Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 7: All's Fair in Politics Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 7: All's Fair in Politics Guide

Complete guide to Sequence 7 in this Assassin's Creed Syndicate walkthrough.

In this sequence, Jacob find himself protecting Prime Minister Disraeli. Evie, meanwhile, continues her quest to unravel the mysteries of the Templars with Henry's help, though she must take a side-trip to clean up a big economic mess of Jacob's own making. Read on for our complete Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 7: All's Fair in Politics Guide.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 7: All's Fair in Politics Guide

This Assassin's Creed Syndicate walkthrough will cover the following memories that can all be found within Sequence 7:

  • Playing politics
  • The Bodyguard
  • Driving Mrs Disraeli
  • Unbreaking the bank
  • Change of Plans
  • Motion to Impeach

Sequence 7: Playing Politics

Someone's spying on Prime Minister Disraeli, and Jacob has to catch the perpetrator.

  • Reach the Sinopean Club
  • Spy on the Prime Minister
  • Do not kill any of the guards in the Sinopean Club (optional)
  • Tackle the spy
  • Tackle the sniper
  • Avoid the sniper's shots (optional)
  • Incapacitate the sniper

Go up to the roof of the building where the next waypoint is located. From the rooftop, make a Leap of Faith down into the haystack. Assassinate the guard nearby, then move over to the next waypoint. You must spy on the Prime Minister, with the optional challenge of not killing any guards in the Sinopean Club.

Go back to the haystack, where you can spy on the Prime Minister without being seen by any guards. If the Prime Minister goes out of range, leave the haystack and move within the yellow circle to keep spying. Keep a close eye on the guards and the Prime Minister; if any of them spot you, the memory will fail. Try keeping eagle vision activated so you can watch the patrolling guards' routes.

Once the Prime Minister's conversation is done, tackle the spy as he leaves the area. A sniper takes out the spy, so now you must tackle the sniper. If you can avoid the sniper's fire, you'll complete an optional challenge. Watch for the markers that indicate when the sniper is about to fire.

Go up to the rooftop and run after the sniper. Tackle them as soon as they're in range. Catching the sniper finishes the memory.

Sequence 7: The Bodyguard

Jacob must guard the Disraelis from would-be assassins.

  • Infiltrate the Disraelis' carriage
  • Defend the Disraelis
  • Keep the carriage's damage below 50% (optional)
  • Hijack the carriage
  • Hijack the carriage in less than one minute (optional)
  • Secure the carriage

Go up to the roof and stand on the ledge to start this memory. Grapple over to the rooftop north of the next waypoint, then activate eagle vision to determine the location of the police in the nearby area. Infiltrate the carriage at the next waypoint once the police move on.

Grapple up near the roof of the southern building and assassinate the four attackers on the ledges. The easiest way to do this is to hang onto the ledge below the attackers, so you can score quick assassinations on each one. When they're down, go east and air assassinate one of the attackers below. Then finish off the remaining thugs in the immediate area.

Once the first two sets of attackers are done for, go west to engage the next group. If you move fast enough, you can keep the carriage above 50% health and finish up the optional challenge.

Get in the closest carriage and urge the horses to catch up to the target carriage. When you get close, hop onto the roof, then hijack the carriage. If you can complete this task within a minute, you'll complete another optional challenge.

Drive to a secure area outside the red-marked rectangle on the mini-map. This initiates a cut scene and finishes the memory.

Sequence 7: Driving Mrs Disraeli

Mrs Disraeli wants some excitement, and Jacob is roped into escorting her through London's worst slum.

  • Use tools to distract the reporters
  • Distract the reporters with the nearby paper girl (optional)
  • Escape the journalists
  • Reach Mrs Disraeli's carriage
  • Escort Mrs Disraeli to Devil's Acre
  • Escort Mrs Disraeli through the slums
  • Do not get detected by the thugs in the slum (optional)
  • Follow Desmond's barks to find the dognapper
  • Escape with Mrs Disraeli
  • Escort Mrs Disraeli back to 10 Downing Street

When you begin the memory, go across the street and talk to the paper girl to distract the journalists and complete the optional challenge. Run away to escape the journalists, then double-back to get to the carriage, which is the next waypoint.

Drive to the next waypoint, avoiding journalists along the way. If you run into any, urge the horses on to escape them as quickly as possible. When you reach the waypoint, get out of the carriage and escort Mrs Disraeli through the slum.

There are several thugs between your current location and the next waypoint. You can't go too far from Mrs Disraeli, but you can pause your escorting duties to take out the trash. If you want to complete another optional challenge, hide around corners to whistle at the thugs and take them down with covert assassinations.

When you've escorted Mrs Disraeli to the next few waypoints, a cut scene follows and Mrs Disraeli's dog is stolen. Travel across the series of waypoints to catch up and return the dog. After another cut scene, you must flee the area with Mrs Disraeli. Escort her back to 10 Downing Street to finish the memory.

Sequence 7: Unbreaking the Bank

Jacob's made a big mess out of the Bank of England, and now Britain itself is on the verge of economic collapse. Evie has to clean it up.

