Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom Guide

A complete guide to Sequence 8 in this Assassin's Creed Syndicate guide.

In this sequence, the search for Starrick and the Piece of Eden continues. Jacob's continued efforts attract the attention of London's biggest criminal mastermind, Maxwell Roth. Read on for our complete Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom Guide.

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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 8: The Joys of Freedom Guide

This walkthrough will cover all the memories found within Sequence 8:

  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Triple Theft
  • Fun and Games
  • The Final Act

Sequence 8: Strange Bedfellows

Jacob accepts Maxwell Roth's dinner invitation. The dinner date concludes with the dismantling of explosives.

  • Reach Roth
  • Drive to the destination with Roth
  • Follow Roth
  • Locate and destroy the explosives
  • Use the moving train (optional)
  • Destroy all the dynamite by igniting it (optional)
  • Find a driver
  • Kidnap a driver
  • Reach the locomotive with the driver

Go to the northeast side of the building to find its back entrance. Talk to the doorman, then walk down the stairs, past the tree prop. Speak with Roth. After a quick conversation, drive Roth's carriage to the next waypoint.

Get out of the carriage and follow Roth to the train tracks above. Next, you must locate and destroy five explosives. You can use the moving train for an optional bonus, but you only need to stay on the train long enough to locate the explosives. To do this, hop on the train as it passes, then activate eagle vision as you pull into the station. As soon as you spot the explosives, you'll complete the optional objective. Now you can get off the train.

The station is full of enemies. You must destroy the dynamite by igniting it if you wish to complete the second optional objective. Go behind the locomotive to avoid detection from most of the foes on the north side.

There are five dynamite packs scattered throughout the two large rooms. One of the five is located upstairs in the northwest corner. It's not too difficult to assassinate the guards in your path as you head to each of the dynamite packs (which are marked red on your mini-map). You can also get their attention and take them on in one go if you're confident about your fighting abilities. Hallucinogenic darts also come in handy, and minimize any chances of taking damage. If you need to make a quick exit, use your smoke bombs. Finally, you can grapple up to the rafters if you need to take a breather.

Next, you need to kidnap a driver. Turn on eagle vision and look on the north side of the western room. This is easier to do from the second floor, where one of the dynamite packs was located. Before you kidnap the driver, clear the northeast corner close to the locomotive so you won't have to worry about getting interrupted by the guards.

Once you find the driver, drop down and kidnap him. Escort him to the locomotive at the next waypoint to finish the memory.

Sequence 8: Triple Theft

Jacob and Roth plan to capture three of Starrick's associates in order to loosen his control over the borough.

  • Reach the National Gallery
  • Do not kill anyone inside the target locations (optional)
  • Do not let any target escape from being kidnapped (optional)
  • Find clues to Hattie's whereabouts
  • Kidnap Hattie Cadwallader
  • Deliver Hattie to Roth
  • Reach Saint James Park
  • Kidnap Benjamin Raffles
  • Deliver Benjamin to Roth
  • Reach Scotland Yard
  • Kidnap Chester Swinbourne
  • Deliver Chester to Roth
  • Reach the delivery point

Get into Roth's carriage and go to the National Gallery, which is the next waypoint. Go north down the alleyway and talk with the girl standing in front of the gate. Go through the gate, but watch for the policeman on the far side of the yard. When he turns his back, go up behind him and knock him out, then talk to the boy by the next gate.

You'll find stairs leading down to the right, north of the boy. There are several policemen in the area, and if you wish to get the optional bonuses, you can't kill anyone. To avoid the police, grapple up to the rooftop and turn on eagle vision to spot your target to the north. Then drop down near the stairs and wait for the guard who patrols the courtyard. Let him walk past. Then move behind him and knock him out.

When the guards above ground are cleared away, go down the stairs and into the lower level. You have to go down the hallway to the east, but there's a guard in the hallway as well as two more in the next hallway to the left, and two more in the adjacent hallway. If you want to score the bonus rewards, you can't kill them, but you can knock them out. Wait until only one guard is in the first hallway, then take him down without using lethal force.

