Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 3: Somewhere That's Green Guide - Templar Hunt - Harold Drake, and Gang War

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 3: Somewhere That's Green Guide - Templar Hunt - Harold Drake, and Gang War

Complete all Memories in Sequence 3 with this Assassin's Creed Syndicate walkthrough and guide.

Your main objective in sequence 3 is to conquer the troubled Whitechapel borough in order to weaken the Templars' power over London. This sequence involves making new allies and breaking up the iron grip other gangs have over the area. Read on for a complete Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 3: Somewhere That's Green Guide. Plus a guide to Templar Hunt - Harold Drake, and the Gang War.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 3: Somewhere That's Green Guide

Meet fellow assassin Henry Green and meet Charles Darwin in the flesh.

  • Chase the thief
  • Locate the thief
  • Kill the thugs
  • Get to the factory
  • Arrive before Evie (optional)
  • Synchronize with the vantage point
  • Trail Henry Green
  • Wreck the thugs' carriage
  • Get to Henry Green's shop

After a short cut scene, a street urchin runs into Jacob -- who quickly discovers the boy stole from him. You need to chase him through the streets of London. The boy is marked as the next waypoint, but beware: if you fall too far behind, he'll get away and you'll have to start the chase over. Don't worry if you attract the attention of any guards as you run; they'll drop off as long as you don't stop the chase.

The chase leads you into an alley with two guards. Beat them up. Evie shows up when the job's done. She challenges you to a race to the nearest vantage point. The race is an optional quest, but hey, your ego's on the line. Don't waste your time looting the thugs' bodies. Instead, run straight ahead and use the marked lift to reach the rooftops. From there, make your way to the factory.

Henry Green meets up with the twins on the factory roof. When he's done speaking, climb the smokestack to synchronize with the vantage point. A cut scene ensues. When it's done, you'll need to follow Henry Green through London.

During your trip, you literally bump into Charles Darwin. After meeting him, you take control of Henry Green's carriage. Thugs follow you in their own carriages. When the first one sidles up to you, ram the carriage from the side to destroy it. Then repeat the process with the second carriage. Go to the next waypoint, where you'll reunite with Henry Green. Exit his carriage and enter his shop to finish up this memory.

Your new job is to conquer the Whitechapel borough, but you don't have to take a straight route to your objective. There are now side-activities to explore as well. This guide will focus primarily on the main mission, however.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 3 - To Catch an Urchin

The children of Whitechapel and the rest of London are potentially valuable allies, but you have to free their brethren from deplorable working conditions before they'll help out.

  • Get to the warehouse
  • Kill the foreman
  • Free all nine children
  • Don't trigger the alarm (optional)

Select the "To Catch an Urchin" mission from your map and head to the waypoint. As usual, sticking to the rooftops will keep guards off your tail. Also, if you're anywhere near Henry Green's shop, look for a box of loot on the roof to the east of the shop's entrance.

Speak to the kids at the waypoint. They want you to free some other children who are working in grueling conditions at the cities' factories.

Work towards the next waypoint. When you reach the sawmill, wait until the lone guard at the door moves away. Then climb up the wall on the east side of the entrance. There's a doorway on the roof. Go through it and take down the guard inside.

Open the loot box next to the door and go northwest past the crates. Go down the stairs carefully in order to avoid being detected by the guards. On the next floor down you'll find a guard to the south, and your primary target -- the factory's foreman.

Wait for the foreman to move away from the guard near him, then take the guard down. When that's done, kill the foreman and free the children in the southern corner. Then go back to the stairs you came down and move down the next flight of stairs. Take out the guard below, collect the loot box on the western wall, and circle back around to take down the next guard.

There are two more guards on the bottom floor. You can stay on your current floor, let the northeastern guard see you, and take him down when he investigates. Alternatively, you can creep down the stairs, take out the guard stealthily, and take care of the next guard when his patrol takes him your way.

When the guards are done in, free the last of the kids to finish the memory.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 3 - Abberline, We Presume

Kidnap notorious gangster Homer Dalton and deliver him to the authorities. Try and keep him alive.

  • Reach high ground
  • Find Homer Dalton
  • Deliver Homer Dalton
  • Bring back the target alive (optional)

Mark the waypoint for this memory on your map. Then head over to said waypoint to begin the sequence.

When you reach the waypoint, you receive instructions for kidnapping Blighters gang leader Homer Dalton. A live target is highly preferred. To kidnap a target, approach them from behind, undetected, and deliver them to an enclosed carriage.

Get to high ground and use eagle vision to detect Dalton. Make a leap of faith down to ground level, and when the guards around Dalton are looking away, sneak up behind the gangster and kidnap him. If stealth fails and Dalton runs, catch up to him, tackle him, and restrain him.

You need to get Dalton to the carriage, which is the next waypoint. Dalton will struggle while you walk him to the carriage. If he breaks free, chase him down, tackle him, and restrain him again. Shove him in the marked carriage and drive it to the next waypoint, which is the delivery spot. This completes this memory.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Templar Hunt - Harold Drake

Assassinate Templar Harold Drake. Use dynamite to give the hunt some extra bang.

