Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member

In this guide, we'll show you how to find Oleana's bad league staff member wherever he's hiding in the city of Wyndon.

Near the end of Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll be tasked with finding someone who works for Oleana, a bad League staff member working behind the scenes. Below we'll show you where to find the bad League staff member and where you'll have to look first.

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Where to Find the Bad League Staff Member in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To find the bad League staff member in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll need to sweep the city looking for a character who seems superficially like everyone else, but is actually acting suspicious in some way. You'll have to find him several times before leading him to an area for a final confrontation, but we've got all his hiding spots outlined below.

  1. Top-right of Wyndon main square, facing the wall.
  2. Left of Wyndon square fountain.
  3. In the red phone box, left of where you fought him last time.

We've outlined what to expect in more detail below, including the right dialogue choices, so keep reading to know what to do when you find him.

Bad Staff Member Location 1

From where you start in the square of Wyndon, go up. At the wall that runs around the square, you'll see the bad league staff member facing a wall. Select the dialog option to tell him you've already got the keys anyway, and he'll turn around, initiating a Pokemon battle with you.

You can find the staffer against the purple house. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Bad Staff Member Location 2

When you've beaten the bad league staff member and his two Pokemon, he'll run off. He's not gone far though, as he's stood by the couple just to the left of the large fountain in the middle of the square.

And then just to the left of the fountain. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Bad Staff Member Location 3

You'll have to find the staff member a third and final time. Just to the left of where you just fought the staffer, he's hiding in a telephone box. Interact with the red telephone box, and you'll have to fight the bad staff member one final time to complete this section.

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