g., spouses, followers).
  • The Companions will give you guild-related work.
  • Eorlund lets you choose a Skyforge Steel weapon. Make sure to visit him at the Skyforge.

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