Arms - Reviews, Release Date, Price, New DLC Characters, Modes, Unlockables - Everything We Know

Arms - Reviews, Release Date, Price, New DLC Characters, Modes, Unlockables - Everything We Know

Arms is the latest weird and wacky game from the Nintendo production line, inviting competitors of all ages into the ring with a variety of colorful characters.

If you’re in need of letting off some steam, then Arms might be the perfect game for you, offering precision boxing matches via wacky motion controls on the Nintendo Switch.

Arms might be the casual fighting game that captures the audience that Splatoon appealed to, having a distinctive visual style, as well as a wide variety of characters that can appeal to all different types of users, no matter their play style.

Arms has just recently had multiple beta events, and the game finally launched on June 16. We’ve compiled this handy list of everything we know about the game, including Arms reviews, Arms characters and the unlockables you can expect to find within.

Arms Review Round-Up

Reviews for Arms have been released worldwide, and we've rounded up a sampling from some outlets around the web right here.

  • USgamer: 3/5 - "While it has potential with its layers of depth, the core game simply doesn't have enough variety among its many arms and fighters to keep the experience feeling fresh for long."
  • Eurogamer: Recommended - "Arms hits home, a glorious sucker punch from a Nintendo that's now more confident than ever to move away from its staples and spring a surprise."
  • GamesRadar: 4.5/5 - "While Arms' offbeat rhythms won't necessarily suit all palates, this hectic and thrillingly distinctive fusion of brawler and shooter is a taste worth acquiring."
  • Polygon: 8/10 - "With a stylish, memorable cast of characters, inventive gameplay mechanics and smart use of the Switch hardware, Arms already feels like Nintendo's next great new franchise."
  • Gamespot: 7/10 - "It may not have the same skill requirement as other fighting games, but the flexibility and fast thinking it requires secures it as one that works on its own terms and opens the genre up to a wider audience."

Arms Essential Information

  • Release Date: 06/16/2017
  • Price: $60
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Fighting

Arms Release Date and Price

Nintendo recently announced that Arms will be releasing on 16 June, 2017, worldwide exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Two players will be able to play Arms at once through the same Switch console, and the game is fully retail priced, at $59.99.

The Characters in Arms

Arms is weird and whacky, as seen in its distinctive visual style. As such, the characters in the game are no less weird, and all 10 of them are listed below:

  • Barq and Bite - Barq is AI controlled and can move and attack freely, and Byte can jump off Barq to reach increased heights.
  • Helix - When dashing, Helix can duck to dodge high attacks, and can hold jump to stretch his body vertically, keeping all expect his torso in place.
  • Kid Cobra - Can charge up dashes in conjunction with Arms, and will automatically duck under all incoming attacks while charging a dash on the ground.
  • Master Mummy - This character will heal in increments of 10 per second, whenever blocking is performed, and will also gain a 50% reduction in damage when a punch is resisted.
  • Mechanica - Can hold jump in order to hover for a short time, and will not flinch from non-charged attacks while jumping, dashing, or punching.
  • Min min - Will kick away airborne Arms attacks when dashing, and can transform left Arm into a dragon after having performed a long throw.
  • Ninjara - While dashing in midair, Ninjara briefly moves in and out of existence, avoiding incoming attacks, and he can also dash out of blocks, by disappearing and reappearing.
  • Ribbon Girl - This character can midair jump up to four times in a row, and can fall to the ground really quickly, dodging high incoming Arms attacks.
  • Spring Man - His first ability is activated when charging after dashing, causing all incoming Arms attacks to lose momentum, while his second ability will permanently charge his Arms when his health falls below 25%.
  • Twintelle - When charging up an attack in any way besides blocking, Twintelle will slow incoming attacks for a short while in an area around her.

Each of these characters have different, defined abilities. For example, Twintelle uses her pigtails to punch her opponents, while Kid Cobra is incredibly light on his feet, Master Mummy is a lumbering monster, and the strength of Mechanica is second to none.

New Free DLC Fighter Revealed for Arms

The brand new fighter, revealed by Nintendo on the same day that Arms launched worldwide, is none other than Max Brass, a character that already exists in Arms, but was never playable until now.

Nintendo even voiced concern on the Treehouse stream, where Max Brass was revealed as the first DLC fighter for Arms, that the character may upset the Arms roster with his brute strength. But there will be tactics to counter Brass' supreme strength, such as the agility of Kid Cobra or Barq and Bite.

Our Thoughts So Far on Arms

We recently got to go hands-on with Arms at a special event, and immediately noted that this could be the fighting game that appeals to the same audience that Splatoon managed to capture. Arms is a fighting game that is immediately available for the more casual audience, being more lively, fluid, and indefinitely more kid-friendly than any other fighting game around.

During the event we also got to try out all three different gloves that each character had available, taking advantage of the different abilities that every character possesses, as well as checking out a variety of competitive and casual modes, which will all be available in the final retail copy of Arms.

One of these modes is Hoops, where the goal is to dunk an opponent through a basketball hoop, rather than knock them out. However, this mode was where the motion controls of the joy cons were left wanting, as when we went to dunk an opponent, each fist would instead punch forward, one after another.

For our full impressions on Arms, head over to our preview coverage for the game.

Keep an eye on this hub of knowledge for Arms, as we’ll be updating this page with any additional information that we uncover, prior to the launch of the game on June 16.

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