Hide in the alcove where you can see your kidnap target, and wait for the first patrolling guard to come into view. Turn on your eagle vision so you know where the other guards are. As soon as the first guard moves back out of sight, walk behind him and knock him out. Quickly move his body back into the alcove and wait for the second patrolling guard to pass by.

Again, as soon as the guard has his back to you, move in behind him and knock him out. Now there are only two guards in the adjacent hallway, but you don't need to worry about them; it's pretty easy to avoid these guys on your way out.

Now that the necessary guards are incapacitated, go towards the room where your next target is located. Wait until she moves to the west side of the room, then access the item box in the northwest corner (you'll need the necessary lockpicking skills). Finally, kidnap Hattie. It's important that you don't let her see you before you execute the kidnapping, otherwise it'll cost you the optional bonus reward.

Go back the way you came, keeping a close eye on the guards you didn't knock out. When you're in the back alley where you first talked to the little girl, go towards the next waypoint on your map. It's a bit of a detour, but easier than going through all the police offices via the more direct route.

Put Hattie in the carriage at the waypoint and drive to Saint James Park. When you get to your destination, exit the carriage and kidnap your next target, Benjamin Raffles. Grapple up to the rooftop of the building to the east and activate eagle vision to study the location of Raffles' guards.

Several guards surround the park and Raffles. If you don't want the bonus rewards, you can just kill the guards and then grab Raffles. However, if you want the bonuses, you have to loop around to the south side of the park. This requires you to use rooftops to avoid having the guards detect you. Drop down to the street near the south side of the park and watch for the patrolling carriage. When the coast is clear, enter the park from the south side.

Hide in the haystacks around the park and wait for Raffles to move away from the gazebo in the center of the park. When he's clear of the gazebo, blend in with the crowd and wait for him to return to the gazebo. Then kidnap him as soon as he turns around to walk away again. Keep an eye on the patrolling guard to the east of the gazebo. You can't nab Raffles if he's looking at the structure. Remember, if Raffles sees you once during the whole procedure, it counts as him escaping from you and you won't get the optional bonus rewards.

Now that you have Raffles, you must escape. This takes good timing thanks to the carriages patrolling the streets surrounding the park. Avoid the red circles that surround the carriages in order to ensure you're not detected. Exit the park via the western exit as soon as one of the carriages goes by. Quickly move south until you reach the next street, then head right (west) and take a wide circle around to the next waypoint. Your carriage is here.

Go to Scotland Yard, but don't take the route laid out for you; you'll wind up in the arms of your enemies. Instead, go north and circle around to your destination. When you arrive, exit the carriage once more, as you need to kidnap one more person: Chester Swinbourne.

Grapple up to the rooftop of the building to the north, then use the roofs to get to your target. When you get to the building where your target is located, go around to the north side of the building to find an open window. This entry point is conveniently right next to your target.

Go through the window, then wait for Swinbourne to turn his back. Kidnap him when it's safe. You're in Scotland Yard, so of course there are guards everywhere. But if you walk slowly and are patient, you can get down to the bottom floor without getting too close to any policemen.

Don't go out the main door; there's a guard standing in front of it. Instead, circle around to the right over to the second door, then go right again (watching for the policemen's patrols) until you get back to the main street. Circle around the block to get back to the carriage, then drive it to the delivery point. It takes some patience, but this is the best way to do things if you want the bonus rewards. If you're not interested in being patient and you don't want the rewards, just kill everyone and take a more direct route.

When you reach the final waypoint, the memory is finished.

Sequence 8: Fun and Games

Jacob and Roth plan their next bit of fun: Sow a bit more chaos by blowing up one of Starrick's factories.