  • Locate Harold Drake
  • Kill target with crate of dynamite (optional)
  • Escape

Open your map and mark the Templar Hunt. Proceed to the next waypoint, which is where Templar Harold Drake is located. Drake is your next assassination target, and killing him with dynamite fulfils an optional quest.

When you enter the building, use eagle vision to scout out the situation. Drake is there, talking about dynamite shipments. The easiest way to dispatch him poetic justice-style is to wait, undetected, in a high area, like the cable running across the width of the warehouse. When Drake approaches the crate near him, use your gun to shoot the crate and set it off.

When the deed is done, escape the area to complete the quest.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Gang Stronghold: Spitalfields

Time to clean house. Kill ten Blighters to expand the Rooks' territory. Try to free and protect any Clinkers being kept prisoner.

  • Eliminate ten Blighters
  • Free and protect captured Clinkers (optional)

Get to the Blighters' stronghold by marking it on your map and travelling to the next waypoint. Enter the stronghold from the northwest corner; the few police officers on duty shouldn't bother you.

Go up the stairs to the east and move around to the alley where the guard is on patrol. Take him down, then do the same to the guard patrolling the west courtyard.

Grab the item box in the south side of the courtyard. There's a lookout patrolling the south side of the alley; wait until they look away to head down the alley. Go past the kids, then wait by the outhouse for the lookout to walk by again. Assassinate them quickly and quietly so you don't have to worry about reinforcements being called in.

Three Blighters down, seven more to go. Take another one out in the courtyard to the east, then go into the first building here to slay another one upstairs. Go back outside and keep going east to find two more. Move up the stairs and climb onto the fence to perform a Double Assassination if you want a bit of extra fun.

Free the Clinker nearby, then continue up the stairs to the north. There's a sniper on patrol here. Wait until she looks away, then take her down.

You can find the last two Blighters to the northwest. The closest one can be dispatched by climbing on top of the adjacent building and performing an air assassination. Climb up on top of the building north of the last Blighter to perform another air assassination.

With that, the Clinkers are free, and the neighborhood's a bit safer.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Gang War: Whitechapel

You've made serious waves across Whitechapel, and gang leader Rexford Kaylock isn't about to surrender his territory without a fight.

  • Confront Rexford Kaylock
  • Kill ten Blighters
  • Kill Rexford Kaylock
  • Talk to Agnes
  • Collect income from the safe
  • Use the Gang Upgrades map
  • Perform the "Buy Medicine" market upgrade

"Gang War" is unlocked once you complete all the Sequence 3 memories as well as Templar Hunt and the Gang Stronghold quests. You can select it from your map, though you may already find yourself at the destined location if you just cleared the Gang Stronghold quest.

Meet up with Henry Green to begin the mission. After a few quick tutorial screens about levelling up, you're thrust into another gang fight. Again, you need to defeat ten Blighters. It shouldn't take long, especially with the help of your new Clinker pals.

Rexford departs on his train. Run after him and climb up the vehicle. Take down the Blighters in your way, then go toe-to-toe with Rexford. Without his goons, he's not difficult.

When the cut scene concludes, talk to Agnes and then interact with the safe next to her. Proceed to the next car and examine the Gang Upgrades map. Get the medicine market upgrade, then take a look at the other unlocked upgrades if you want.

When that's all done, it's time to proceed to the next memory.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 3 - Freedom of the Press

Communications prodigy Alexander Graham Bell fixes the Twins' rope launcher, so it's time to do him a good turn by helping him with his latest project.

  • Drive Alexander Graham Bell's carriage
  • Get to Big Ben
  • Install three fuses
  • Install the fuses without dipping below 30 meters (optional)
  • Speak to Bell
  • Loot 200 metal components
  • Craft Smoke Bomb Upgrade 1
  • Craft Throwing Knife Upgrade 1
  • Get to Bell's workshop

After meeting the one and only Alexander Graham Bell, you agree to help him with his latest project. Drive to Big Ben and use your new rope launcher to reach the top of the clock, which is your next waypoint.

Install the fuse and proceed to the next point. In order to complete the optional mission, use the rope launcher to create a grappling line across the top of the buildings. Run from fuse box to fuse box in this manner; as long as you don't drop below 30 meters, you'll complete the challenge.

When you're done installing the fuses, talk to Bell. There should be stashes of metal components marked on your map; move to the closest one. Go onto the rooftop east of the stash. Grapple onto the adjacent building to the west and perform an air assassination to get rid of the western-most guard while the others have their back turned. Then wait behind the wall to get rid of any guards that come to investigate the body.

When the guards are cleared out, grapple up to the ledge so that you're hanging over the loot. Perform an air assassination on the last guard. Gather the loot and head towards the second waypoint.

This stash is being carefully guarded. If you're spoiling for a fight, you can take out all the guards at once. If you'd rather respect the art of assassination, you can pick off the guards at the outer edge of the mob, then use your rope launcher to hang above the occupied area and soar down to dispatch the rest of the guards one-by-one.

Once you're done, gather your loot and make the first upgrades for the smoke bomb and throwing knife in the crafting menu. Head towards your next waypoint -- Bell's workshop -- to complete the memory and the sequence.

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