Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 4: A Quick and Reliable Remedy Guide

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 4: A Quick and Reliable Remedy Guide

Complete all Memories in Sequence 4 with this Assassin's Creed Syndicate walkthrough and guide.

In this sequence, the twins go in their own directions. Jacob continues his campaign to weaken the Templars' hold on London, which involves investigating Starrick's Soothing Syrup monopoly. Read on for our Assassin's Creed Syndicate Walkthrough - Sequence 4: A Quick and Reliable Remedy Guide.

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Sequence 4: A Spoonful of Syrup

Something shady is going on with the soothing syrup being distributed across the city. Jacob begins asking questions.

  • Tackle the merchant
  • Find the distributor
  • Steal the distributor's information
  • Steal the plan undetected (optional)
  • Find the distribution boss
  • Kidnap the boss
  • Remain undetected (optional)
  • Question distribution boss

Open the map and move south to the Lambeth region. Mark the Jacob Memory symbol, then grab a carriage and move to the marked area.

Speak to the crooked soothing syrup merchant. When he flees, give chase. It's best not to chase him directly, since he locks several gates behind him. Instead, follow until he slips into the sewers, then make your own way to the sewers via the only entrance currently available.

When you're on the streets again, tackle the merchant for answers about the syrup's origins. Then head to the next waypoint and get to high ground. Use eagle vision and look towards the nearby carriage to find the distributor. Follow the carriage until it stops in town.

If the distributor gets out of the carriage, you can sneak up on him and steal the plans before he moves on to the next area. If he doesn't get out of the carriage, grab a carriage yourself and bash the distributor's carriage until he moves on to his next destination and gets out.

Your next job is to find the distribution boss, who's at your next waypoint. When you get to your destination, go inside and use the rope launcher to get to the ceiling beams. Use your eagle vision to locate the boss and observe the placement of surrounding guards.

Take out any guards that might try to stop you as you sneak up on the boss. Once they're dealt with, creep up behind the boss and kidnap him. If he spies you before you grab him, you won't get the optional challenge bonus, so tread carefully. Smoke bombs can help you remain undetected.

Sequence 4: Unnatural Selection

Sabotage the distillery -- peacefully, if possible.

  • Open the distillery door
  • Follow your ally
  • Sabotage the valves
  • Kill everyone in the building with the gas (optional)

Head to the waypoint for the next memory. You need to open the distillery door, but it's easier said than done; there are guards everywhere.

Grapple above the guard standing in front of the door and wait for the others to turn their backs. Assassinate the door guard once his fellows' backs are turned, then quickly open the door.

When you're inside, follow the old man. He sabotages one valve and tasks you with taking out the others, which are three floors above.

Unsurprisingly, there are guards everywhere, but you can't kill them if you want to complete the mission's optional challenge. You're still allowed to knock out the guards, however, so refrain from delivering killing blows and you'll be fine.

Grapple up to the first level and take care of the valve. If you're spotted, drop down to the bottom floor to avoid a fight. However, the lower floors fill with gas as you progress, so dropping down to stay out of sight eventually becomes impossible. If worst comes to worst, knock out any guards that come after you, but don't kill them.

Sabotage all the valves and the lever at the very top of the distillery. Meet Charles Darwin to complete the memory.

Sequence 4: On the Origin of Syrup

Mr Owen knows about the origin of the soothing syrup -- but you're going to have to rough him up a little before he'll talk.

  • Hijack Mr Owen's carriage
  • Damage the carriage to frighten Owen
  • Stop the carriage

When you reach the waypoint for this memory, you meet Charles Darwin again. He encourages you to chase Mr Owen. "Borrow" the nearest carriage and give chase.

When you get close, get onto the roof of your carriage and jump over to Owen's carriage to hijack it.

When you're in control of Owen's rig, smash it into everything you can in order to deplete its health bar. It's best not to run into any hostile carriages, or else you might get pulled into a fight. Once the health bar is depleted, the carriage stops and Owen talks.