  • Reach Starrick's workshop
  • Follow Roth
  • Rig the workshop with dynamite
  • Don't kill anyone while placing the explosives (optional)
  • Speak to Roth
  • Rescue the children
  • Rescue the children in under two minutes (optional)

Drive to Starrick's workshop, and follow Roth up the ladder to the roof. You must rig the area with dynamite in four separate places. If you want to achieve the optional bonus, you can't kill anyone during your activities.

Getting this optional bonus can be tricky. It's easy to kill everyone and get the job done, but when you can't kill anyone, it's far more difficult. There are three locations with two crates of dynamite in each. Don't go for the crates near the northeast gate. Instead, focus on the other two locations. They're easier to access.

First, clear the three snipers on the building rooftops. There are two snipers in the main search area, and a third one on the building southeast of the search area. Once all three are knocked out (don't kill them if you want the optional bonus), take out the guard patrolling the street on the southeast side, then the other guard patrolling the street on the west side. There's another guard patrolling the northeast street, but you don't have to worry about him.

These are the guards that will generally spot you while you go for the dynamite. Now that they're out of the way, you can easily move around the rooftops and take down the handful of guards within eyesight of the dynamite crates.

Don't worry about the guard at the northeastern gate; he won't see you going for the dynamite in the east corner. You also don't need to worry about the guard patrolling near the gate, as you can easily avoid him. All the other guards that look like they can see you can be knocked out without fear of the other guards being alerted.

When you pick up a crate, a new marker appears indicating where it needs to be placed. For the most part, the placement is near the cart's original location, so you won't have to travel far. If necessary, you can put the crate down, knock out a guard, and pick it back up again.

Once you place all four crates, grapple back to Roth and speak to him. Unfortunately you have to go back to the restricted area to rescue the kids from the explosion. Head through the window on the northeast side, then open the door on the southwest side to free the children who are conscious. There are three more children that you must carry out onto the street. Pick up the first one and run to the street to put him down. If you get interrupted by a thug, put the kid down at the designated area, then fight the enemy. You have three minutes to clear out the kids, but if you can do it in two, you'll earn another optional bonus.

When all the kids are out, the memory is finished.

Sequence 8: The Final Act

Jacob must find Maxwell Roth in the Alhambra Music Hall and assassinate him.

  • Infiltrate the Alhambra Music Hall
  • Loot a mask from Roth's guard near the music hall
  • Follow the usher into the music hall
  • Reach the music hall's vantage point
  • Kill Roth's decoys
  • Do not use ranged weapons to kill the decoys (optional)
  • Assassinate Maxwell Roth
  • Escape the Alhambra
  • Escape the Alhambra in less than 90 seconds (optional)

It's time to assassinate Maxwell Roth. Secondary options in this assassination mission include a stealth opportunity from the usher (marked by a green emblem), assistance from the waitress (blue emblem), and a unique kill opportunity from the machinist (purple emblem).

The usher allows you to enter the theatre easily. He can be found just outside the west entrance to the theatre. Take out the two guards in the park west of the theatre, then loot a mask off one of them. When you have the mask, you can follow the usher into the theatre.

Go up the stairs and take down the two guards in the first room. Move into the theatre and grapple up to the balcony to reach the vantage point. Stand on the railing to find your targets. If you talk to the waitress on the second floor, you will poison her drinks. She'll then deliver them to the enemies you need to kill on that floor.

At this point, you need only kill the remaining masked targets. If you have the Lockpicking II skill, you can unlock the door and free the machinist. He'll lower the rafters, which lets you grapple up to the rafters over the stage and cut the rope to easily kill Roth. If you don't have Lockpicking II, however, you'll have to dirty your hands.

Once Roth is dead, you need to exit the theatre. If you can escape within 90 seconds, you'll score the optional bonus rewards. To do this, go to the main exit, but grapple up to the second floor and jump over the balcony to reach the exit. If you try to go the normal route, your path will be blocked by rubble from the fire.

Escape the theatre to complete the sequence. Continue to Sequence 9: Double Trouble Walkthrough and learn how to complete the game.

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