  • Follow Abberline
  • Locate the counterfeiter
  • Tail the counterfeiter
  • Steal the printing plates
  • Burn the counterfeit money (optional)
  • Reach the Bank of England
  • Let the civilians into the bank (optional)
  • Return the printing plates
  • Escape the Bank of England
  • Speak to Abberline

Follow Abberline, then head towards the counterfeiter. Use eagle vision to locate your target, wait for him to recruit two guards, then follow him to his carriage. Keep tailing him until his carriage stops.

Get out of your carriage and go towards your target. Activate eagle vision to determine where the printing plates are located. Go over to the building with the plates and enter through the window on the north side. Assassinate the guard standing near the window, and the second guard patrolling the stairs nearby. Move into the room to the south and burn the counterfeit money to complete the optional challenge.

Go down the stairs to assassinate the guard at the bottom. Then steal the plates that are in the same room. Move to the next waypoint, which is the Bank of England. Knock out or kill the policemen at the entrance to the bank in order to allow civilians in, which completes another optional challenge. Then head inside the bank, grapple up to the roof, and enter through the window on the north side.

Drop down to the floor and pick the lock to the nearby door for a quick walk to the waypoint that lets you return the plates. If you don't have your lockpicking skills levelled high enough, you'll have to deal with the guards, and you won't get access to the optional item box.

Head back out the way you came in, and get a safe distance away from the bank. Head to the final waypoint to finish the memory and speak to Abberline.

Sequence 7: Change of Plans

Henry and Evie team up to dig up more information about the Shroud.

  • Find the documents
  • Use Henry's distraction twice (optional)
  • Kidnap a nearby Templar
  • Find Henry
  • Investigate Henry's disappearance
  • Follow the kidnappers' carriage
  • Kill the guards with hanging barrels (optional)
  • Free Henry
  • Escort Henry out of the area

You must track down the item box containing the documents. There are three boxes in the restricted area, but none of them actually have the documents. Regardless, you need to search them in order to progress to the next part of your task.

If you want to complete the optional challenge, go to the fountain around the western corner of the restricted area. The item box here doesn't have the documents, but it does have a schematic. Once there's a guard in your sights, call Henry over as a distraction. Use it once and be ready to open up the item box when he drops the smoke bomb. Then use a second distraction to finish the optional challenge.

To find the documents you're actually looking for, go into the building at the southeast side of the restricted area. Go down to ground level and assassinate the guard at the door, then sneak up the stairs inside. There's a second guard at the ground floor, so dispose of him or sneak past him.

Get rid of the guard in the room at the top of the stairs. Open the item box he's guarding.

Go over to the building around the northeast corner of the restricted area; this is where the item box containing the documents is located. Sneak inside the window on the west side of the building and go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, get the guard's attention by whistling. Then access the item box.

Now that you've checked all three item boxes, you must kidnap a Templar to figure out where to go next. Go to the northwest building in the area; there's an open window with a single Templar guard here. This is the easiest guard to kidnap. Jump into the window and kidnap them. You shouldn't face any interference from any other guards.

Go to the next waypoint and search the highlighted areas to discern what happened to Henry. Speak to the girl on the sidewalk, then go to the next waypoint and activate eagle vision. Follow the cart tracks. When you get to the end of the tracks, talk to the people at the markers while avoiding the guards. Speak to the people until you reach the ladder that goes underground.

Go down the tunnel, killing guards as you go. When you reach the opening, you'll find Henry and three more guards. If you kill any of the two guards with hanging barrels, you'll complete another optional challenge. Either way, when the guards are gone, open the item box in the corner and then free Henry.

You have to escort him to safety, and unfortunately he's not very good at dodging guards. Once you get back up to ground level, use a knife to cut down the hanging barrels and take out another group of enemies. When you get to the next area, fight until Evie notices a sniper on the roof. Grapple up top and take the sniper down before joining Henry on the ground again. Finish off the remaining enemies. Henry will finally run away again, and the memory finishes.

Sequence 7: Motion to Impeach

Jacob moves to assassinate Lord Cardigan within the Houses of Parliament.

  • Find the Earl of Cardigan
  • Do not kill any policemen (optional)
  • Do not get detected by the target (optional)
  • Assassinate the Earl of Cardigan
  • Escape the Houses of Parliament

Go to the top of the building at the waypoint to start this memory. You'll be assassinating Lord Cardigan.

Typical of the final memory in most sequences, you have some unique kill opportunities to pursue if you wish. You can also kidnap the corrupt policeman who patrols the north side of the area. Doing so will give you easy access into parliament. Alternatively, speak with the politician in the middle of the building, on the ground floor. He'll find the Earl for you and lead you right to him.

If you decide to speak to the politician, first you need to steal the password from the minister. He patrols the north courtyard near the main building. Get the password, then enter the main building through the balcony on the west side. Kill the guard in the room, then speak with the politician.

Follow the politician to a doorway, killing guards as necessary. Once you're inside, assassinate the Earl of Cardigan. Escape the building and get to a safe distance to finish the memory and complete the sequence.

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