Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 2: A Simple Plan Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 2: A Simple Plan Guide

Track down and assassinate David Brewster, and escape from the secret lab in this Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 2 walkthrough.

Your main objective in this sequence is to track down and assassinate the scientist Sir David Brewster. Just as Sequence 1 was a tutorial and intro to Jacob Frye, this single memory sequence does the same for Evie, his twin sister. Read on for the complete Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 2: A Simple Plan Guide.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 2: A Simple Plan Guide

  • Detach train
  • Get to vantage point
  • Reach laboratory
  • Kill five enemies with hanging barrels (optional)
  • Talk to captive
  • Find the key to the lab
  • Find secret lab entrance
  • Locate David Brewster
  • Assassinate Brewster via air assassination (optional)
  • Escape the secret lab

Once the cut scene is done, whistle to attract the attention of the guard. Assassinate him when he gets near, then begin executing the diversion that'll get you close to David Brewster and his Piece of Eden.

Move to the front of the train car by car. In the second car, use throwing knives to dispatch the guard from afar.

Keep moving forward. Throw knives at any guards ahead of you. You can get your knives back by looting the guards' dead bodies.

After killing the third guard and scaling up onto the car's roof, you can leap onto the next car, turn around, and enter the previous car. There's a box here with money and throwing knives. It's an optional diversion, but a handy one.

Exit the car and keep moving forward. Get rid of any guards in your way. About 50 meters from the waypoint there's another open car with another box. Kill the lone guard and open the box for more money and throwing knives.

When you reach the engine, detach the other cars. A cut scene follows.

You're going to need a birds-eye view for the next segment. Hide until most of the guards disperse, then sneak your way over to the marked vantage point. A combination of hiding and whistling will help you get rid of any straggling guards.

When you get to the vantage point, use the lift to zip up to its top. A cut scene follows.

When the scene is over, dive into the hay rack below. Whistle to attract and kill the guard. If you exit the hay rack from the right side, you'll notice some barrels hanging over some more guards. Throw a knife to cut them down and take them all out with one hit. Squishing the guards with barrels is an optional side-mission, but it doubles as a quick and quiet way to get rid of a lot of foes at once.

Begin making your way to the laboratory. Sneak up on and assassinate any guards in your way. There's a water tower about 100 meters from the waypoint. If you kill the guard hanging around it, you can climb up top, spy another bundle of barrels, and cut them down to add to your barrel-induced body count.

You should spy the entry point about fifty meters from your next waypoint. Incidentally, this is a good time to polish off the optional barrel mission. On your right, a short wall separates the general lab property from the train yard. If you look over the wall, you should see more barrels at the northern end of the yard. Cut them with a throwing knife. Then get back to the main mission.

Climb the walls of the lab and leap onto the balcony to make your way to the entry point. Cross the walkway and whistle to attract the guard. Kill him. Make your way left and sneak in on the interrogation that's ongoing. Toss a smoke bomb at the guards and assassinate them. Then speak to the captive.

When the cut scene is over, you'll need to locate the key to the laboratory. Proceed to the next waypoint via the rooftops for an easy passage. When you enter the next entry point, switch to eagle vision to get an easy ID on your target. Duck behind the box, whistle to attract the nearby guard, and kill him.

Track down your target, sneak up, and steal the key.

Your next waypoint is about 140 meters away. Use your eagle vision to find the secret lab entrance. Activate the lift in the next room to descend to your next waypoint.

Don't forget to use up any skill points you've acquired up to this point. Unlock Double Assassination. It's extremely useful, and it's necessary for unlocking other skills.

When you exit the lift, two guards are standing side-by-side, blocking your way. Seems like a good time to try out your new skill. Head up the ramp and head right to find a box with more knives, smoke bombs, and money. Go back, head left at the junction this time, and use Double Assassination again on the pair of guards you encounter. Watch the next cut scene.

Go west to find an opening on your left. You can use lamps and beams to make your way east, to the room where Brewster is located. You can climb onto the guard rail and make your way to higher ground in order to perform an optional air assassination. You can also drop down and kill him at ground-level.

When the ensuing cut scene ends, flee the crumbling laboratory. This is the end of the second sequence.

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