Dreams Early Access - How to Enter the Dreams PS4 Early Access

Dreams Early Access - How to Enter the Dreams PS4 Early Access

Here's our guide on everything we need to know about the Dreams Creators early access phase, including how you can get access to the beta, and more.

Dreams from Media Molecule has been a long time coming, and it's just entered the early access phase. In our Dreams early access guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about this period, providing you with answers to all your various questions.

When Does Dreams Early Access Start?

Good news if you're looking to get started creating in Dreams, because early access for Dreams is available right now. Although it is a paid early access period (more on that below), the period will be running from now until when the final game launches.

The sky really is the limit with Dreams. | Media Molecule/Sony

Unfortunately, no one knows when Dreams will actually launch. Although it's slated to release at some point in 2019, there's no word yet from Media Molecule or Sony as to what period or month of the year Dreams could launch in.

How to Enter Dreams Early Access

To enter the early access period for Dreams, you're unfortunately going to have to shell out real-world money. The Dreams early access period can be purchased right now from the PSN Store, for $29.99.

Media Molecule previously showcased one sweet mech in Dreams. | Media Molecule/Sony

Note that once you've purchased Dreams Early Access, you'll have access to the game until the final game launches and the Early Access version is updated to become the final release. This means that even if Dreams doesn't launch for another year, you'll be able to constantly play the early access version during this entire period.

How Much Does Dreams Early Access Cost?

For access to Dreams Early Access, you'll be charged $29.99. This is the only payment you'll have to make during the entire period, so there won't be any additional charges, including in-game charges, the entire time you're playing.

Note that over on the official Dreams website, the early access page notes that there's limited space for players right now. The early access period is based on a first come, first serve model, and while we don't know the number of players that this is limited to, it's better to be safe and get in there early if you're really looking forward to Dreams.

What Content is Available in Dreams Early Access?

In the early access period, you'll get access to the full range of creative tools for Dreams. This means that all the amazing creations that you saw put together back in the Creators Beta for the game, like the Dead Space recreation, were put together using the same tools that will be available to you during the early access period for Dreams.

However, what you won't have access to is the campaign for Dreams. Yes, there actually will be a story-based campaign available for Dreams at launch, and while we don't currently know anything about the actual campaign itself, we do know that it won't be available as part of the early access period for Dreams. This will be added once Dreams is finally released, at no extra cost to Early Access owners.

Will More Content be Added to the Dreams Early Access in the Future?

Yes, Media Molecule has pledged to add more content for the Dreams early access period in the future. Although the developer hasn't been specific about what sort of content or features could be implemented in the game, this does confirm that we're going to be playing a somewhat evolving game over the course of the early access period.

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