Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank - Lucy Thorne, Philip Twopenny Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank - Lucy Thorne, Philip Twopenny Guide

Complete all Memories in Sequence 6 with this Assassin's Creed Syndicate Sequence 6 walkthrough and Guide.

This sequence will see things get ramped up in terms of difficulty, and more of the story will unfold throughout Evie and Jacob's time in London. We can help you get through it all. Read on for our Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank - Lucy Thorne, Philip Twopenny Guide.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank - Lucy Thorne, Philip Twopenny Guide

In this sequence, several major Templar figureheads are assassinated -- and they leave a bit of a mess in their wake. This walkthrough will cover the following memories that can all be found within Sequence 6.

  • A Case of Identity
  • A Spot of Tea
  • One Good Deed
  • A Throne in the Side
  • A Bad Penny

Sequence 6: A Case of Identity

You'll be kidnapping the cruel Mr Dredge in this relatively short memory.

  • Locate Mr Dredge
  • Tackle Dredge
  • Do not kill any policemen (optional)
  • Kidnap Dredge
  • Escape the area with Dredge

You must track down Mr Dredge. If you want to complete the optional challenge, don't kill any policemen. Move east, avoiding the police if possible. Use eagle vision to find Mr Dredge. Once you find him, you need to kidnap him. Go up to the balcony so you can get a birds-eye view of the area, your target, and the surrounding policemen.

Dredge moves around a lot, so it should only be a matter of time before he moves away from the police. That said, you still need to escape after you kidnap him, and the police will notice. So before you kidnap Dredge, knock out the policemen in the area. You can kill them if you're not concerned about the optional challenge (or the fate of your mortal soul).

When the cops are gone, you should have a clear path for your scheme. Move in behind him and perform the kidnapping. Head for the nearest exit once you have him; there are exits on all four sides of the area. Avoid the police as you go. Make your way out of the red highlighted area on the map to finish up the memory.

Sequence 6: A Spot of Tea

A bank robbery is imminent, and Jacob volunteers to help identify the perpetrators.

  • Locate the smuggled Cockham weapons
  • Tail the cargo cart

You begin this memory by trying to locate the smuggled weapons. Turn on eagle vision to highlight the three carts that need to be searched. The carts are guarded, but the guards move around quite a bit so it's not hard to sneak around them and investigate the carts' contents. If you're discovered, you can always feed the guards a knuckle sandwich.

Once you've investigated the carts and located the weapons, go up to the rooftop and hide at the designated spot. When the cart leaves, follow it. You can't be seen during this mission, so stick to the rooftops and follow from above. When the cart stops and departs again, get down to ground level and follow it until it stops one more time. Go back up to the rooftops, wait for the cart to move again, then drop down to the street when you're far enough away from the guards at the previous stop.

Grab a carriage or follow on foot until your target reaches the waypoint. That's the end of this memory.

Sequence 6: One Good Deed

The Blighters are harassing the omnibus manufacturer , Bayley Edward, and demanding that he work for them. Evie must help him out.

  • Defend Edward
  • Drive Edward's carriage
  • Reach the omnibus factory
  • Locate the deed
  • Steal the deed
  • Do not let the target leave the factory (optional)
  • Escape the factory
  • Return the deed

Go to the rooftop waypoint to start this memory. After the cutscene, you find yourself driving a carriage. You must defend Edward from the thugs attacking him.

You can deal with the criminals however you like, but generally the best way is to attack from your carriage. Once the enemies are down, jump over to Edward's carriage and drive to the omnibus factory.

You need to locate the deed for the factory. Go to the roof of the building and take down the sniper in the middle of the roof on the south side. Go through the doorway here and whistle to grab the attention of the first guard. Get rid of him, then keep moving through the factory. You can be stealthy or engage in some killing; it's up to you. Just don't let the target leave the factory if you want to complete the optional challenge.

Use eagle vision to find the guard holding the item you need to steal. Kill him or sneak up behind him, and grab the item. Then leave the factory. Deliver the deed to the next waypoint in order to complete the memory. Sequence 6: A Throne in the Side

Evie makes her move on Lucy Throne -- and tries to discover the true secret of the Shroud.

  • Reach the vantage point
  • Kill fewer than five Royal Guards (optional)
  • Find a way into the White Tower
  • Kill the disguised Templars (optional)
  • Assassinate Lucy Thorne
  • Escape the Tower of London

Go to the first vantage point. Your primary goal is to assassinate Lucy Throne off to the east, but there are other optional tasks to perform as well. You can speak to the Allied Guard to the north, and steal the master key from the Chief Yeoman Warder to the northwest.

If you want to do some of the side objectives, head north and speak with the Allied Guard. This lets you use eagle vision to discover which guards are fake, and therefore need to be killed. Now head toward the Chief, who happens to be patrolling near one of the fake guards. This way you can handle both objectives at the same time.

When you've taken out all three fake guards, go to the next waypoint and talk with the Allied Guard again. You take control of the Allied Guard and "fake kidnap" Evie as you move towards the purple skull marker on-screen.

Go inside the building and go up the stairs. Don't let any guards within your circle of detection. Work your way towards the infiltration mark. When you reach the marker, wait for the signal and assassinate Lucy Thorne.

Now escape the tower the same way you came in, and head to the last waypoint to finish up this memory.

Sequence 6: A Bad Penny

Jacob infiltrates the Bank of England and assassinates banker Philip Twopenny.

  • Reach the Vault
  • Find the secret passage (optional)
  • Assassinate Philip Twopenny
  • Escape the area

It's time to infiltrate the Bank of England and assassinate Philip Twopenny. Again, there are some side missions you can do here, including kidnapping the head of security, which offers a unique kill opportunity. He patrols the northwest side of the bank if you want to grab him.

You can also kidnap the bank manager to get easy access to the vault, and you can kill the vault watcher so you don't have to worry about the vault door closing on you if something goes wrong. Both the bank manager and the vault watcher are near the vault door.

Go to the roof of the Bank of England and use the window entry point on the east side. From here, you can reach the rafters above the bank and hit the vault watcher with a hallucinogenic dart. He's level eight, so you'll need to upgrade the darts at least once for them to have any effect. If the darts aren't an option, you can get a little closer and perform an air assassination.

Go back outside and head over to the window entry point on the northeast side. There's an item box here, and the bank manager will eventually show up as part of his patrol. When he arrives, kidnap him when his back is to you. Use the manager to get to the vault, then grapple up to the rafters to air assassinate Twopenny.

Head to the next waypoint and grapple back up to ground level. Leave the bank and escape to complete the sequence.

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