Monster Hunter World Event Schedule Guide - All the Latest Events and New Hunts, Monster Hunter World DLC Guide

In this Monster Hunter World guide, we'll walk you through how to capture a monster, how to use the Insect Glaive, how to use both the Botanical and Ecological Research Centers, and how to understand the Monster Hunter World armor range.

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Capcom has a litany of new Monster Hunter World events lined up over the course of 2018, to give players something refreshing and new to experience on a regular basis. In this Monster Hunter World events guide, we'll be detailing the upcoming events for the game, as well as some of the upcoming Monster Hunter World DLC.

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Monster Hunter World Event Schedule

Events aren't a new aspect of Monster Hunter World-Capcom have regularly shuffled around limited time quests and hunts in the massive game, including a questline where you could obtain Watcher-themed Palico gear, as well as a limited time quest for Street Fighter 5 that's still ongoing at the time of writing. But on February 23, Capcom put out a massive event schedule for Monster Hunter World, showcasing all the limited time quests and hunts that you'll be able to embark on in the future. You can see the complete list that Capcom published just below:

The Monster Hunter World event schedule runs on till March 15, 2018, when we assume that Capcom will be releasing a second event schedule for the game. After all, they've got well over 6 million players to keep occupied at this point. All the events showcased above actually take place across a wide variety of areas in Monster Hunter World, including the special Arena, the Coral Highlands, Ancient Forest, and other locations that we're familiar with at this point. This means that Capcom are going to be adding new monsters and challenging in old areas, effectively switching up the established formula of areas like the Rotten Vale and Wildspire Waste.

As of right now, the Nergigante Slay Event quest is live for all players in Monster Hunter World, where players over Hunter Rank 16 are tasked with taking down three ferocious Nergigante creatures. If you're struggling with taking down this Elder Dragon, head over to our guide on how to kill Nergigante.

Monster Hunter World DLC Schedule

Capcom hasn't actually confirmed a great deal with regard to Monster Hunter World DLC right now, and while there have been rumors surrounding DLC, one thing we do know for certain is that the fabled Deviljho will be coming as free DLC to the game in Spring 2018. This new free monster indicates that Capcom could continue down a path of offering free DLC monsters on a semi regular basis, giving players something entirely new to experience.

With regard to the rumors swirling around upcoming DLC for Monster Hunter World, there's quite a lot to unpack. Reddit detectives have done some digging once again, coming up with evidence of three supposed DLC expansions for Monster Hunter World, launching in the Summer, Fall, and Winter of 2018. There are three new areas supposedly being included through these three expansions, and Capcom allegedly want to add a total of 10 new Elder Dragons to the game.

Whether this information is true or not, we've been unable to confirm, and it's also unclear whether this would be paid or free DLC, although the magnitude of the supposed content being added would seem to point towards it being paid DLC. Nevertheless, we'll keep this guide to the Monster Hunter World DLC updated with all future information that comes to light.

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