Sequence 4: Cable News

Rescue a hostage ship crew and gather up more cable lines for Mr Bell.

  • Find the missing crew
  • Kill the Blighters
  • Use darts on fire sources near nine enemies (optional)
  • Loot the cable lines from the crates
  • Get to the cargo ship
  • Loot the crate
  • Get back to Bell's workshop

Inspect the door at the waypoint to begin this memory. You need to find the missing crew.

Go to the next waypoint to find some hostages being held by a few Blighters. To complete the mission's optional challenge, aim your hallucinogenic darts at the fire sources burning near the enemies. Make sure you're far enough away to not be seen, but make sure the fire sources are highlighted before you shoot. Otherwise, you may be too far to hit your target.

If you run out of darts, there are plenty of extras lying around in item boxes.

You need to loot three crates for cable lines. Use your eagle vision to locate each one. Once you've taken what you need, go to the next waypoint, which is the cargo ship. Move quickly; it begins to depart as you draw near. If you can't get on the ship before it starts to move, use the Rope Launcher to help close the gap.

If all else fails, just follow the ship until it reaches the next dock. Make sure you stay close enough to the vessel to keep the mission going.

When you reach the ship, examine the crate. If you board the ship after it docks, your gang will take care of the Blighters. Proceed to the next waypoint, which is Bell's workshop.

Sequence 4: Overdose

It's time to pay a very unpleasant visit to the asylum and take care of Dr John Elliotson.

  • Reach the vantage point
  • Kill Dr Elliotson
  • Stop the electroconvulsive therapy session (optional)
  • Don't fire your gun (optional)
  • Talk to the nurse
  • Steal the master key
  • Kill the young doctor
  • Hide the body
  • Lie on the stretcher
  • Escape the asylum

When you reach the waypoint, talk to Charles Darwin to begin the memory. Go to the building straight ahead and use the Rope Launcher to reach its top. Synchronize, then drop down to the roof below and go through the entry point on the north side of the building.

Drop down until you reach the floor where the vantage point is located. There are several guards on patrol here. You can use eagle vision to get a feel for their movements. Go through the doorway, down the stairs, and to the right. Go down the next hallway, past the wheelchair. Go into the room at the end of the hallway on the left to reach the vantage point.

You must assassinate Dr Elliotson, and if you're feeling particularly sharp, you can try to do it without firing a bullet. You can also try and stop his shock therapy session.

Go back out the way you came, and leave through the hallway's entry point. Climb up to the roof and go northeast, approaching the nurse's location.

Enter the building through the north-side window, closest to the nurse's location. Drop down to the bottom floor to speak with the nurse about the master key, which opens all the doors in the facility. It's being held by the male nurse, who patrols the stairway west of the nurse's location. Take him down and loot his body for the master key.

Go back outside and use the entry way in the middle of the building on the east side. Once you're in, head south and slide through the opening near the floor. Go down the hallway to the east, killing any guards you come across.

Go past the patient on the stretcher to the far end of the hallway. There are two guards in the room below, and a third guard patrolling the room and adjacent hallway. When the patrolling guard enters the room, take him out and then polish off the other two.

Before assassinating the doctor downstairs, you should clear a path for your impending escape. Take out the guards on the floor, then head downstairs. Get rid of the guard patrolling the hallway, then head west, taking out the other guard.

When your reach the corpse, pick it up and hide it. Then lie on the stretcher. After a cut scene, you're presented with the opportunity to assassinate Dr Elliotson.

Once that's done, leave the building and move out of the danger area, which is indicated by a red circle on the map.

Sequence 4: The Crate Escape

Jacob and Evie find themselves in a tough spot, but it's nothing a bit of teamwork won't handle.

  • Search the Templar Chest
  • Defend the Templar Chest

To start this memory, fast travel to the train hideout and enter the passenger car closest to the engine. Approach the desk on the right.

