Pokemon Sword and Shield: All Evolution Stones' Locations

Pokemon Sword and Shield: All Evolution Stones' Locations

This is our guide on all the Evolution Stones locations found within Pokemon Sword and Shield.

If you're looking to advance the growth of your favorite Pokemon, then look no further than the special Evolution Stones. You can use the stones to immediately evolve any Pokemon to its next form, so you could use a Fire Stone to procure yourself a Charizard from a Charmeleon. In our Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Stones guide, we'll be detailing the locations of every Evolution Stone in both games.

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All Evolution Stone Locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield

For every element type in Pokemon Sword and Shield, there's an Evolution Stone. So if you're wanting to evolve a Grass-type Pokemon, you'd need a Leaf Stone for the evolution. In the list below, we'll outline where you can find all the Evolution Stones throughout both games.

Leaf Stone

The Leaf Stone can be found near Turffield, the first major city that you'll come to in Sword and Shield. Head up the slope that leads out of Turffield to the right, and you'll come to a female NPC. On the short path adjacent to her to the right, you can find the Leaf Stone on the ground.

Fire Stone

You'll need to head near Lake Miloch in the first wild area to find the Fire Stone. Head north of Lake Miloch, and you'll find a bridge leading over a river. Cross the bridge, then look to the wall on the left, and you'll find the Fire Stone at the base of the large wall.

There's actually not a Fire-type started Pokemon in Sword and Shield, so you might not even have a creature to use the Fire Stone on at first. Growlithe is always a solid option for evolving into Arcanine however, if you find yourself one of those.

Water Stone

To find the Water Stone, you'll want to head to the Bridge Field wild area. In this area, look to the large wall that surrounds Motostoke. At the base of this wall, look for an energy well, and you'll find the Water Stone just a few meters nearby at the base of the wall.

Sobble is a prime candidate for the Water Stone. Alternatively, it's pretty easy to come across a Chewtle or a Magikarp in the early hours of Sword and Shield, either of which can be evolved using this stone.

Ice Stone

You won't find the Ice Stone until fairly far into Sword and Shield. On your journey through Route 9, towards the town of Spikemuth, you'll eventually come to an area with icy water, where a scientist upgrades your Rotom Bike so you can ride it on water.

Now go towards the eastern boundary of this area on Route 9, and a waiting Grapploct will rush at you. Ignore the Grapploct or fight it, but then proceed down the path leading south that it was waiting on. Shortly down this path, you'll find the Ice Stone on the water.

Sun Stone

If you imagined finding the Sun Stone in a desert-like area, you're not wrong. Head to the Dusty Bowl wild area, which is north of Motostoke. In the top half of the Dusty Bowl area, which is pretty small, you can find the Sun Stone on the ground.

Dawn Stone

Leading on from the Dusty Bowl wild area, you can find another Evolution Stone nearby. Just to the west of the area, you'll enter Giant's Cap, a small wild area like the Dusty Bowl. Head to the southern end of Giant's Cap, and you'll find the Dawn Stone in an area overlooking the Dusty Bowl below.

Dusk Stone

The Dusk Stone is really easy to find, but you won't come across it until a fair way into the game. Once you reach Stow-on-Side, head round the back of the Poke Mart, and you'll immediately find the Dusk Stone on the ground.

Shiny Stones

On Route 8, you'll get challenged by Doctor Joanna after you climb down a ladder. Defeat the doctor, take the ladder to the right of her, then take the path leading south on the right. Head all the way round this path, and you'll find the Shiny Stone.

Some Pokemon - like Pikachu - need special stones to evolve. | Nintendo

Evolution Stones Explained

Evolution Stones are neat little items that basically give Pokemon a fast track to higher levels. They will immediately let a Pokemon of the corresponding element type evolve to their next stage, regardless of their current level.

This means Evolution Stones are great for when you're looking to get a weaker Pokemon levelled up as quickly as possible. If you know the weak Pokemon has an evolution in Sword and Shield, then it's a good idea to use an Evolution Stone on them to advance them to the next stage.

Keep in mind that you can only use a stone once, before it's gone. This means you can spam Evolution Stones to power up all your Pokemon whenever you want, but it does mean you'll have to think long and hard about which Pokemon you want to use up an Evolution Stone on.

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