Pokemon Sword Sirfetch'd - How to Evolve Farfetch'd Into Sirfetch'd

Pokemon Sword Sirfetch'd - How to Evolve Farfetch'd Into Sirfetch'd

Here's our guide on how to evolve Farfetch'd into Sirfetch'd in Pokemon Sword.

Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces numerous new Pokemon to catch, including Sirfetch'd, an evolution of Farfetch'd who wields a large leek. We'll show you how to evolve Farfetch'd into Sirfetch'd below, and explain whether it's possible to catch one instead.

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How to Evolve Farfetch'd Into Sirfetch'd in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To evolve Farfetch'd into Sirfetch'd in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll need to follow these steps.

  1. Catch a Farfetch'd and put it into the front of your party (it can be any level, EXP isn't important).
  2. Encounter a trainer with at least three Pokemon in their party.
  3. Battle the trainer. Make sure Farfetch'd defeats three enemy Pokemon in a row and is never swapped out.
  4. If you can do this, Farfetch'd should evolve after the battle into Sirfetch'd

How to Catch Farfetch'd

First thing's first if you want to get your hands on a Sirfetch'd in Pokemon Sword: you need to catch a Farfetch'd. For those not in the know, Farfetch'd was one of the very first Pokemon ever created by Game Freak, and he's been around without any evolution for a long time now, until Sirfetch'd came along.

There's no way to catch Sirfetch'd in the wild. The newcomer won't appear out in the open world for you to fight, so you'll need to go and firstly catch a Farfetch'd, which you can find in the wild area south of Motostoke, and then go about evolving the weaker bird into his final form. However, you can only do this in Pokemon Sword - there's nowhere to catch one in Shield.

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