The Division 2 PvP Builds - On the Ropes LMG Build, Best Builds

If you’re heading into PvP in The Division 2, you’ll need to run with a good build. Here are the best builds in The Division 2.

The Division 2 offers its players plenty to do on the streets of D.C. There are Strongholds to take on, Contaminated Zones to explore, and even PvP modes to conquer. The PvP elements of The Division 2 are its best hidden, and you could play through the entire game without dipping your toe in at any point. You absolutely should though, as The Division 2 PvP is a great way to maximize your endgame build, and to hone your shooting skills. In this The Division 2 PvP Builds Guide, we’ll be looking at the best PvP Builds in The Division 2. From the four-shot LMG build, to a powerful build using the On the Ropes Perk.

The Division 2 PvP Builds

There are many different The Division 2 PvP builds to consider when entering PvP, but only a few of them will allow you to dominate the competition. We’ve listed three of the best PvP Builds in The Division 2 below:

BuildLMG DPSGlass Cannon AssaultOne-Shot Marksman
Weapon 1Military MK46Military MK17Model 700
Weapon 1 TalentsUnhingedRangerOptimized
Weapon 2 ChatterboxChatterboxChatterbox
Weapon 2 TalentsBlabbermouthBlabbermouthBlabbermouth
SpecializationSharpshooter for Headshot and reload speed increaseSharpshooter with Rifle damage increaseSharpshooter with Marksman and Headshot increase
MaskTrue PatriotWyvern with Hard HittingDamage-focused
GlovesAiraldi Holdings with DevastatingAiraldi with PreciseAiraldi with Terminate
ChestPetrov with Unstoppable ForceOverlord with Hard HittingMurakami with Hardened
HolsterAiraldi with DevastationWyvern with PreciseAiraldi with Devastation
KneesTrue PatriotWyvern with hard HittingMurakami with Entrench
BackpackGilga with safeguardAiraldi with Hard HittingAiraldi with Hardened
SkillsHeal Launcher, BoosterHiveHeal Launcher, Defender DroneHeal Launcher, Booster Hive

The Division 2 PvP LMG DPS Build

The first of the PvP builds we’re highlighting is the LMG DPS build. This leverages the high DPS of LMG weapons, and uses Talents which reduce reload time and increase stability. You’ll want to make sure you’re running with the two True Sons Gear pieces to gain the +10% damage to armor, as this will help you shred through rival players. The Sharpshooter Specialization will allow you to buff Headshot damage, so as long as you aim for the head you’ll down quickly. For the Skills, a Booster Hive is great for increasing movement speed, as you’ll always want to be moving while shooting with this build.

The Division 2 Glass Cannon Assault Rifle Build

Next up with have an assault rifle-focused build which focuses on damage above all else. It’s definitely a glass cannon build, so you’ll want to take extra care and stick in cover. You’ll want to arm yourself with mods that focus on increasing Critical Damage, and stack the Health Launcher and Defender Drone Skills to help with incoming damage.

The Division 2 One Shot Sniper PvP Build

Finally, we have the one-shot Marksman build. This build is only for those who are confident with landing headshots, preferably using a hip-fire scope. If you hit a head with this build, you will down an enemy in one. Having the Chatterbox on standby is good for any enemies that rush you, and the Booster Hive will improve your stability and movement speed. Really, you can use any marksman rifle you want with this build, as long as you run with the correct talents.

The Division 2 PvP Types

There are two different types of PvP mode to play through in The Division 2. First is the Dark Zone. In the Dark Zone, your gear is normalized. To read more about Normalized Gear and the Dark Zone, head over to our The Division 2 Dark Zone Guide. Second is the Conflict mode. This is your more traditional multiplayer fare, with teams working together to accomplish objectives. This is much more competitive, but definitely worth your time, as it will hone your combat skills.

Here's how to access Conflict Mode in The Division 2

How to Start PvP in The Division 2

To start Conflict mode in The Division 2, you’ll need to go through the following steps. Note that your Conflict progression is handled separately to Dark Zone leveling.

  • Head to map screen
  • Scroll through tabs using L1/LB
  • Select ‘Conflict’
  • From here, you can check your Conflict Progression
  • Currently, you can either play Skirmish or Domination

For a look at how to increase your Gear Score in The Division 2, head to our The Division 2 Endgame guide. This will spur you on towards earning more loot with better talents and Perks, this is a great way to start assembling your desired build.

The Division 2 On the Ropes Perk

The On the Ropes Perk is currently regarded as one of the best DPS perks in The Division 2. It increases weapon damage by 25% when both skills are on cooldown. This is a huge increase, though you will need 7 utility points to use it. While it is certainly a good pick in the game’s current meta, it could easily be nerfed in a future update, so don’t build your entire loadout around it.

If it's more Division 2 coverage you're after here at USG, then we've got just the guides for you. You can check out our Division 2 Exotics guide for some elite weapons, or the Division 2 character customization guide for more. Alternatively, if it's levelling information you're after, there's our Division 2 Skill Power guide, or our Division 2 XP levelling guide. Elsewhere, there's also our guide on where to get all of the Hunter Masks in The Division 2, as well as our breakdown of The Division 2 Dark Zone. In our The Division 2 Guides Hub you'll find all of our The Division 2 guides content, so be sure to check it out.

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