Once you have your mission, use the Rope Launcher to reach the building to the west. Get to the highest point of the rooftop, which puts you directly across the northern sniper guard. Grapple above the sniper and use an air assassination to take care of them.

There's another sniper to the south, on a balcony. Grapple on over and kill them.

From here, you can grapple from guard to guard and take care of them quietly, or drop down and rile them all up at once. Either way, clear the guards away from the immediate area around the Templar chest, then jump into the cart and search it.

You're spotted, so it's time for the twins to work together again. Jacob takes the horses' reins while you shoot down approaching enemies. Make sure to keep an eye on your ammo and reload when necessary so you don't find yourself shooting blanks at a vital point. Also, watch for the icon indicating when you need to dodge incoming fire.

Hold off the enemies until Jacob gives the go-ahead. You then have ten seconds to jump out of the cart and reach the waypoint. Start moving as soon as the timer pops up, and you should be fine. Once you reach the waypoint, the memory is finished.

Sequence 4: Playing it by Ear

Evie and Henry Green pay a visit to the famed Kenway Mansion in search of more information about the Piece of Eden. During the mission, they do a bit of treasure-hunting.

  • Find the jackdaw sculpture
  • Find Kenway's secret
  • Discover all seven items in Kenway's memorabilia collection (optional)
  • Look around the room for clues
  • Perform the piano puzzle without hitting a wrong note (optional)
  • Find Kenway's treasure
  • Examine Kenway's treasure
  • Find a way to escape
  • Open the secret hatch
  • Leave the Kenway Mansion

Speak to Henry Green in the train hideout. You'll travel together to the Kenway Mansion and the Jackdaw sculpture (yes, it's all a callback to Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag).

After a cut scene, you begin your hunt for Kenway's secret, plus an optional challenge to discover all seven items in Kenway's memorabilia collection.

Guards are patrolling the mansion's entrance, of course. When they have their backs to you, move in and grapple to the roof. Go around to the southwest corner of the mansion and free run to the window entry point.

Watch for the guard inside the window; slip in when he turns his back, and assassinate him. Move into the room to the east and take down another guard. Look at the map on the table that's up against the east wall to find the first item in Kenway's collection.

Keep going down the hallway to the west and kill the guard in the room at the end of the hallway on the right. Edward Kenway's hat is on a table in this room. It's one of his artifacts.

Go through the doorway on the north side of the room, keeping an eye out for the guard patrolling the hallway. Go east down the hall and into the first room on the left. You'll see another guard; take them out if necessary. A table against the west wall of this room contains another artifact.

Head back to the previous room and go down the stairs. Enter the doorway on the north side of the room, then down the hallway on the right. The door that leads to the next room on the left is locked, but you can make short work of it if you have the Lockpicking II skill. Inside the locked room is an item box that contains silk, metal, and money.

Continue down the hall and look at the model of the Jackdaw ship. This is another item in Kenway's collection.

Go back to the main room where the stairs are located. Look on the wall on the north side of the stairs to find Edward's pistols. Then move around to the south side of the stairs to find Edward's swords. These are the fifth and sixth items in his collection.

Go into the southern hallway, but don't enter the highlighted door just yet. Instead, look at another Jackdaw model on the table on the left side of the hallway. It's the last item in Kenway's collection, which completes your optional challenge.

Enter the highlighted door and take a look at the piano in the room. Enter the following notes in order: D,A,D,E,F,D. If you do it right, you'll unlock a hidden passage in the floor -- and if you do it right the first time you try, you'll complete an optional challenge like the excellent musical scholar you are. There's no time limit between notes, so don't rush.

Go into the secret passage and collect the loot from the item box to the right. Look at the shining object on the table on the far side of the room. Using eagle vision, interact with the ship wheel on the wall to uncover another secret passage. Go through it and up the ladder to finish the sequence.

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