Is Cyberpunk 2077 First Person?

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt RED for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and potentially next-gen consoles, including a release date, trailers, gameplay footage, and other details from E3 2018.

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During E3 2018, we received a deluge of new details on Cyberpunk 2077, the upcoming sci-fi open world RPG from CD Projekt Red. We got a brand new trailer, which showed off some of the game’s world and main city, and thanks to some demos for the game held behind closed doors, we also have some info on what to expect in terms of gameplay. One of the main questions that fans have been asking over the last few days, is whether ot not the game will be played in third or first-person. Well good news, we’ve got all of the answers for you in this guide.

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Is Cyberpunk 2077 First Person?

Given that CD Projekt Red is best known for the Witcher series of games, many were expecting to play out in a third-person perspective. This was a sound best, especially since there are very few first person open world RPGs out there. We know know exactly what perspective Cyberpunk 2077 will be played in, and the answer may surprise you.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a First Person Game

That’s right, you read that correctly, Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person game. This was revealed by several different sources as CD Projekt Red showed off an hour of the game behind closed doors. It seems that the majority of the game will take place from a first-person perspective, including combat and exploration sections. There is a heavy emphasis on shooting, leading many to claim that Cyberpunk 2077 is actually a first-person shooter framed within an open-world RPG.

Can CyberPunk 2077 be Played in Third-Person?

While most of Cyberpunk 2077 plays out in first-person, there are some aspects which will be third-person as well. Specifically, the game will witch to third person when you’re in a vehicle. It’s likely that there will be other third-person aspects as well, given how robust the character creator is. We’ve yet to find out whether or not you can switch between the two, but given how heavily the team at CD Projekt Red are leaning into the shooter aspect of the game, it seems unlikely.

Why is Cyberpunk 2077 First Person?

Many fans have voiced disappointment over the news that Cyberpunk 2077 is first-person, given that many expected the game to be a third-person open world RPG. It seems that CD Projekt Red has chosen a first-person perspective to focus on an FPS feel for the combat. This will no doubt help distinguish it from the majority of RPGs, so it's easy to see the reasoning behind the choice.

Thanks to a recent interview that IGN did with Peter Gelencser, the lead level designer on Cyberpunk 2077, we now have a better idea as to the reasoning behind why the game is First Person:

First and foremost, I really enjoy all the attention the subject is getting, because it's important. This has been an educated decision. The first-person point of view is there so you can see things happening up close, and so you can really interact with things in a visceral manner. with the game world.

So there you have it, Cyberpunk 2077 is a first person game. We’ll be bringing you more guides on the aspects of the game we know so far, so be sure to check back for more info.

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